Sunday, September 18, 2016

Things My Kid Says #4

Someone is going to celebrate her 4th birthday in a couple of days... She is recovering from cough and runny nose at the moment and I hope she will be all healthy again next week for her birthday!

Funny but annoying sometimes.

Speaking of a four year old kid who is a late talker, even though Naomi can finally speak many words in three languages now, she is practically still catching up with her vocabulary and ability to produce language. For example, if her friends of the same age can talk non-stop, relentlessly pose whole lot of questions to adults using all the Five Ws, answer to adult in long sentences and create proper conversation with their peers and parents, Naomi is still not there yet. Naomi still speaks using simple four or five word phrases. Sometimes she mixes two different languages in a sentence, probably not knowing how to differentiate those languages appropriately. She can pronounce certain things very clearly, but there are other words too that she can't pronounce very well just yet.

My Mom often tells me that when Naomi's language skill eventually blossoms, there will be days when she bombards me with "Why?" on everything and by then, I'd be exasperated handling her questions. I always respond to my Mom's statement with the same old comment, "Can't wait for that day to come. I have been waiting for it all these years but it's not here yet, Ma." #mother_of_a_late_talker

Anyway, here are few instances when we encountered Naomi's funny verbal missteps recently.

1. WTH

One night, Naomi was playing Lego on the floor while my husband, Baby Brennan and me were relaxing on the bed. Suddenly we heard Naomi said the following:

👧: Wet de het?

We thought Naomi was talking to herself or her toys like she usually does. Sometimes she does talk to herself out loud when she pretend plays with her Lego, animal toys or soft toys. When she does this, normally we let her play alone and don't disturb her.

👧: Wet de het?

We were still quiet, watching the show on TV and not responsive to Naomi.

💁: Why suddenly Naomi is saying 'What the Heck'? Who taught her that? Did we often say 'What the Heck' in front of her?
👨: Hmmm... I don't know...

Naomi was still busy with her toys.

👧: Papa! Wet de het?
👨: Huh?
👧: PAPA!! Wet de het? Wet de het?
👨: ???

💁: *talking to my husband* Why is she keep on saying What the Heck? What does she want?
👨: I don't know...

Meanwhile, Naomi was growingly impatient waiting for assistance so she repeated the same question louder and louder.

💁*still confused* Seriously, what does she wants, ah?

My husband then joined Naomi to play her Lego on the floor and after a while, he finally had his light bulb moment.


👨: Ooooohhh.... I know! I know! She is saying "Where is the hat?" lah.. She is looking for her toy's hat!

Dang it, you hat!


Say no more, say no more.

2. Mermaid

Today is Sunday and I had a very late morning shower because I had to settle some house chores first before I could have a shower.

Our bed room has an attached bathroom so when Naomi is in the room and shouts something while I am in the bathroom, I usually can hear her. This morning, when I just started showering, I heard Naomi whined and shouted something.

💁: *couldn't hear the outside noises very well because of the showers* 🚿 🚿 🚿
👧: Mami. I want Mami...
💁: *always get a bit panicky when the kids want something from me urgently* Naomi, Mommy is showering now.
👧: Mami. Mami. I want Mami.
💁: Wait, Naomi. Mommy is showering....
👧: *frustrated, almost cried* MAMI... I WANT MAMIII....
💁: Almost done. Very fast, very fast.
👨: *shouted at me in front of the bathroom's door* Nobody is not looking for you! Naomi was saying "I WANT MERMAID!" (read: choosing a cartoon show on TV)
💁: *slightly embarrassed* 😀

Now you understand how important proper pronunciation is? LOLOL.

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