4th Pregnancy

We are expecting another bundle of joy this year and don't know why, this time around I wanted to keep this pregnancy as discreet as possible. Only a handful of friends and immediate family members know that we are expecting another baby in 2020!

Finally decided to write a pregnancy journal to do a justice for this baby because I did write for the other three pregnancies. However, it's very late to start writing this and I have sort of forgotten all the bits of this pregnancy journey by now.

Week 6

- Fell sick (flu-like symptoms) for about two weeks after my business trip in the Merlion City. Somehow this "flu" was so persistent and I could not shake it off. Everytime I fell sick, my piles gave me lots of problem and it bled too. I thought the missed period was because I lost so much blood due to my piles.. Who knew the missed period was actually an obvious pregnancy symptom.
- Found out we are pregnant!
- Went to see a gynae and confirmed the pregnancy

Week 9

- Went to see gynae again to check on the baby's heart beat and overall growth
- Often felt nauseated, lethargy and I had indigestion and gassy bloated stomach most of the time
- Can't remember all the things I craved during this stage
- Was prescribed with folic acid only

Week 17

- Went to hospital for check up with Naomi because she's always so eager in seeing baby
- We found out the gender.. Naomi's pick won! How happy she was when she discovered her wish came true.

Week 21 - 26

- MCO started and had to drive and do solo antenatal check up in the hospital because there's only 1 pax allowed per car and husband got to stay at home to take care of the children while I was away
- Hospital and parking lot was mostly empty during this time so waiting time to see gynae was very short. I was mostly the first patient to see the gynae.
- Was prescribed with multivitamins and fish oil for pregnant mama
- Hemorrhoids started to be very bad to the point that I had rectal bleeding on my 5th month pregnancy mark but gynae said it's still normal and gave me hemorrhoid pills plus suppository meds to stop the rectal bleeding
- This pregnancy is the most 'itchy' pregnancies I ever had, especially when I was in an aircon environment. Almost had itchy rashes in my body every week (that literally woke me up scratching here and there in the wee hours) and this massive itchiness could only tamed by taking oral allergy medications. Cream and calamine lotion could only relieved the itchiness temporarily.

Week 30

-  The country entered CMCO and we're now allowed to have more than 1 pax in a car. Hoped the husband could accompany me to see gynae but he was denied entry at the hospital so he had to wait for me in the parking lot
-  Entering 3rd trisemester, I had begun to experience shortness of breath, severe sciatica on the right side, myalgia (overall body aches) and insomnia
- Insomnia drove me crazy and made me feel so giddy and cranky the next day
- Tried my best to handle two kids alone at home when husband is at work, school has not started and squeezed to do my work here and there
- Hunger pangs were very strong at night so had to eat something or drink milk around 10-11am else the baby's strong kids would wake me up in the wee hours
- Peed a lot. At night I had to wake up at least 2x to pass urine.
- Husband began to buy coconut water for me to drink once every weekend
- Baby's head has not turned and baby has yet to 'drop' to the pelvis
- Started feeling very stressed with the imminent confinement because my parents will not be able to come over due to Covid-19 pandemic
Done the Antenatal Blood Test to check on my hemoglobin and sugar levels
- Total weight gain so far: 9.5 kg
- Baby's size: 1.60kg

Week 31

- Still experienced very bad shortness of breath, severe sciatica, occasional myalgia (overall body aches) and insomnia
- Started preparing and buying baby stuff including setting up the preloved baby cot that Naomi and Brennan used to use
- Supper was still a must at this stage
- Started experiencing tightening
- Been having this weird annoying metal taste on my mouth lately
- Felt really big and heavy like Baymax, very hard to move about

Week 34

- Had antenatal visit with gynae. This was my last monthly gynae visit since from this point onwards, antenatal visit will be scheduled bi-weekly
- Finally husband could join the gynae visit after so many months!
- For months I was contemplating whether I should change back to my previous (female) gynae who handled my previous three baby deliveries but husband and I decided to just go ahead with current (male) senior gynae for this baby's delivery and hope all is well
- Complained to gynae about my horrendous insomnia in the past month but he said it's normal for third trisemester
- Briefly discussed about the birth plan
- Baby's head was already down
- Checked with Gynae about ATT injection that I usually received prior delivery but Gynae said ATT injection lasts for 5 years and my last shot was 2016 so no need to take one this time around.
- Asked about vaginal swab as usually this was the procedure prior delivery but Gynae exempted this because he said there was no problem with the baby during previous delivery so vaginal swab is not necessary
- Very conflicted - part of me wanted to get this baby out ASAP but part of me was scared of labor pain, confinement and dealing with newborn cycle all over again
- Often had tightening many times in a day but forgot to mention this to gynae
- Felt like leaking tap with super frequent urination (every 1-2 hours)
- Sciatica was very bad especially if I overdid myself during the day (worked too long in the kitchen or stood up too long)
- Washed baby clothes by now
- Hospital bag is about 80-90% packed
- Only gained additional 0.5 kg this month (June)
- Baby's size: 2 kg (smallest among my three babies at this gestational age!)

Week 36
- Bad week, felt terribly moody and stressed over various things especially closer to the due date
- Had antenatal visit with gynae
- Baby had dropped but I still felt shortness of breath. Gynae said this is normal and will only be gone after I deliver the baby
- Was ordered to do (expensive) blood test because I felt giddy (perhaps I was just too tired due to severe insomnia). Gynae was worried about me getting dengue since there is dengue outbreak in Seremban.
- Piles were so bad every time I felt unwell. Experienced rectal bleeding 2x in the past 3 days and I was not even constipated.
-  Felt rather lethargic during the day, just like the first trisemester.
- Next appointment with Gynae is on Week 37
- Gained additional 0.5kg this month
- Total weight gain thus far about 10 kg
- Baby's size: 2.4kg

Week 37

- Had the last antenatal visit
- Often experienced period-like cramps which were normal
- Gynae set the date for the induction date, which is exactly one week after this check up
- Total weight gain thus far about 10 kg (no increment)
- Gynae did a cervix examination just to make sure I was ready for induction and I was. 
- Already dilated a little bit (1.5cm)
- Baby's size: 2.5kg

Week 37 + 6

- Dilated 2cm when admitted to labor room
- Safely delivered baby after 3 hours of active labor
- Baby #4's birth story is here.

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