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Some people apparently enjoy reading my blog. They visit my site, read all the stuff that I write regularly - re: become my blog's loyal followers and (some of them) even nominated me for blog awards. Just so you know, I am truly honoured and privileged to receive each of the award. This said, to all of you who have appreciated my blog by nominating me for these awards below - thank you very much!

(1) Finalist of Singapore Blog Awards 2011 under Best Lifestyle Blog Category, organized by, a bilingual news and interactive web portal by leading media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH).

(2) The Liebster Blog Award from fellow bloggers, Dana of Jane and Lorraine, Ellie of The Boo, The Bear and the Goji Berries and Michelle of Cherry Become Cherry.

(3) The Versatile Blogger Award from fellow blogger, Gabriela of Our Earth Land.

(4) The Addictive Blog Award from fellow blogger, Emma of Food, Fork and Good.

(5) The Awesome Blogger Award from fellow blogger, Stephanie of It's Not Just About the Recipe...

Psst.. I was featured in the following printed media too:

BabyTalk Magazine, September 2014 Issue (Page 22, 23 and 24. "Bump to Birth - 9 Months")
BabyTalk Magazine, May 2014 Issue (Page 60. "Lifestyle - Mother's Day Special")
BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine, November 2013 Issue (Page 27, 28 and 29, "Mummy in Training")
BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine, September 2013 Issue (Page 13, "Mummy Says")
BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine, July 2013 Issue (Page 18, "Glam Bumps")
BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine, May 2013 Issue (Page 16. "Here Comes the Stork")
BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine, March 2013 Issue (Page 8, "Mummy Says")
BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine, February 2013 Issue (Page 10, "Mummy Says")
BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine, June 2012 Issue (Page 95, "The Father's Day Tribute")

Thank you all, for taking the time in reading my blog.

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