2nd Pregnancy

We're pregnant again!

Just like what I did with my first pregnancy, I am documenting my second pregnancy symptoms and other experiences that come with it in this pregnancy journal.

Week 4

- This is a planned pregnancy and it was confirmed after (faint and very faint) positive results on four home pregnancy kits (no kidding!) and a positive urine pregnancy test at the hospital. It was too early for ultrasound.
- Shared the happy news with my parents and parents-in-law.
- Had period-like cramping at night which made me hard to sleep.
- Light-headedness visited me often when I tried to get up. Starry, starry visions indeed.
- Felt so lethargic, sleepy and exhausted all the time. It was so hard to lift my finger, let alone my body.
- Noticed the increased need to pee, especially at night.
- What's with the major itchiness on my chin? Was this normal?
- Had painful throat infection for days and after days of contemplation and suffering, decided to go to a doctor for a cure.
- Started taking folic acid as per doctor's prescription.

Week 5
- Went to see the gynae for first ultrasound scan and we saw the amnion sac in my womb. Baby is just too small to be seen at this gestation age.
- Had a spotting the evening before my visit to the gynae but he said not to worry much (as this happened only once so far) and this will go off by itself.
- Still felt very lethargic and my favourite activity now is napping.
- Got very irritable on small things and blamed all this unreasonable anger to the pregnancy hormones.
- Craved so many different food at the same time and had bigger appetite than usual.

Week 10,5
- Felt pretty great these days and my lethargy during the day had definitely lessened.
- Felt hungry all the time and 10pm was now my fixed schedule to eat my heavy supper. Obviously, I had bigger appetite than my husband these days.
- Light-headedness was still there.
- Began to pee more at night hence the interrupted sleeps!
- Planned to take pictures of me and my new bump but still too lazy to do so. Duh!
- Had not taken any other prescribed pregnancy supplements just yet other than the 5mg folic acid.

Week 12
- Had antenatal visit for the 4th time by now and officially entered the second tri-semester.
- Lethargic feeling had lessened but I still needed my short nap during the day
- Had a very pregnant bladder already. Sometimes, in one hour I could pee two times!
- Back pain kicked in! OMG, they were right. It's so painful and sometimes I couldn't sleep well because of this. Counterpain is my BFF at night.
- Had on-off phlegmy throat for days, especially after meal time and it's not nice at all. The noisy coughs were not easy to deal with.
- Gagged a lot when I brushed my teeth.
- Finally took my first bump photo.
- Still had pretty big appetite.
- Had not gained much weight so far given the bigger appetite that I often boasted. Only like 1kg in the past 3 months or so perhaps?
- Began taking the prescribed pregnancy multivitamin and fish oil.
- Baby size: about 5 cm long.

Week 15
- Experienced back pain and muscle pain on my right buttocks on some nights. Hope it's not sciatica again.
- Began to feel some flutters in my tummy. Was that baby #2 or my imagination?
- Down with food poisoning followed by flu and sore throat. Too tired from travelling over the weekend?
- Went to see gynae in town for urgent treatment for my annoying flu and she ran a USG check (which cost RM 125) on me.
- Found out the gender of the baby (80%-85% confirmed)! But, I'd keep it confidential until the next scan to further confirm this.
- Got very irritating itchy hives on my arms, some fingers, legs and thigh. I could be allergic to some medications I've taken in the past few days - either the antibiotics or the flu medicines.*scratch, scratch*
- Baby size: about 10 cm long.

Week 15.5
- Some people said they could noticed my 'small' bump by now.
- Down with flu for the second time in a week and passed the virus to Naomi and husband too.
- Spent Mother's Day by nurturing the annoying flu, all day long. Hence, another doctor visit again.
- My bladder seemed to be always full. I had to visit the loo almost every hour.
- Naomi's nanny was absent the whole week so needed to get used to managing my kid, work and house alone, full time this week.

Week 17
- Began to experience painful constipation and indigestion and turned to Fybogel to aid these problems.
- Had low blood pressure, hence, the occasional dizziness.
- Opened the pregnancy book at the hospital and got confirmation that baby #2 was really a BOY!
- What's this annoying painful big pimple under my nose?
- Total weight gain so far: 2.5 kg
- Baby's weight: 170 gr.

Week 20
- Went to Indonesia for more than a week to visit my family and had a short holiday to Bali too.
- Pretty much ate everything I had been craving when I was back at home.
- Baby's kicks were so real now. I felt his kicks more when I am lying down, day and night.
- Began shopping some newborn stuff for baby boy when I was in Indonesia, but really not much compared to what I shopped for my first born when I was expecting her.

Week 22
- Haemorrhoid was seriously killing me and was prescribed with a cream for daily rectum application.
- Began to have muscle pains on my right buttocks and upper thigh.
- Had my monthly ultrasound check again and baby boy was doing fine.
- Baby boy's kicks were stronger and usually happened more in the evening.
- Total weight gain so far: 5.5 kg

Week 25
- Began to experience shortness of breath almost on daily basis.
- Looked like I was having sciatica again, just like my first pregnancy.
- Baby's movements were getting stronger and I could see my tummy moved when he did his somersaults and all.
- Been walking around the block with Naomi in the evening few times in a week, basically to get some fresh air and reduce my haemorrhoid pains.
- Haemorrhoid attacks were so bad that I saw blood on one evening last week.
- Had dizzy spells and sometimes mild nausea too. Why now?

Week 26
- Had my monthly antenatal visit and this was the first time during this pregnancy where we didn't receive any USG print out. #totallyforgot
- Baby boy always closed his face with his hands so we never got any good 3D look of his face.
- Was still on WAHM mode at this point of time.
- Got tired very fast these days.
- Afternoon nap was so imperative to me, otherwise I'd get cranky for the rest of the day.
- Total weight gain so far: 6 kg
- Baby's weight: 880 gr.

Week 29
- Baby boy started to have hiccups.
- Experienced insomnia few nights in a week.
- Always felt so flat out by late afternoon, hence, nap is so important
- Began to think a little bit too much about my second post-partum episode. How will I handle both children?

Week 30
- Baby boy had stopped moving and my gynae confirmed that he had no heartbeat.
- Baby boy was born asleep on 15 August 2014. RIP, my beloved son.


  1. Congratulations!! It was just like yesterday when I remember reading about your first pregnancy. :)

    1. Haha yes.... Time flies! Thanks for the greetings btw! =)

  2. Asik aku mau stay tuned menanti blog post mu nih ce. Update us once a week ya! ♡♡♡♡

  3. Im sorry for your loss. Please be strong... fot your #1 and your family. No mother should experience the loss of her child. :( take care... Kate

  4. would like to ask. i just have my miscarriage 3 weeks ago. and i just had my period. how long shall i wait to try again?

    1. Not sure... I think 3 months wait for miscarriage but you better check with your obgyn on this..


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