Friday, November 4, 2016

Things My Kid Says #6

It's been a while since I updated this blog. I thought the last time I updated this blog was a couple weeks ago but apparently it was a month ago. Oops!

The reasons why I went MIA again in this blog was because I was occupied with quite a bit of things in October namely hacked BBM and Facebook accounts, Naomi's HFMD, personal mini project that I am still developing and can't remember what else. Basically I could not find any interesting topic to blog last month.

Anyway, a quick update on the Kindergarten hunts for Naomi... I have FINALLY found the one that I like and registered Naomi to join this Kindergarten last week. It's near our house, going to be run by a new management and I was confident with their program too. Naomi will start going to this Kindergarten at the end of this month for their holiday camp and in January 2017, she will be joining their 5 y/o class because Naomi's born in 2012. Seemingly Kindergartens in Malaysia use this 'School Year - Born Year' formula to place their students in their respective classes.

Fave line now: Xixixi.

1. Old MacDonald

Last night, Naomi was in a good mood and sang a lot of nursery songs before bed time. Then she suddenly sang a very familiar children song about a farmer and a various animals he keeps in his farm.

👧: *singing* Old MacDonald had a farm...

[What we, parents, heard instead: "阿弥陀佛 (Ē mí tuó Fó/Amitabha) in de car.."]

👨: HAHAHAHA! Naomi! Why there's Ē mí tuó Fó in your song lyric???

💁: Ya loh. I heard she said "Ē mí tuó Fó in the car.." but in Old MacDonald Had A Farm tune! #ROFL.

👨: Naomi, it's Old - Mac - Do - nald... *singing* Old MacDonald had a farm.. E-I-E-I-O....
👧: *could not follow her parents' topic and continued singing *
             Ow mek to nal had a fam E-I-E-I-O... Ow mek to nal had a fam E-I-E-I-O... 
             Moo moo here, moo moo there.

2. Mole

This Friday evening, Naomi sat on Daddy's lap.

👧: *pointing at a tiny black dot on Daddy's chest* Ewww.. Papa! 蚂蚁 (read: ant)!!!
👨: No. Not 蚂蚁. It's a mole.

The end.

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