My Bucket List

I recently bumped into Celestine Chua's blog post on Bucket List. Celestine is a personal friend/decorated personal development blogger/life coach. She's a big thing! Deeply inspired by her writing and suggestion to create a set of list containing 75 Things that I Want to Do before I Die, I decided to make one too.

Basically, bucket list acts as a planning and measurement tool of various stuff that I want to do, have or achieve during my life span. So, yes, this list aims for both short-term and long-term personal goals of mine before I expire. Ideally, I should log and catalog all big/small things, important/not-so-important things, personal ambitions or mere random things into this list. I am permitted to get wild, dream high and let my imagination loose in writing my very own bucket list. Until this very second, I must say that my life has been blessed with countless amazing things that I could only dare to daydream about before. Some of my wildest dreams did actually come true. Therefore, I 100% believe that one day I will make all, if not, most of the items in my bucket list into realization.

Celestine mentions that I should list the things that I have not done yet and cross the things that I have achieved. This being said, I have to review my bucket list regularly and constantly update it to make the most out of it.

Imagining that I have all the money and resources in the world, here's my Bucket List: 75 Things that I Want to Do before I Die (in random order):

  1. Have kids on my own. Get pregnant, pop the (healthy) babies out and raise them.
  2. Join pre-natal classes or seminars.
  3. Buy my (and husband's) own house.
  4. Have a simple Japanese garden.
  5. Build a fish pond in my house's front/backyard.
  6. Grow my own fruits and vegetables.
  7. Adopt a dog (again).
  8. Milk a cow.
  9. See my children go to college, have a steady job, get married and have their own kids too.
  10. Celebrate my 50th Wedding Anniversary.
  11. Buy gold as investments.
  12. Invest on real estates.
  13. Drive a car on my own. 
  14. Cure the 1cm skin pigmentation on my face.
  15. Curl my hair permanently. 
  16. Bring my parents for overseas vacation, beyond Singapore and Malaysia.
  17. Help to buy a decent car for my parents.  (finally realized this in April 2014!)
  18. Quit from the work that I don't enjoy doing anymore.
  19. Be my own boss.
  20. Have a very flexible job and work on the things which are truly my passions.
  21. Have my own (side) business as passive income, like online business for instance.
  22. Detach from work after office hours or on weekends.
  23. Retire young.
  24. Get involved in a charity work.
  25. Open a business in Indonesia. 
  26. Monetize my blog.
  27. Run giveaways in my blog.
  28. Go for baking class.
  29. Own a KitchenAid Stand Mixer.
  30. Bake really nice birthday cakes for my loved ones.
  31. Open a bakery/cake shop/restaurant/cafe
  32. Decorate cakes with fondant..
  33. Learn cooking Indonesian food. Getting here slowly but not able to post every Indonesian food recipe in my blog just yet!
  34. Preserve family recipes by learning to cook them.
  35. Learn how to make sushi.
  36. Enjoy a short break with my husband in different country at least once a year.
  37. Travel to the USA.
  38. Travel to Japan.
  39. Travel to Australia.
  40. Rent a car and have a road trip in Europe with my husband.
  41. Bring my parents to China for vacation.
  42. Go to China to find my grandparents' home town or old house.
  43. Explore Tibet or Mongolia.
  44. Visit Greece.
  45. Go to Loch Ness in Scotland with my brother. Search for Nessie.
  46. Go to Korea. Seoul searching and at the same time visit my friend, Agustina, who lives in Korea, Agustina. Anybody want to sponsor my trip, please? 
  47. Bake a cake with Joan Lim in Manila, the Philippines.
  48. Go back to the Netherlands for short visit and meet my friends there. 
  49. Attend a classical ballet performance in Russia. 
  50. Have reunions with my old school mates in Indonesia.
  51. Speak conversational Mandarin fluently. Accomplished this after staying in Malaysia for 2 years, I think?
  52. Speak Cantonese but my husband won't teach me.. How?
  53. Do volunteering or charity work.
  54. Buy a matching set of sofa for our living room
  55. Renovate our house interior and garden... Nicely!
  56. Learn free-style swimming.
  57. Do regular exercise, like joining an aerobic class and such
  58. Learn diving or snorkeling.
  59. View dolphins from a short distance in Lovina, Bali.
  60. Buy a keyboard.
  61. Brush up my organ/electone skills again.
  62. Learn to play violin again.
  63. Join a painting class.
  64. Learn photography seriously and professionally, using DSLR.
  65. Complete a 365 photography project.
  66. Be a freelance journalist.
  67. Be featured in magazines.
  68. Contribute article(s) for magazines.
  69. Be featured in newspapers.
  70. Be interviewed in media.
  71. Write and publish a novel or book.
  72. Win an award.
  73. Walk straighter.
  74. Go to Church every week.
  75. Read the Bible everyday.
What's yours?


  1. I really should start one too! :) You're so sweet to include me! I hope we can bake together soon. Come to Manila for a visit! :)

  2. My name appears in #50!
    Come come come kur~~

  3. I liked your blog and the list, I should make one too.

  4. I was roaming around and arrived at your page :) great shares and stories :) thank you


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