Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Things My Kid Says #9

Naomi is 5 years and 2 months old now and she is quite a chatterbox and loves to sing.

I noticed she mimics her friends' and teachers' manners of speech a lot and she often scolds or questions us and her brother like her teachers do on her. Sometimes my husband and I find Naomi's Aunty's style of speaking is funny, entertaining yet annoying at the same time.

Cheeky daughter is cheeky.

Kopitiam Talk

Our morning routine on weekend is to have breakfast out. One Saturday morning, we brought Naomi to a neighborhood food court for breakfast. She noticed her Dad was drinking a cup of coffee (mixed with evaporated milk) and she thought it was her favorite hot Milo.

πŸ‘§: Papa, I want this! *points at her Dad's cup of coffee*
πŸ‘¨: This one is not Milo. It's coffee.
πŸ’: Naomi, coffee is bitter.
πŸ‘¨: You sure you still want this?
πŸ‘§: *shakes her head*
πŸ‘¨: *continues sipping his hot coffee*
πŸ‘§: Papa, you drink cough ah?
πŸ‘¨: *bursts into laughter* Naomi, this is not cough. It's kof-ee.
πŸ‘§: Oh. Kow-fee.


Few weeks ago, Naomi often used the word "eraser, eraser" after she accidentally said the wrong words or lines (as if she could correct the lines she already let out with an eraser!).

We found it hilarious. Example:

πŸ’: Naomi, which way should we take to go home? Left or right?
πŸ‘§: Left! Left!
πŸ’: Are you sure?
πŸ‘§: Yes.
πŸ’: Eeeekk.... It's right! We need to turn right to go home.
πŸ‘§: Oh! *closes her mouth with one hand* Naomi ι”™δΊ†! (read: wrong) ι”™δΊ†! Eraser, eraser!

Washing Hands

Every night, I make my children change into their pajamas before going to bed. Sometimes Naomi is willing to do this by herself but most of the days, she turns into a lazy girl who just lies on the bed while I change her.

Last night, she was lying on her bed playing with her Dad's phone while I helped her changed short pants to pajama pants.

πŸ’: Naomi, did you wash your bottom after you peed just now?
πŸ‘¨: *teasing* Naomi's bum is so smelly. Naomi never washes or wipes her bums after she passes urine.
πŸ‘§: No! I washed already! Mommy, you use soup to wash (hands) ah?
πŸ‘¨: Soap! Not soup.
πŸ’: πŸ˜‚