Thursday, December 6, 2018

Things My Kid Says #14

It's been a long time since I updated this space, I actually feel a little ackward writing here again after abandoning my blog for so long.

However, recent conversations that Naomi had with us prompted me to update this space with all the funny things she tells us... just in case I forget them.


Naomi had not met her maternal grandparents for about 6 months or so. Two weeks ago they visited us and after anxiously waiting for about 1 hour in the airport for their arrival, Naomi was so happy to see them again.

On our way back from airport to Seremban, Naomi sat in between my Mom and Dad on the car's back seat. Suddenly she stood up and said this.

👧: Mommy, your Mommy is so big (read: fat) leh. Your Dad is smaller (read: thinner).

We were all taken aback with this brutally honest yet funny comment.


We went to Ipoh last Sunday for a 2D1N holiday. In the hotel, Naomi had the urget to pass motion, so she did when we finally arrived to our hotel room.

Not sure what was exactly wrong with the toilet bowl, but after I flushed thrice, her poop still was not washed down. A bit panic, I called my husband for help.

He tried flushing it again but the same thing happened.

👨:  Hmm ya loh, why cannot flush this toilet bowl?
👧: Papa! My poop is very good ah! *while giving a thumb up* My poop is very strong! My poop got muscles like you!

👨: Hahaha! *broke into laughter*

Third Fallen Tooth

Naomi 's third milk tooth came out in the school.

6 December 2018: Showing off her fallen tooth.

Her teacher packed her fallen tooth in a plastic bag and stapled it. Once we reached home, Naomi cut the plastic bag open with scissors, took her tooth and ran upstairs.

Two minutes later she happily announced. 

 ðŸ‘§“Mommy, 😀. I already put my tooth under the pillow. Later Tooth Fairy will come and give me money.” 💰

A couple hours later, when her Dad came home, she told her Dad that she put her tooth under her pillow.

👨:  Naomi, don't put your tooth there. Tooth Fairy won't come. What will happen is that your tooth will drop from the bed and go missing.
 ðŸ‘§: No, no. Later Tooth Fairy will give me money. *put her tooth back under her pillow*

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