1st Pregnancy

The following journal is the blurb of my first pregnancy weekly (distinctive) symptoms and progress updates for easy reference. On top of the below symptoms, I also experienced some pregnancy symptoms that last pretty much throughout the pregnancy period such as hunger pangs, food cravings, weak bladder control that gave me desperate urge to pee (especially at night), fatigues, occasional insomnia, mild nosebleed, "phlegmy" throat after meal and the feeling of vomiting when brushing my teeth.

For complete stories of my first pregnancy journey, please click HERE.

Week 4
- This is a planned pregnancy and I used two different brands of pregnancy test kit to check if I was pregnant when Aunt Flo didn’t visit me (although when we found out it was not yet exactly a month since my last period)
- Saw a very faint second line on both pregnancy test kits
- Double confirmed my pregnancy with the Gynae who did my antenatal blood test 
- It was way too early to detect my pregnancy via the ultrasound scan so the Gynae asked me come back to see her when my pregnancy was about 7 weeks
- Shared the happy news to close family members and some best friends
- Had PMS-like sore breasts and menstrual-like abdominal cramping
- Experienced light-headedness, backaches and constipation 
- Took 5mg folic acid and progesterone pills on daily basis

Week 5
- Husband and I cancelled our year long planned Thailand trip with my family from Indonesia - my parents thought I should give this overseas trip a miss since my pregnancy was still very early
- Politely declined a business trip to run a conference in Jakarta too because of my early pregnancy
- Felt super nauseous when hungry
- Had this weird 'metal' taste on my mouth
- Had no interest in doing my hobbies like baking or blogging
- Started taking milk product for pregnant women 
- Took 5mg folic acid and progesterone pills on daily basis

Week 6
- Decided to change Gynae who practices in a bigger hospital in town and had my first visit to the new Gynea
- Had my first ultrasound scan to make sure my pregnancy was okay (i.e. inside the uterus) - we could not see the baby yet but we saw the 1,5cm amnion sac
- Felt nauseous throughout the day, even at night
- Vomited all my lunch in one late evening - My Mother-in-Law helped me mop my puke on the floor *Thanks MIL*
- Had flu attack and one night, my husband sent me to the hospital's Emergency Unit to get some medicines
- Lost my appetite, possibly due to my flu
- Burped a lot
- Found it harder to button up my pants as my waistline grew
- Quit drinking milk for pregnant women as it gave me diarrhoea
- Took 5mg folic acid and progesterone pills on daily basis

Week 7,5
- Had my second meeting with the Gynae and she did the second ultrasound scan to check my baby inside the amnion sac
- The nausea feeling had somewhat abated
- Still experienced tender (sore) breasts
- Could not stand the smell of fried fish and hence, did not feel like eating it at all
- Had my baking and blogging mood back on track!
- Took 5mg folic acid and progesterone pills on daily basis
- Baby size: 0.73cm

Week 8

- Started showing a little bump in the lower part of my tummy, especially after meal
- Had acne breakout on my face and back
- Started applying stretch mark lotions on my tummy after shower

Week 11
- Experienced morning sickness no more
- Had terrible diarrhoea and stomach discomforts, possibly due to lactose intolerance or spicy food that I consumed so I had to see my Gynae few days earlier than scheduled
- Saw my baby ‘jumped’ and ‘danced’ around for the first time during the 'emergency' third ultrasound scan
- Still took my 5mg folic acid pills as usual
- Stopped taking progesterone pills as I think the pills gave me sore breasts as their side effect (with my Gynae’s permission)

Week 11,5
- Opened the pregnancy book and the Gynae did the fourth ultrasound scan on my tummy
- Started taking pregnancy multivitamins and fish oil capsules
- Total weight gain thus far: 2.5 kg
- Baby size: 5.1 cm

Week 14

- My tummy looked as big as a medium sized watermelon whenever I just had my meal; but before meal, it only showed small bump on the lower part
- Experienced serious mood swings and had embarrassing serial crying spells too

Week 15
- Experienced mild nosebleed
- Struggled with sensitive gums for a couple of weeks by now
- Still had horrible PMS-like emotional upheavals that ate my husband inside out
- Occasionally had lower back and thigh muscle pains 
- No signs of pink or blue just yet during the fifth ultrasound scan * disappointed*
- Started taking 600mg calcium tablets, on top of pregnancy multivitamins (that include folic acid) and fish oil capsules
- Total weight gain thus far: 4.5kg
- Baby size: 10.61cm

Week 16
- Could accept a little bit of fish for lunch/dinner by now
- Had a huge and painful pimple on my nose
- Needed my daily afternoon nap so badly, or else I’d have headache or feel cranky in the evening onwards

Week 17
Had terrible backaches, especially during bed time
- Had strange dreams whenever I went to sleep and I could vividly remember what I dreamt when I woke up on the next morning
- Noticed that linea nigra or the black line has shown its mild appearance on my lower abdomen

Week 18,5
- Spotted some light blood on my pantyliner on one afternoon and turned out that I suffered from Hemorroids
- Had to see a Gynae out of my schedule again due to my brief Hemorroids panic session and made sure if the baby was okay
- Mentioned that I had terrible back and round ligament pains to the Gynae but she didn't prescribe any medicines for this as the medicines for my aches would give me more constipation
- Was prescribed with fibre solution drinks for 10 days to soften my stools (and relief my Hemorroids), on top of the pregnancy multivitamins and fish oil capsules as usual
- Found out that we are expecting a BABY GIRL! Yes, it's pink. Trust the ultrasound scan, not the old wives' tales for baby's gender prediction.
- Total weight gain thus far: 6 kg
- Baby size: 12.9cm / Baby weight: 292 gr

Week 19
- Started evening walking around the neighbourhood while pushing my baby niece in her pram
- Swam while pregnant for the first time - my husband is my personal trainer and bodyguard here
- Felt those precious first foetal movements or baby kicks
- Travelled by air (to Indonesia) for the first time since I got pregnant

Week 20
Started shopping baby stuff with my Mom when I was in Indonesia - It was heaps of fun!

Week 20,5
- Was back to Malaysia again after a 10 day holiday in my home town in Indonesia
- Suffered from flu and cough since I was in Indonesia and finally had to see doctor again to ease my pains
- Husband was diagnosed with Dengue fever and had to be hospitalized for few days
- Had to cancel a trip for a wedding invitation in Singapore this week

Week 21
- Lived a hectic and tiring life since my husband got hospitalised
- Had anomaly scan during my monthly Gynae's visit
- Total weight gain thus far: 7 kg

Week 22

People could easily tell that I am an expecting Mom by now!
- Had sharp and painful muscle or maybe nerve aches on my right buttock and upper thigh areas
- Experienced headaches very often
- Found it hard to sleep through the night for no apparent reason
- Kept on feeling hungry, especially at late night so supper is almost a must now
- Baby kicks were stronger and could virtually see my stomach moving (due to the baby's movements) on some occasions

Week 24
- Had another nasty bout of flu again and my prolonged phlegmy cough was killing me
- Could not help checking and roughly counting the frequency of my baby's movements every day
- Often felt shortness of breath, possibly due to my growing tummy

Week 25

- The pregnancy breathlessness was getting serious and it's so torturing especially if I sat too long
- Had to eat small portions meals but often as my upper tummy got very uncomfortable if I ate too much
- Baby kicks at night could keep me awake for few good hours and strong enough to wake me up in the middle of the night
- Experienced severe insomnia in few consecutive days despite my headaches that left me pretty cranky during the day
- Had my first dose of anti-tetanus injection
- Saw baby's face using 3D ultrasound scan for the first time - she might look like Daddy?
- Still took pregnancy multivitamins, calcium and fish oil capsules as per normal
- Total weight gain thus far: 10 kg
- Baby weight: 890 gr

Week 26

- Could not move or walk so fast with the extra weight I was carrying in my body
- Noticed double chins on my face as I grew heavier and heavier *ouch!*
Still generously applied Stretch Mark Lotion on my tummy and upper thighs twice a day
- Found trying to sleep was pretty hard due to breathlessness
- Had throat infection that forced me to find doctor in the hospital's Emergency Unit: body aches, fever and sore throat were no fun!

Week 27
- Often felt light-headedness
- Noticed my baby's bouts of hiccups
- Went for antenatal class/parenting workshop organized by the hospital 
- Swam twice this week, after a long exercise hiatus due to various reasons

Week 29,5

Had occasional stomach discomforts after eating, possibly due to indigestion
- Still experienced breathlessness
The sciatica or joint pains on my right buttock and upper thigh areas had become unbearable on some days
- Had occasional visual disturbances of seeing ''little stars" when standing up from sitting or sleeping position
- Had minor mood swings and irritability
- Baby kicks and hiccups were getting stronger and more frequent
- Had my 7th month antenatal visit and second dose of anti-tetanus injection
- Saw our baby's face using 3D ultrasound scan for the second time - she threw her adorable smile to us!
- Still took pregnancy multivitamins, calcium and fish oil capsules as per normal
- Had been in the mood for baking - partially because I wanted to do whatever things I want to do before the baby's arrival
- Managed to swim and had a brisk walk in the park this week
- Total weight gain thus far: 12 kg
- Baby weight: 1,6 kg

Week 30
- Started counting my baby's movements by using Cardiff Count To Ten Method - 10 foetal movements were the minimum goals for each day
- Had minor flu and sore throat attacks again, thanks to the virus that had been infecting other family members at home last week

Week 31
- Experienced menstrual like abdominal cramps on some nights - not sure if these are what they call as Braxton Hicks contractions
- Had not been able to sleep well for the past few days, i.e. always woke up in the wee hours due to abdominal pains and more frequent urinations at night
- Minor leg cramps finally visited me
- Cut my hair short to prepare for motherhood and anticipate post-natal hair loss
- Swam twice this week: Managed to do 10 (small pool) laps!
- Had a short walk in the park with the husband
- Tried shining a torchlight on my bump when my baby was awake and moving to see her reactions. I could feel that she was indeed bothered by the bright light being shone through the womb.

Week 32
Had to empty my bladder almost on every hour. It's just crazy and tiring.
- My mood swings were ridiculous. I got angry easily. I was so sensitive with everything. I cried a lot.
- Had extreme hunger pangs. I got so hungry in less than an hour after my big meal.
- Experienced insomnia again

Week 33

Had my 8th month antenatal visit and did a Full Blood Count Test in the hospital's laboratory
- My haemoglobin turned out to be lower than normal. Mine was 10.8 whilst the normal range should be minimum at 11.
Saw our baby's face via 3D ultrasound scan for the third time - she looked like me now!
- Experienced insomnia, constipation, mood swings, Braxton Hicks contractions and almost hourly urinations
- Swam once this week
- My husband had pretty bad throat infection so the man was not in a good condition this week
- Baby kicks and hiccups were getting stronger and more frequent. There were times when I screamed "Ouch!" because the foetal movements were quite painful
- Experienced shortness of breath few times in a day until I got nauseated
Vomited all my meal during one lunch at home, fortunately, my husband was around!
- Began taking iron and folic acid supplements to correct my low haemoglobin and continued taking fish oil and calcium capsules as per normal. However, I often got constipated as a result of taking the iron supplements.
- Started washing some of the baby's clothing
- Total weight gain so far: 13 kg
- Baby weight: 2.2 kg

Week 35

- Had another antenatal visit and saw our baby's face via the 3D ultrasound scan for the fourth time
- Severe insomnia and constipation were my best friends now
- Often felt nauseated and dizzy. In fact, I vomited all my lunch once this week. Couldn't believe I vomited in my third tri-semester.
- Been having long road trips with my husband to different states this week - Tiring but better than stuck at home
- Still took iron and folic acid supplements, calcium and fish oil capsules
- Total weight gain so far: 13.5 kg
- Baby weight: 2.3 kg

Week 36

- Had washed all the baby's clothes by now
- My sciatica was killing me
- Felt so lethargic all the time, just like my first tri-semester

Week 37
- Had my bi-weekly antenatal visit and found out that my baby's head has dropped into my pelvis but her face was still pointing up
- My haemorrhoids were back, only more severe this time around!
- Had Group B Strep Bacteria Screening
- Still took iron and folic acid supplements, calcium and fish oil capsules
- Had stopped following my husband going for long distance road trips as we worried that my labour could happen any time by now
- Total weight gain so far: 14.5 kg
- Baby weight: 2.7 kg

Week 38
- The husband said I was the "Queen of Sleep" because I slept a lot during the day
- My haemorrhoids were so torturing so I resorted to prune juice's help
- Had not been doing much exercises as I was just plain lazy to move around these days

Week 39
- Had my weekly antenatal visit and the Gynae stated that I could have labour any time now
- My haemoglobin had increased to 13.1
- The vaginal swab test result revealed that I had normal flora
- Still took iron and folic acid supplements, calcium and fish oil capsules
- I lost 1kg this week! Total weight gain so far: 13.5 kg
- Could not measure the estimated weight of the baby any more because her head position was already down in my pelvis

- Had experienced the so-called 'tightening' of the stomach, my tummy was sometimes as hard as stone! Sign that my labour was not so far away?
- Braxton hicks contractions came more frequently, longer in duration and more painful 

Week 40
- Had my last antenatal visit and the Gynae stated that I was 2cm dilated
- My Braxton Hicks contractions were longer and more painful
- Had a bloody show in the afternoon after the last antenatal visit
- Finally delivered my baby girl exactly at week 40 of my pregnancy. Read the birth story here.


  1. I am 23 weeks pregnant and am enjoying your pregnancy journal, the complaints are pretty similar obviously, youre just a bit ahead of me! looking forward to going through it bc it will be all well worth it in the end! Glad your husband is doing well after that illness!!


    1. Thank you, Kasia! Hope you are enjoying a smooth pregnancy! We're less than half way to go! :-)

  2. Hi Christine,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm at 31 weeks too, we have the same complaints :)
    Not only the pregnancy journal, I really enjoy reading about your baking, gardening skills etc. Keep writing :)

    Sabita (Malaysia)

    1. Hi Sabita,

      Thanks a lot. I am really happy to know you enjoy reading my blog. Wish you a smooth pregnancy!



  3. Wishing you an easy labor and delivery. All the best and a healthy baby! I am right behind you (36 weeks) and I can't wait to hear your birth story. Hang in there!


  4. wow! impressive records!
    I'm really inspired to write down my experience like this too! It sure means a lot to the baby when he grew up reading all about his growth in my little tummy :)
    Thanks for inspiring me :)

  5. Great to know that i'm not the only one that having mood swing during pregnancy haha :) Great post..I've nominated your for Liebster award...Feel free to check out my blog for more detail :)

  6. Every pregnancy journey is worth sharing. Thank you for this. You reminded me of my pregnancy journey as well. And I'm also welcoming you to the parenting journey. :)


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