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Who is the Blogger?

I'm an Indonesian, was born and grew up in a small town, so called 'Parijs van Oost Java', named Malang. I spent almost my whole life in Malang and Surabaya before I pursued my university's final year in Amsterdam. After my student visa in the Netherlands expired and I could not find a job there, in mid of 2007, I finally decided to move and make a living in Singapore

After working in Singapore for almost four years, I came to a life-turning decision i.e. quit my stable job (read: ditched my grand idea in climbing corporate ladder) in the Merlion City to follow my Malaysian husband in Malaysia. A big transition for me indeed considering that I would be a metropolitan city girl (who worked hard and shop hard) no more and turn myself into a foreign wife (SAHM) staying in a quiet city. Finally, in January 2011, I crammed as much of my life in Singapore as would fit into two 32" luggages and few smaller bags and moved to Malaysia permanently. I spent my first year in Malaysia adjusting to my new life here, i.e. the people, culture, food, languages and so on. 

In end of 2011, I was pregnant with my first child. In September 2012, I became a mother to a baby girl and ever since, I felt so euphoric with motherhood. My little tootsie makes my heart swell with intense unconditional love and she has practically transformed me into one contented human being. This is why these days I do write about my parenting journey too. A lot.

In February 2014, I found out that I was pregnant again. Unfortunately, my baby boy was born asleep about two months before his estimated due date. Since his passing, I still think of my son night and day. Dealing with stillbirth knocked me flat and recovering from it emotionally is crazy hard. I am now trying my best to move on and face the world again, for the sake of my daughter, family and myself. Admittedly, it is harder than solving ridiculously most difficult and complex Mathematics questions. 

After going through a long emotional recovery post losing my second baby and being incredibly patient, or maybe not really, during our almost a year long TTC journey, we are finally expecting our Rainbow Baby. My husband and I became parents to another child in May 2016.

10 Quick facts on people's first impressions towards me: 
  1. Quiet (True in the beginning but totally wrong when I know you better and you know me better)
  2. Arrogant (Absolutely False judgment! I am just bashful) 
  3. Cool and calm (Outwardly true - Actually I am just a mere panic freak undercover) 
  4. Sharp (True - This trait may hurt you but I just honestly express what I feel) 
  5. Organized (True - I hate messy things in general but I like my cluttered desk when I work) 
  6. Workaholic (True - is it good or bad?) 
  7. Perfectionist (True - how not to become one? I want to know) 
  8. Detail Oriented (True - I may spot things that other people miss) 
  9. Artistic (True - I was always musical when I was younger and hoped to be a child prodigy but never quite happened and enjoy drawings to some extent) 
  10. A true blue Virgo. I analyze. I reason. (True! Now google it!) And one more important thing, I love jokes! Yes, I love good humors!
Why I started my blog?

In late 2008, I was actually inspired by some writer/journalist friends who are also active bloggers for many years. I read their blogs and some other famous personal blogs, then I thought of why not I blog too? I mean everybody has his/her own story. Furthermore, blogging is good platform to record all the beautiful memories in life, even all the small things that may slip away easily if you don't record. So I gave it a shot. Blog is a good writing avenue. And it's fun.

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  1. Hello! it is lovely to read your story and thanks for commenting and reviewing my blog. I usually travel to Singapore twice a year with hubby as he has a joint position with Keble Oxford and NUS and I LOVE the place!!
    Your pre wedding pictures are beautiful and I hope you are enjoying your new life as a soul mate ;-)

  2. Hi Caribbean Princess,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I didn't know that you are so familiar with Singapore :) Yes, Singapore is a nice place to live. Best wishes to you and your family too :) Cheers!

  3. Hello The Wanderer,

    After reading ya very personal blog on the foreign marriage craze moments u had with ya husband, I am touched for you both able to pull through till the end even many challenges ya'll facing on each steps to the end.

    I would like to ask what would u suggest and advise to a couple of a chinese malaysian man with a malay indonesian woman who decided to get marry here in Malaysia? Will the procedures be as complicated as you told in ya blog or worst?

    Please do share with me an experience you might have on this situation, you can reach me at mc_weatherman@yahoo.com

    Thanks again!


  4. Hi Bond,

    Thank you for reading my blog and contacting me.

    When my husband and I wanted to register our marriage here in Malaysia (husband is Malaysian and wife is foreigner), we found the procedures were quite complicated because on top of the massive paperwork that we had to complete here, I was also required to stay in Malaysia for minimum 10 days or so (can't remember exactly). The last point was not visible for me because I had a full time job in Singapore back then.

    Also, since I am a Singapore PR, we had a choice to register our marriage in Singapore instead, which was so much easier than doing it in Malaysia. Hence, we opted to do it in Singapore. Only after we got the marriage certificate from Singapore, we also registered it in Malaysia (as per required by the Malaysian Law). So, we now we have marriage certificates from Singapore and Malaysia. It took us about 1 week to register our marriage certificate in Malaysia.

    I believe it is doable for a local and foreigner to get married in Malaysia but they must expect the complex paperwork and other requirements from the government in order to do this.

    Hope the above helps.



  5. Hi Christine,
    Just to share - If you would like to know more fellow bloggers who are into baking and cooking, register at foodbuzz and deposit your recipes and posting there. You will also see many other recipes by other bloggers and slowly you will get more friends and plenty there have great baking skills. Start to add friends to your profile, comment on their post and you will get to know many new bloggers friends and some of them are really nice and friendly ones too.

  6. Hi Nava,

    Thank you for the introduction to Foodbuzz. Just signed up and trying to get the hang of it now. Should be fun to meet fellow bloggers who love to bake there.


  7. Hi Christine,
    i read your info regards to how you apply your ROM in singapore and then apply married cert in Msia. i am malaysian and my wife is singaporean, we had gone thru almost the same step as you, my wife and i married in feb 2011 and we had just celebrated our 1 year anniversary.
    now we are planning to have a baby. would like to ask you if you had come up to this stage yet? i intended to make my baby become singaporean and at the same time apply malaysian PR. I am not sure if you happen to have any idea on this? become a singaporean is not bother me, i am bothering with how to apply malaysia PR for my new born.

  8. Hi Luckyyou,

    Thanks for your message. I have not quite reached the stage when I have to deal with my child's (nationality) paperwork here just yet as I am still pregnant with our first child. However, I would certainly share the processes and outcomes when the time finally comes.



  9. Hey how are you? I hope you are feeling well. I am adding a blog page to my site - Feed Your Soul. i would like to add you if you can send me your header/logo.

  10. Well a friend of mine was tld he had a baby for 4 months but was never able to meet her in person he only recieved pictures he always sent clothes & money but yesterday 01-21-13 he found out the pictures were of your baby & he never really had a baby:(

    1. Hi! I was perplexed, angry and mostly felt very violated when you told me that your friend took my baby's photos from my blog without my consent and further, for this kind of purpose. Doesn't your friend know that stealing photos from one's website is a serious crime?

  11. so in the end you managed to get a job in singapore? I want to work in singapore too but i dunno how to start with limited fund in hand. :(

  12. Hi!
    love the way how you write your blog. wish to learn blogging from you. i have my own blog too but i think those blog are just as plain and boring and i don't really know how to share things in the Blog.

    wish to learn blogging from you.


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