Thursday, June 22, 2017

Things My Kid Says #8

I better jot all these down before I forget about them.


Edamame in Indonesia is so much cheaper compared to Malaysia. My Mom always buys few big packs of them in the wet market and serves heaps of the boiled edamame for us when we are home. Naomi, just like her Dad, loves eating Edamame.

One night before bed time, Naomi suddenly remembered of the Edamame she ate during the day and wanted to eat them again.

👧: Mommy. I want Eda 的妈咪 (read: E-da-de-ma-mi or Eda's Mommy)...
💁: ???
👧: Mommy. I want E.. da.. 的 .. 妈.. 咪..
💁: Who ah?
👧: Naomi want Eda 的妈咪.. mam-mam...
💁: OHHHH! *Pentium-4-Processor-finally-got-the-memo*

12 May 2017: This year's Mother's Day craft from Naomi.

Stop Nagging

Copying what her teachers often say when the kids talk a lot during lessons, I reckon, Naomi loves to do the following when her parent nags at her or scolds her after doing something wrong.

💁: Naomi, you cannot do xxxx... because xxx... You understand or not?

👧: Mommy, close your mouth! *put her hand on my mouth*


👨: Naomi, don't do this again, OK! It's dangerous, bla.. bla.. bla...
👧: Sshhhh! Papa, quiet! Papa, close your mouth.


We were having dinner at a famous noodle and sweet soup (糖水) stall near my husband's ex-office building. I bought some konnyaku jellies for Naomi because she loves eating jellies. However, she does not like jellies that have fruit cuts or canned fruit bits (like longan or lychee) on the inside.

👧: ** trying to get rid of the lychee bits from the jelly with a fork and her fingers**
💁: It's okay, Naomi. This is lychee... It's nice and sweet. You try.

👧: I don't want, Mommy. *still busy removing the lychee from the jelly*
💁: You try the lychee first. You try.
👧: No! Mommy, I don't want. I don't want this 垃圾 (read: lājÄ« , means rubbish).
💁: LOL. Not 垃圾 .. Ly .. Chee..


After watching a cartoon of which the characters could fly and all.
👧Papa!! *jump* *jump* "I want superpower.....!!!
👨: Oh. How to give you hor..?  I myself don't have one.
👧: ...

Little Pony

While waiting for husband in Parents'-in-Law's car after a grocery shopping, as usual, Naomi wanted to watch YouTube using her Grandpa's phone and asked him to search something in YouTube.

👧Ah Gong, I want horse! I want dragon! *while pointing the hand-phone*

 (Her animal request is always random but she was referring to Little Pony) 

Grandpa was a bit distracted and busy holding Brennan (because little man only wants Grandpa when he is around) who kept on touching all the buttons he could find in the car's dashboard.

👴🏻Huh? What ? 
👧: Ah Gong!
👴🏻: What do you want ah?
👧Ah Gong! I want! I want horse dragon!
👴🏻What? Volkswagen?
👧: ???


Every time she sings the Malay version of "If You're Happy and You Know It"

👧: Kalau rasa tortilla, tepuk tangan...
💁: Gembira... Not tortilla...
👧: Kalau rasa tortilla, tepuk tangan... *clap hands*
💁: ...


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