Thursday, October 6, 2016

Things My Kid Says #5

Naomi is 4 years old now and next January she has to go to kindergarten to study. I still have yet to settle on the right kindie for her although I've checked a few kindergartens nearby earlier this year.

I never thought that finding an ideal kindergarten for my child would be this difficult. Or maybe I am just being too picky in choosing a kindie for Naomi that meets my criteria such as a nice and clean facility plus comfortable environment, daily health check routines, good education philosophy (not too academic-oriented is preferred), decent numbers of students (not too crowded) and not too far from our home. Also, I guess I must like the teachers too.

So yeah, my serious kindie hunt for Naomi is still on-going now and I hope I could decide on one before October ends.

Speaking of the 4 y/o Naomi, here's a couple of her priceless goofy things that she said recently. I'd like to preserve the hilarity here to look back on and laugh... Just because kids say the darndest things, especially when they are around Naomi's age.

1. Y is for Yo-yo

Naomi is able to recognize A-Z, colors and numbers from 1- 20 something very well now. She can easily associates A for apple, B for book, etc. without any problem. We use flashcards, early learning ABC books, nursery songs, alphabet poster and puzzles to educate her with ABC letter names and sounds.

Y is yo-yo.
Naomi's flashcards are compliments of Auntie Bear.

Last night, my husband opened his newly delivered parcel from Toys R' Us's online store. The big child aka Naomi's Dad apparently bought himself a Duncan yo-yo.

👨: *Took out a transparent orange yo-yo from the plastic*
👧: Wowww! Y Y!
👨: *ROFL* Y Y?
👧: Papa! I want Y Y!
👨: Naomi, this is called yo-yo, not Y Y!

👧: *Holding her Dad's brand new yo-yo*
💁: Hey, Naomi, what is this?
👧: Y.
💁: It's yo-yo. Not Y.
👧: Yo-yo.

It's amusing to see how Naomi automatically associates yo-yo to letter Y.

2. Noisy Vacuum Cleaner

One evening, I was cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner when Naomi watched TV in the living room.

💁: *Turned on the vacuum cleaner* Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
👧: Aaargh!!! Mommy, STOP!
💁Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Huh?
👧: STOP!

Oopsie! Sorry for the noise, but my pristine living room is more important than your TV show, dear.

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