Tuesday, August 17, 2021

7 Years

Two days ago was August 15th.

I had been thinking about him since few weeks ago, maybe because his 7th year anniversary was coming closer and this year I was very aware that August 15th would fall on a Sunday.

Reminiscing him made me a little sad lately. 

There was and is a pang of heartache every time I think of him.

Not sure if it is because he would be a Standard One student now, wearing the white and indigo school uniform just like his sister, if he was around. 

Heavens, he would have been such a big boy already!

Unfortunately, the daily CoVid cases in Malaysia are still very high and we are still in a lockdown, so we could not pay him a visit like before.

Sunday came and I only remembered that it was Dylan's 7th anniversary around noon. Then, I reminded his Dad about this via Whatsapp.

In the evening, I asked my husband, "How do you feel about today? It's been 7 years." He kept mum. "Why?" I asked again. "Are you sad today?" "No feeling.", he answered. 

I knew he lied.

Happy anniversary, my angel baby.

Time had flown. 

Many moons had passed by. 

You even have a new sister now.

Worry not.

I always remember you like yesterday.

Rest in love.

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