Monday, February 27, 2017

Bye, Contact Lenses?

I have been wearing contact lenses from morning until evening since I was 17. Contact lenses are such integral part of my daily life I cannot imagine going about my days without wearing them.

In August 2015, I had my first visit to eye doctor/specialist here because I had unusual symptoms on my left eye - blurry vision, very painful red eye for days and it also produced small white ulcer-like patches and discharge. Doctor had a check on my eyes and concluded that my left cornea experienced an inflammation. I had to take antibiotic eye drop and ointment for a week and doctor advised me not to wear contact lenses until my eyes recovered and change the contact lenses' solution brand as my eyes may have had some allergies to it.

In the past few days or maybe a week, I have been experiencing similar above-mentioned situation on my left eye but without the white patches. My vision has been blurry for days (I honestly reckoned it's due to the over exposure to my not-so-big iPhone 5 screen as I had been watching Korean drama and managing some online stuff with it of late), my left eye looked bloodshot and is giving me burning sensation every time I blink or close my eyes. Also, it has been producing discharges again and there's a red streak on it.

This morning I decided to go to see the same eye doctor again. When the nurse checked my vision, I asked her to do examination on my eyes too to find out if my myopia has gone worse since 2015 but she told me she wouldn't be able to check the degree of my near-nearsightedness properly today because red or inflamed eyes will generally make our vision blurry and inflamed eyes won't give any accurate vision screening result either. It's kind of pointless to go to eye-wear shop to get new specs today because the opticians surely won't let me do any eye examination with red eyes.

Anyway, when I saw the doctor, he asked me what's wrong with my eyes today. I told him I may have the same eye  problem as two years ago. After doing a quick screen on my left eye, he agreed and asked me to google on Marginal Keratitis when I get home. Marginal Keratitis is an eye condition that I am suffering now. In layman's terms, it's basically an inflammation of the cornea caused by bacteria from wearing contact lenses. I shared with my doctor that perhaps I am having this issue again now because I just changed my contact lenses' brand.

He shook his head.

This time around, on top of taking the antibiotic eye drops and ointment for a week, he recommends me to stop wearing contact lenses at all aka for good. My eyes' defense system is considered not so good already and prone to problems like this because I have been wearing contact lenses for so many years. He explained that eye health problems coming from wearing contact lenses normally won't start out immediately... In my case it's 15 years later since I first wore them and it's about time to quit contact lenses.

This news broke my heart.

Not ready to say goodbye to my contact lenses.

Sigh... Frankly speaking, I don't really fancy wearing glasses... I like the freedom that contact lenses provide me but what to do now? Painful red eyes and blurry vision are extremely not comfortable and irritating. In fact, I am having a hard time typing my story with my current specs here because I can't see my laptop screen clearly so please pardon any typos or grammatical errors in this post.

Finally, to those of you who have been wearing contact lenses for years now, take heed of this issue, okay. I think you may also experience the same problem like mine, if not other issues, no matter how hygienic you handle your contact lenses care on daily basis.

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