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  • This lifestyle journal is really about my life as someone who is always stranded in foreign country permanently.
  • This blog shares my current modest suburb lifestyle as a wife, freelancer and part-time housewife. No more, no less.
  • My writings are honest, open and not bitchy.
  • My wandering life is perhaps interesting to follow.
  • This blog entertains you, to some extent.
  • Some of my writings are useful and informative.
  • I give constant updates on my life (this reason is probably best addressed for my personal friends and family out there).

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  1. Your writing and blog have inspired me to create one, something that I plan to do and haven't materialized it for long time.

  2. I love to follow your blog, just got married and planning having a baby! reading for you is useful, I also write a blog too, you can see it ;
    take care bye


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