Monday, July 2, 2018

Things My Kid Says #13

I thought I would regret if I didn't make any records of the hilarious honest statements, questions or answers that Naomi often launches to us recently. She is turning 6 this September and she is now at the stage where she asks lots of questions (Finally this moment comes! LOL!).

I think when she turns her happy and chatty mood on, in 30 mins she can easily throw 20-30 why questions to us. "Why the fish's eyes are so big?" "Why is there a plastic in this thing?" "Mommy, is Daddy still at work? Is he still in the office? Why is Daddy so slow?" and so on.

18 June 2018: Our funny chatterbox.

Tidy up

As usual, it's very hard to get Naomi to tidy up her toys. She just loves playing with messy toys in the living room and I hate it.

💁: Naomi, can you please clean up your toys?
👧: Hmmm... I am not so sure, Mommy.
💁: What!

Thanks, Peppa Pig. Naomi learns a lot of British accents lines from you. Haha.


Sometime last week when I fetched Naomi from daycare around 6pm, on our way home she suddenly told me this.

👧: Mommy, I am hungry leh...
💁: Oh, okay, okay. I will feed you once we reach home. We are close already.
👧: Mommy, why my tummy is so noisy one?
💁: Umm.. that's because Naomi is hungry.. Didn't teacher give you food in the school already?
👧: Naomi only ate one time in the school today leh...
💁: Oh okay, okay. Hang on..

Luckily, we stay nearby her school/daycare...

Rock, scissors and paper

Again, when I fetch Naomi from day care in the evening, I usually wait for her in the car with Brennan. Naomi's teacher would send her to the car and when she got in the car last week, this happened.

👧: Mommy, where is my (smelly) napkin?
💁: I don't know? In your purple bag? Did you leave that in your school?
👧: Mommy, you go down and take my napkin from Teacher.
💁: I don't want. Naomi go down and get it from Teacher *while opening the car's door for her*
👧: No. Mommy, you go down.
💁: No, you go down. You see, Teacher is there, you go inside and tell her about your napkin.
👧: Mommy, we do rock, scissors and paper okay? If you lose you take the napkin ok.
💁: No, I don't want to play rock, scissors and paper now.
👧: Hmpph.. *whining*
💁: Just get off the car and go to Teacher...

In the end, I told her teacher about her napkin from the car and her tacher got it for Naomi. Naomi got down from the car to get it. How come she can do bargaining like this now?


My husband accompanied Naomi  playing Lego yesterday afternoon. I joined in a bit later. Don't know why but my husband suddenly created a story line about a pregnant Lego character while he was playing with them.

💁: Why you suddenly changed the topic? Why now you talk about pregnant Lego? *facepalm*
👨: Umm... *continued playing*
👧: *tapped her tummy*  Mommy, why you say Brennan? Where got Brennan?
💁: ???
👨: Pregnant...! Not Brennan...

A big man

Yesterday, my husband and I brought Naomi to swim to the clubhouse. When we were about to enter the premise, a group of people came out from the clubhouse and they were walking towards the parking lot. As we entered the clubhouse, there was a friendly tall man (perhaps around 2 m tall) saw us and smiled at us, or maybe at Naomi.

👧: Mommy! Why (the man) is so big one???
💁: Shhhhh! Don't say that..

The man overheard Naomi's loud question and he jokingly told his friends "She (read: Naomi) says I am so big..."


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