Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pampering Blooms

All women love flowers, especially receiving fresh flowers bouquet from someone special on special occasions.

Me included, obviously.

However, as much as I love receiving flower bouquet from my loved ones, if I recall and count correctly, I think in my entire 33 years of life, I've ONLY received fresh flowers bouquet as a gift twice. #confession

First bouquet was given by my then-boyfriend-turned-fiancé-now-husband when he proposed to me yonks ago. Yep, he never gave me flowers when we were dating. LOL.

That time.

Then the same person gave me my second fresh flowers bouquet a couple years back for our 5th wedding anniversary.

Look who's excited with Mommy's flowers?
3yo Naomi.

This wedding anniversary bouquet seriously caught me by surprise because my husband is not a typical romantic man who loves to shower me with flowers and chocolates for my birthday or our wedding anniversary. However, that particular evening, he came home from work with a bouquet of nine champagne colored roses before we headed out for anniversary dinner date. My husband and I actually go for nice dinner dates to celebrate our birthdays or anniversary but I think of all those dinner dates we had, the one that I would remember for a long time is surely the one we had to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary as I was presented with a rose bouquet too. Mind you, that bouquet did leave a deep impression that I'd still remember few years down the road. See... How flowers could jazz up a special event and make it extra memorable? By the way, I just googled about the meaning of number of roses since I am now talking about it and erm, apparently nine roses symbolizes eternal love. Awww. Now I know.

Speaking of flowers bouquet that are sure to impress no matter what - if you are looking for reliable, handcrafted, thoughtfully designed and Instagram-ready fresh flowers delivery in Singapore to celebrate your loved ones' special day, do check out A Better Florist, which is known as the best florist in SingaporeThey deliver flowers and other gifts on the same day and even cater 90-minute express flower delivery guaranteed island-wide in Singapore. As such, if you are in a rush, and even if you happen to forget to buy a gift for someone, you can just count on A Better Florist. Do you know that, not only they are spread out throughout entire Singapore, they also offer a Dubai flower delivery and Hong Kong flower delivery as well? 

The blooms at A Better Florist.

Once you start going through their website, you will find so many wonderful gift options, hampers and even fruit baskets that are great for birthdays, Mother's Day, bridal or wedding, anniversary, baby shower, 'get well soon', ... you name it! There’s something for everyone’s budget and you can customize your order too. 

Various Fruit Baskets from A Better Florist.

Too bad that A Better Florist is not available in Malaysia yet..... but fret not. They are going to put plenty of smiles on people’s faces in Malaysia too because they are expanding to Malaysia soon! Are you excited to know that easy and affordable flower online store that does delivery service will be available here too?

Before I end this post, let me share with you some useful tips (especially for those women who are often pampered with beautiful fresh flowers bouquets from their man!) from A Better Florist to take care the gorgeous blooms and keep your fresh flowers bouquet longer.


Remove all the wrapping and cotton from the bouquet. Trim the stems' ends at 45 degree angle.


Fill up your favorite vase with some fresh, cool water. Leaves in water decompose quickly and shorten the lifespan of your flowers. Hence, remove excess leaves so that all your beautiful petals get the water.


Refresh or change the water every 2 days. Keep your flowers in a cool spot in your house.

Finally, readers in Singapore, if you are looking for online flower delivery service in Singapore that delivers freshest flowers imaginable at an affordable price, don't forget to check out A Better Florist. Meanwhile, friends in Malaysia, do stay tune for A Better Florist's arrival here.

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