Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Things My Kid Says #11

Funny things Naomi says are probably the fastest things to jot down in blog lately, other than recipe sharing of course. Haha.

After School's Evening

I usually pick up Naomi from her daycare around 6pm on weekdays because her school's afternoon enrichment program is run until about 5.30pm and day care opens until 6pm. Therefore, I normally leave the house and get Naomi from day care after I am done with bathing or sometimes feeding B his dinner (I feel so accomplished when these two tasks are completed before 6pm!)

Can't remember what day exactly but last week I picked Naomi from school in the evening as usual, I had this funny conversation with Naomi. Naomi sat on the back seat and B was seated on his car seat next to me, with his eyes searching for stray dogs or cats around the neighborhood.

As I was driving, Naomi pointed the clear sky that was slowly turning into yellow/orange shades.

👧: Mommy, you see! *points at something in front of us*
💁: Umm.. See what?
👧: You see, it's sleepy. It's tired.
💁: Who is sleepy? Who is tired? Naomi?
👧: No. THE SUN ahhh!
💁: Ooh.. Haha. Sunset!


20 January 2018: Shopping for CNY.

Spicy Food

Naomi is always interested in our food. However, she knows that the food that we, adults, eat is sometimes spicy and hot and she doesn't like it. She often checks with us if the food that we're eating is spicy when she wanted to try our food.

Last Saturday, we were eating dinner at a Japanese restaurant in KL. She was eating some kind of deep fried fish cake and chicken. She noticed her Dad was eating the fried chicken with chili sauce and she reckoned the fried chicken tasted better when eaten with the red sauce dip.

(Few months ago I introduced Naomi to McD's tomato ketchup to eat with fries and she loves its tangy taste tho' initially she refused tasting it as she generally doesn't really like trying to eat something new.)

👧: Papa! What is this? *points at the chili sauce*
👨: Chili sauce.
👧: Is it spiky?
👨: LOL. Yes, it's spi-cy. Not spiky. Do you want to try?
👧: Nah. *shakes head*

B at 20 months old

Meanwhile, my 20 months old Little Man's vocabulary is developing faster than his sister when she was around his age and B is quite a chatterbox.

My friendly guy in December 2017.

Thus far, B can say some animals' names and their sounds like bird, fish, tiger, lion, dog and cat. He loves dinosaurs so much (just like Naomi) and is obsessed with Baby Shark Doo Doo (he can do the Baby Shark dance so well from beginning to end).

Nowadays, B can say some baby languages that we often use in our daily life like nenen (read: milk), mamam (read: eat), pom-pom (read: bath) and oi-oi (read: sleep). He knows how to say Papa, Mama and Jiejie (sister) as well as bye-bye, thank you and let's go. Although he can say Mama, B still tends to address me and his grandparents as Papa too.

While the words he has mastered are not as many as other toddlers may have, I feel that it's so much easier to teach B how to speak because he picks up words very fast as he is very keen to mimic the sound of words that we say to him too.

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