3rd Pregnancy

We are baking another bun in the oven!

After about one year of TTC, we are delighted and grateful to be blessed with another pregnancy. People say, you tend to be more relaxed and chilled in handling your subsequent pregnancies. But not me, not this time. I was relaxed for my second pregnancy but not this time around. I guess after what happened with my previous pregnancy, I am now very careful and anxious in taking care of this pregnancy and have transformed myself to an ultimate worry wart. The following is the (weekly) journal of my third pregnancy with my rainbow baby.

I have yet to announce this pregnancy in my blog nor written any story about it just yet so when I do, I will share the link here. I decided to jot down my pregnancy symptoms so far here first so I don't forget the details by the time I have the time to journal them.

Week 4
- We had been trying hard and long to conceive again after we lost Dylan. People told me to give up TTC completely and let Mother Nature take its course, but it was so difficult not to think of it at all.
- I used several home pregnancy tests to check if I hit the jackpot this time around by testing around 3-4 days before my period was due.
- Finally I saw very faint which turned to faint second lines in the pregnancy tests over few days' time.
- Decided to confirm this pregnancy to a Gynae in the hospital.
- Before I saw the Gynae (after registering my name to the hospital), I had quite a bit of bleeding at home while waiting for my turn to meet the Gynae later that day. My heart sank.
- Gynae did trans-vaginal ultrasound scan to check my uterus. She saw something in my uterus and said that my uterus lining was thickening. I could still be pregnant.
- Gynae mentioned that the bleeding I had earlier was actually implantation bleeding. The bleeding took place a day before my period was due.
- Gynae quickly administered progesterone shot on my buttock to stop the bleeding
- Gynae advised me to rest more and minimize stress
- Came back to see the same Gynae the next day because my throat infection had morphed into painful lymph nodes infection. I was put on antibiotics, cough and fever medicines for the next 3 days. Was told by the Gynae to avoid taking honey to alleviate my sore throat as honey is not good for baby's development during early pregnancy.
- Had headaches and felt lethargic for days, especially in the afternoon
- Started to feel nauseous, normally at night after dinner
- Felt hungry quite often, so appetite was good
- Experienced mild sore and tight breasts
- Had on and off menstrual-like cramps
- Had this bitter metal taste in my mouth all the time
- Was super cautious and paranoid in selecting food that I should eat or not to eat
- Craved cold sandwiches but tried not to satisfy this craving
- Only my husband, 2 BFFs and parents knew of this pregnancy at this point
- Took 5mg Folic Acid and Dydrogesterone pills on daily basis

Week 5
- Had my second trans-vaginal ultrasound scan and saw the baby sac!
- Gynae confirmed the pregnancy as intrauterine pregnancy *relieved*
- Was administered with the second progesterone jab
- Was advised to take progesterone jab once every three days for at least 2 weeks or until the pregnancy is steady
- Was now prescribed to take estrogen pills too to support the pregnancy growth. Gynae said, she's treating my pregnancy as those 'precious' pregnancies resulting from fertility treatment.
- Gynae asked me to bed rest for at least 2 weeks as I still had tiny dark brown spotting the night before seeing the Gynae
- Had headaches and always felt sleepy after lunch
- Night sleep scheduled had been moved forward to around 10pm because I got tired by this time
- Experienced on-and-off mild cramps
- My husband broke this pregnancy news to MIL and she informed DIL (and possibly BILs) later on
- Took 5mg Folic Acid, Dydrogesterone and Estradiol pills on daily basis

Week 5.5
Came back to see the Gynae in the hospital to take my third dose of progesterone jab
- Had the abdominal ultrasound scan but Gynae could not see the sac clearly via this scan yet she didn't want to do too frequent trans-vaginal scan on me. Nevertheless, Gynae said she could tell that the uterus was growing and asked me to come back to see her in a week's time.
- Gynae then gave two ampoules of the progesterone injection for me to take home so other neighbourhood doctor could administer the jab on me every 3 days
- My appetite was huge I actually ate like a beast

Week 6
- Took first baby bump shot, I thought my bump was already "showing" a little
- Had lots of cravings but generally was hungry all the time
- Heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was above 100 bpm - All good.
- Gynae had stopped the progesterone shots but replaced it with another type of injection that I or my husband should administer on the fat area in my stomach once every two days to keep the baby's heart beat strong
- Sea of nausea.. Here I come.
- Had different food craving everyday
- Took 5mg Folic Acid, Dydrogesterone and Estradiol pills on daily basis

Week 8
- Heard the baby's heart beat for the second time. It has increased to around 150bpm, which was good.
- Had to administer the injection on my stomach once a day for a week to maintain strong baby's heart beat
- Gynae advised me to reduce my sugar intake because I might have yeast infections
- Gynae opened the pregnancy book and scheduled me to see her again next week (been seeing her almost every 7-10 days)
- Still had nausea, especially at night
- Felt tired fast at night so had to head to bed early
- Still took 5mg folic acid pills daily
- Been baking a couple of times this week
- Total weight gain so far: 1.5-2kg
- Baby's size: 1.66cm (small shrimp)

Week 9
- Had a quick scheduled antenatal check-up with the gynae and baby's heartbeat had increased to 185bpm - good stuff
- No more injection in the stomach. Yay!
- Was supposed to do my sugar test this morning but I didn't fast so had to reschedule the blood test in 3 weeks' time
- Been having gastric pains frequently lately but forgot to tell my gynae about this
- Gagged a lot
- Seemed that I lost 0.5kg weight this week
- Started taking prenatal vitamins
- Baby's size: 2.1cm

Week 10
- Often had broken sleeps at night because I needed to go to the loo so frequently
- Banana craving was so bad but no bananas everywhere
- Still gagged

Week 11
- Took the second baby bump shot
- Bump showed quite obviously especially after I ate
- Been going to the loo almost every hour or two now
- Had stomach discomforts and mild diarrhoea

Week 12
- Did glucose, HB and FTS screening tests in the hospital
- Glucose test came back negative.. so yay!
- Heard baby's heartbeat for the 3rd time and saw the baby jumped around inside the womb
- Been suffering from mouth ulcers in the past few days
- Had to decrease my milk intake as it might have given me diarrhoea lately
- Still took prenatal vitamins
- Started applying stretch-mark lotion on my expanding belly
- Had another bout of yeast infection
- The FTS result came back normal, yay!
- Had terrible diarrhoea episode because of a bottle of Yakult I drank
- Lost 0.5kg of weight.. Why?
- Baby's size: 5.42cm

Week 14
- Had on-and-off menstrual like cramping since the weekend. The cramps usually happened when I lied down in the evening or at night.
- Decided to go to see a Gynae unscheduled to check the baby as the cramping got pretty intense at some points
- My usual Gynae only accepted patients with appointment so I had to see another Gynae in the hospital
- Gynae said it's normal to have menstrual-like cramps especially for 3rd pregnancy (as long as the cramps are not like labour contraction pains)
- Had a scan on Baby #3 and glad to find out that the baby was all okay
- Gynae mentioned that it's okay not to gain weight as yet. I would start gaining weight in 2 week's time
- It was too early to tell the baby's gender as yet
- Began to have mild pregnancy nose bleed
- Down with very bad on and off fever and body aches which prompted another hospital visit
- Had a blood test to rule out Dengue fever
- Gynae only prescribed Panadol and cough syrup for the suspected throat infection
- Total weight gain so far: About 1 kg
- Baby's size: 8.24cm

Week 15
- Had bronchitis and needed to take antibiotics
- Went for a short holiday in Medan

Week 18
- Baby's movements were more obvious, often but still irregular
- Chesty cough was back again

Week 19
- Had occasional stomach cramps
- Haemorrhoids were quite bad, sometimes it bled, after passing motion or long walk
- We have found out the baby's gender!
- Baby was mostly active in the evening or at night
- Total weight gain so far: About 3 kgs

Week 23
- Flew to Indonesia for CNY
- Started having heartburn after eating
- Began shopping some of baby's clothes in Indonesia

Week 24
- Experienced very bad constipation that required medical intervention back in my home town
- Went to see a gynae in Indonesia to make sure baby was okay
- Had body aches and difficulty of passing urine after the constipation episode
- Suspected I didn't drink enough water back home
- Baby's movements were very strong especially when I got hungry

Week 25
- Had my monthly antenatal visit with my gynae in Malaysia
- Began to have shortness of breath every now and then
- Sciatica had made a come back on my upper right thigh
- Started to have difficulty when getting up from sitting or lying down position
- Frequent urination was so bad... Barely had a good night sleep as I had to go to the loo very often
- Could not move very fast now or walk for a long time
- Experienced bad insomnia sometimes
- Total weight gain so far: 5 kgs
- Baby's weight: 1 kg

Week 26
- Attended antenatal seminar organized by the hospital
- Had a very painful and irritating boil in my groin area
- Tired of having insomnia

Week 27
- Changed gynae to the previous one who took care of my two pregnancies
- Had another 3D scan of baby #3
- Began having shortness of breath very often when baby was kicking my lungs
- Been having this odd metal taste in my mouth which gynae said was contributed by my iron intake, probably from the multivitamin I took
- Told my gynae about the on-and-off rashes in my groin area and she said they're caused by my hormones fluctuations, not hygiene issue
- Baby's head was down
- Was given the ATT injection in the hospital
- Total weight gain so far: 6 kgs
- Baby's weight: 1.1 kg

Week 28
- Had an emergency trip to the hospital on Sunday because I suddenly bled a lot after passing urine
- Gynae performed VE on me to ensure that the baby was okay
- Turned out the bleeding came out from my haemorrhoids and was put on haemorrhoids medications for 9 days

Week 30
- Experienced a very painful ear infection due to prolonged congestion just a day before my scheduled visit with the gynae, which warranted a visit with ENT specialist in town to check on my left ear
- Had antenatal visit with gynae
- Baby's face was still facing the sky, so not giving birth any time soon
- Experienced sudden leg cramps in the middle of my night sleep
- Started counting the baby's movements using the Cardiff Count to 10 Method
Total weight gain so far: 6.5 kgs
- Baby's weight: 1.5 kg

Week 32
- Had my biweekly antenatal visit
- Gynae ordered me to do Antenatal Blood Test
- Tried to get pre-natal insurance for Baby #3 so we had the Gynae to fill a form from the insurance company and give us all my blood test reports, latest scan photo, etc.
Total weight gain so far: 8 kgs
- Baby's weight: 2.1 kg

Week 33
- Already packed my hospital bag but it's not 100% done yet
- Purchased pre-natal insurance for me and baby #3 - our first time buying such insurance
- Getting up from sitting or sleeping position was quite difficult to do now
- Some nights, experienced insomnia
- Constipation and haemorrhoids were back again

Week 34
- Went for bi-weekly antenatal visit and had ultrasound scan
- Antenatal blood test result came back okay but my Haemoglobin level is at borderline
- Told to increase my iron intake or take my multivitamin before meal, 2 hours after meal or not to take it with milk to maximise the iron absorption
- Complained to my gynae that my shortness of breath was unusually uncomfortable and hurt my chest
- Gynae had to scan my kidneys to check on the source of my shortness of breath - she found a kidney stone on my right kidney
- Lost appetite and didn't gain weight
- Tummy felt very stiff and tight sometimes and gynae said this could be Braxton Hicks
- Would start seeing gynae on weekly basis starting next week onwards
- Total weight gain so far: 8 kgs
- Baby's weight: 2.4 kg

Week 35
- Went for weekly antenatal visit and had ultrasound scan
- Gynae discussed about my birth plan - including my preferred pain relief methods
- Gynae planned to induce the baby to arrive earlier once the baby's full term
- Baby's head had dropped to my pelvis
- Had HVS test but the result would only be out in a week or so
- Braxton Hicks came pretty often and painful
- Experience flatulence more frequently
- Haemorroid came almost every time I finished passing motion but Gynae didn't presribe any medication
- Total weight gain so far: 8.5 kgs
- Baby's weight: 2.66 kg

Week 36
- Experienced on and off contraction pains and tightening for days
- Felt like pooping so often in the past few days but piles always followed after passing motion
- Sometimes the pains could go to the back of my legs and woke me up from sleep
- Attended the Mother's Day Breakfast at Naomi's school the morning before we went to see gynae
- Went for weekly antenatal visit and gynae said the contraction pains I had for days were not Braxton Hicks but likely the early labor contraction pains
- Gynae thought that my labor is imminent and I could give birth next week
- HVS test result came out normal, no antibiotics needed
- Baby's face was already facing the ground, ready for birth
- Baby's weight: 2.8 kg

Week 38
- Gynae planned to induce my labor this week
- Received some unpredictable news that affected our delivery and confinement plans.
- Total weight gain so far: 9 kgs
- Estimated baby's weight: 2.9 kg
- Safely delivered my Rainbow Baby at 38 week of gestation age. Read the birth story here.


  1. Congratulations! May you have a safe, smooth and uneventful pregnancy and delivery.

  2. Congratulations! You will be blessed with a cute and adorable baby!

  3. Awwwww! Congratulations Christine!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyy for you! I'm still in the TTC stage. Hope to have good news soon too. :P

    I will always put in on my prayers' list! The Lord blesses you with all His goodness! :)

  4. Thank you for the best wishes and prayers, Joyce! I thought not many people would notice this page since I have not announced this publicly yet but some of them noticed already haha.. Baby dust to you too! Hope 2016 will be a better year for both of us =)

  5. Take a good care of yourself, Tine :) miss you!

  6. Woot!! Thanks Del.. Miss you too. Cepetan balik Malaysia deh.. Jangan lama-lama di US ok! Tk care!


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