Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Things My Kid Says #12

The below conversation happened when both children happily played together ... before one of them screamed or cried or fought over something that I cannot remember anymore by now.


Late last night just before bedtime, Naomi was playing Teacher with B using the animal cartoon book for 0-3 yo kids. She was acting as the teacher and B was the student who's learning about animals' names. Naomi knows alphabets but is not so good, tends to be lazy, at reading.

Naomi threw lots of questions to her brother like "弟弟, what is this?" "弟弟, where is owl?" "Huh, you don't know owl ah?" "Hahahaha you say this is peacock? Peacock is this one!" and so on. When B guessed the animal right, Naomi clapped at him. When B didn't know the answer, she laughed hard at him. Finally, she pointed at a picture of an animal on the insects page and quizzed B about that particular insect.

Tom reads to Jerry.

πŸ‘§: εΌŸεΌŸ, where is the mosquito monster?
πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: ? 

(I could not recall if a mosquito cartoon picture (let alone a mosquito monster picture printed on a supposedly educative children book!) was featured in this animal book at all so I double checked the book that Naomi was holding)

πŸ’: Naomi, what mosquito? Where got mosquito monster? There is no mosquito in this book.
πŸ‘§: Got ah!
πŸ’: Where?
πŸ‘§: The eyes are so big!
πŸ’: Show to me.
πŸ‘§: This! This one is the mosquito monster.  *see the following picture*

Refer to the circled animal to relate.
πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: *attentively listening to his sister and analyzing the book too*

πŸ’Naomi, that one is called DRAGONFLY lah! Aiyo! Not mosquito monster. LOL.


25 February 2018: My talkative soon to be 5.5yo girl.


Moving on, when Naomi's Dad was lying on the bed, getting ready to sleep last night; Naomi continued talking to him. I didn't follow their conversation from the very beginning, which topic was caterpillar, but I overheard the following and I was ROFL.
πŸ‘§: Papa, so, the ca te pi low is bla bla bla...

πŸ‘¨: Naomi, it's ca-ter-pil- lar... Pil-Lar. Not pillow! Not cater-pillow.
πŸ‘§: Ca.. Ter.. Pi.. Low..
πŸ‘¨: Caterpillar!


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