Saturday, November 12, 2016

Baby Updates and The Pursuit of Good Night Sleep

In case you miss Baby Brennan because the last air time I gave to him in this blog was back in September, here's a little update on this fella and his latest baby photo spam.

Brennan is going to be 6 months old in less than two weeks. Hard to believe indeed but yes, I nearly made it halfway through his first year - all by myself!


Happy baby is happy.

This month, Brennan has completed two of his 5-month vaccinations - one from the government clinic and another from his private doctor.

His smile is brighter than the morning sun. LOL.

At 5.5 months old, Baby Brennan is very sensitive to loud noises and constantly puts things into his mouth. He can even take his socks off his feet with his mouth. He drools (hence my hair loss), smiles and babbles a lot but has yet to show me his raspberries blowing skill.

Brennan's muscles are stronger now. He likes to lift his bottoms into the air and roll about from one end to another end to grab something that entices him. Also, getting Brennan dressed or cleaned after a poopnami is like a wrestling match now because he always rolls over and won't lie still on his back when I try to change his diaper. Lately, he tries to master his sitting up without support ability but he still looks like the leaning Tower of Pisa when he does this.

Nowadays, Brennan can recognize people very well. Already he is a clingy baby since his infancy and he has now successfully grown into an even clingier baby than ever. He cries whenever other people but his Dad and me carry him. He even gets very anxious when he is surrounded by a lot of people. Often times, his stranger anxiety amazes and stresses me at the same time. People say, all this happened because I seldom bring him out. I beg to differ, Sirs and Madams. My husband and I bring him out every time we go out because nobody can take care of him given his clingy personality. As such this baby follows us wherever we go. The only possible reason why he is incredibly clingy to me now is because I am his only care taker and the adults that Brennan sees the most on daily basis are his Dad and me.

My forever clingy baby.

I still breastfeed Brennan and thus far he is not dependent to spring cot to help him fall asleep and doesn't use pacifier at all. I tried to give him formula milk in a bid to make him sleep a longer stretch at night. However, this attempt's success was short lived. A couple weeks ago, Brennan was so into formula milk and could down 2oz of formula milk top up two to three times a day - owing to a growth spurt I suppose. This week, he totally refuses formula milk and only wants breast milk so I am back to my full time cow duty.

These three days, I have started introducing Brennan a bit of his first solids because I think he's ready. I've given him a bit of banana puree, steamed apple puree and infant rice cereal mixed with formula milk.

That excited face when he sees food.

He loves his infant cereal and sometimes gets very angry when there's no more cereal left on his bowl. Sorry boy, one table spoon of runny cereal a day for now, OK.

"Mommy, I demand more food!"

According to Baby Center, usually babies sleep through the night by 6 months but I guess this is not the case for my baby. Instead of showing progress on his night sleep stretch, Brennan has shown regression in this area.

Brennan and his gentle face.

His prolonged broken sleep is wearing me out and had caused me headaches and lack of focus during the day. His night sleeping schedule this week was so terrible I felt like I was taking care of a newborn all over again. Brennan woke up 2-3x at night for feeding and it took him 20-30 mins to make him fall back asleep again before the next feeding.

My cutie patootie #2.

Speaking of sleep deprivation, Brennan suddenly developed cough on Thursday evening. I thought his cough was not serious or just a fluke, because nobody in the house is coughing at the moment. Thus, I didn't really think about it much nor give him any medication. By night, his cough transformed into phlegmy cough and his breathing was noisy. As usual, I got very concerned and asked my husband whether we should bring him to see a doctor but my husband rolled his eyes on this suggestion. As a result, I had to wake up every two hours on Thursday night and Friday's wee hours to tend a crying and coughing baby.

So hard to measure his temperature now.

Yesterday (Friday), I felt like I was being bullied by my toothless baby. His cough has not subsided and every time I fed him the cough syrup that his Doctor prescribed him a month ago, he vomited. He cried non-stop and demanded to be carried while walking around or standing up ALL DAY LONG. He whimpered every time I sat down. Brennan literally made my left arm and shoulder feel like jelly. He had trouble falling asleep and his naps could not last more than 20 minutes. By 4pm, Brennan developed a fever. After I gave him paracetamol, he felt slightly better but was still overall a fussy and noisy baby. In the evening, my unspoken fear came true. Brennan began to have runny nose on top of his cough and fever.

Because of this combo, Brennan felt even more uncomfortable at night and cried inconsolably for hours no matter how we consoled him. His cough syrup didn't work. His flu medicine was not a much help either. His sensitive skin may develop rashes after we apply Baby Vicks so we avoided applying it on his chest. I got so exhausted and dreadful before bed time because I knew it was going to be another long night for me. 

My head kept on thinking how to save my night sleep by giving Brennan a good night sleep. All of sudden, I was reminded of the Essential Oil that my friend once let me try. She uses this Essential Oil regularly and swears by the efficacy of this Oil when her children fall sick especially stuffy nose.

I planned to get one from Lazada but could only get the item few days later if I were to buy from Lazada. I turned the house's WiFi router on (we switch off our house's WiFi at 11.30pm) and began chatted Naomi's friend's Mommy who sells Young Living products on Facebook Messenger. Fortunately, she has not slept yet although it was almost midnight and told me that she has the RC Essential Oil in stock. 

In summary.

She sensed my distress and asked me to come over to her house to get the Essential Oil so I could use it immediately for Brennan. Out of desperation, around midnight I shamelessly drove to her house which is just less than 5 mins away from mine. 

I'd do anything for a good night sleep. LOL.

Once I got home, I quickly diffused few drops of this Essential Oil to my diffuser as my last resort to ease Brennan's flu. I applied a drop of oil on the areas behind my ears because I also wanted a good night sleep please, especially after all the physical and mental stress since morning.

My new thumb-sized friend.

In the end, Brennan did sleep better. He slept soundly past midnight and woke up for his feed at around 5am.

So, here's the burning question that many may wonder. 

Q: Does the Essential Oil I bought really work like magic?

A: I don't know. Maybe. 

To be honest, all this while I was highly skeptical about Essential oils in general and always thought the claims about Essential Oils could cures some diseases are no more than placebo effect. I believed they are excellent for aromatherapy that aims to promote relaxation, uplift one's mood or de-stress but I was not thoroughly sold on their healing properties. 

What I did last night was out of desperation although I felt that, to some extent, the Essential Oil I purchased did work in making all of us sleep better. I must admit that I am now intrigued to try more Essential Oils especially those that can improve my sleep quality or reduce headaches.

All in all, I don't know which camp you belong to when it comes to using Essential Oils but I am slowly buying the efficacy of Essential Oils. My advice is do a bit of reading or even ask for friends' genuine advice before using Essential Oils especially if you are someone who is not really into alternative medicine like me and mind you, Essential Oils ain't cheap.

**This post is not sponsored - just sharing my personal thoughts on Essential Oils that I just discovered.

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