Saturday, December 3, 2016

Things My Kid Says #7

My cheeky daughter has started the holiday camp at her new Kindergarten last Monday. I am happy to report that she loves her new school. No more teary face and refusals when we tell her to go to school.

After I pick her up from school, she says "Mommy, happy school." In the morning when we ask her to wake up and go to school, she wakes up relatively fast and get ready for school without struggle. In the car on the way to school, she reminds me. "Mommy, I want to go to happy school."

I hope she will still love her new school like this after the holiday camp is over because when the next term starts, it's going to be 'Study and study, less play.'


Cheeky girl is cheeky.


This morning, we went out for breakfast because it's Saturday. Saturday and Sunday = eating out day. OTW home after breakfast, Naomi who sat in the front seat turned her head to me who was sitting in the back seat with Brennan while my husband was driving the car.

👧: Mommy. I want cockroach.
💁: HAH?
👧: Cockroach.
💁: *Could not fathom daughter's siao request and was speechless with mouth half opened*
👨: *Guessing Naomi wanted to watch Oggy and the Cockroaches on Youtube but didn't say anything yet*

After a minute or two, my husband had his AHA! moment again.


👨: OOOOOOH! You want KOKO KRUNCH (that I packed in a small container and kept it in her bag)!!!!
👧: Koko Krunch. Mommy, I want Koko Krunch.

💁: CHEH! *Then passed the Koko Crunch to Naomi before bursting into laughter.*

Why my kid keeps on saying the wrong thing? LOL.

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