Friday, September 2, 2016

Five Reasons Why You Should Explore Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, despite its distance from where we live (read: five-hour car drive), is still one of our favorite local holiday spots here in Malaysia.

On average, my husband and I go to Cameron Highlands once every two years. Based on this math formula, we should be going to Cameron Highlands again for a smashing and memorable (presumably not so relaxing) holiday with the kids next year. However, I will go there again on one contingency: IF... and ONLY IF Baby Brennan develops better behavior and cries less in the car. Otherwise, I will likely request my husband to make a U-Turn back to Seremban even before we reach Ipoh and be more than happy to rain check the trip to 2018.

After going to Cameron Highlands three times in less than 6 years, I think here are the top reasons why (my husband) and I fancy visiting Cameron Highlands for our short family getaway:

1. Cool breezy weather with refreshing air

Since we live in a city where the weather is generally very hot and humid, not to mention once in a while we are forced to inhale the suffocating haze, it's not a bad idea at all to retreat to a cold place like Cameron Highlands for a short escape from the hot climate and opportunity to breathe fresh air throughout the day.

Cameron Highlands in the morning.

I think the only chance for us to wear our jackets here is when we (Heaven forbid!) catch a very bad flu or go to Highlands areas like Genting or Cameron Highlands.

Look how I wrapped my kid in a thick jacket 
during cold rainy night in Cameron Highlands.

The weather in Cameron Highlands can get extremely cold in early morning or at night, especially during the rainy season. My teeth chatter every time I am reminded of the cold weather there.

2. Strawberries and lots of strawberries

Yep, strawberries are bountiful and relatively cheap in Cameron Highlands, especially during the Ramadhan period. What a shame I didn't take the photo of the boxes of fresh red strawberries that my BIL and SIL bought when we went to Cameron Highlands last year. They literally bought few kilograms of these juicy heart-shaped delights.

Strawberries heaven.

I must say that unlike the imported Korean Strawberries, Cameron Highlands' strawberries taste sour and lack of sweetness... same like the local strawberries from Indonesia.

I remember last year we purchased a big box of strawberries from Cameron Highlands. There was just too much strawberries in our fridge we had to keep eating them for few consecutive days until Naomi, the only strawberry aficionado in the house, absolutely had enough of them and refused to eat them anymore for a while.

3.  The Markets and Flower Nurseries

We take great pleasure in checking out both morning and night markets when we are in Cameron Highlands. When I go to Cameron Highlands' night market (pasar malam), I particularly love to shop the fridge magnets for myself and my family in Indonesia. My husband likes to get the vegetables shaped key-chains for souvenirs for his colleagues. Sometimes, I also like to buy the steamed sweet corns at the night market too. Crunchy bites of steaming hot corn on the cob are perfect company on a chilly night.

Me hunting for magnets in the night market as usual.

During the day, occasionally we explore the bustling vegetable and fruit markets in Cameron Highlands as well. People like my Mom and MIL never fail to cart some fresh produce from these markets, especially the sweet corns. The fresh vegetables that are sold there somehow just look bigger and more tantalizing than those we see at the supermarkets back home.

Someone got a new toy from the market first thing in the morning.

In addition, I never forget to buy some mini cactus and succulents from the flower nurseries in Cameron Highlands. They are so cheap! If I am not mistaken you can get 6 mini cactus or succulents for only RM 10.

Shopping some cactus with Naomi.

Previously, I bought many potted plants like orchids and hydrangeas from the flower nurseries or farms in Cameron Highlands. The flowers grown in places like Cameron Highlands are undoubtedly Instagram worthy. It's so hard to resist not to bring some of these beauties home. However, after I realized that those flowers don't last or can't grow healthily in a hot place like Seremban, I quit buying them.

Must buy mini succulents.

Nowadays, each time I go to Cameron Highlands, I only buy lots of mini cactus and succulents because they survive and thrive just fine in hot cities.

4. Tea Plantations

Cameron Highlands is the largest tea-growing region in Malaysia so it's a no brainer that if we go to Cameron Highlands, we might a well visit one or two of the tea plantations there.

Looking at green is good for your eyes.

Some of them are open for tourists and these plantations run a pretty large cafe or restaurant too, albeit the food they sold at their cafes or restaurants are usually not that fantastic and slightly expensive.

Daddy, you are too slow.

Our favorite Tea Center in Cameron Highlands by far is the BOH Tea Plantation.

This place is simply scenic, huge and best of all, it's free entry. Adults and children would certainly have a good time here.

Someone had fun in BOH Tea Center.

The restaurant cum massive viewing deck is a perfect place to sip a hot tea and eat a nice cake while enjoying the cold breeze and majestic view the lush green tea estate.

Breakfast in BOH Tea Center's restaurant.

5. Sightseeing

Cameron Highlands is a famous tourist attraction and offers numerous tourist attractions which mostly lie within the major townships of Brinchang and Tanah Rata.

Kids having fun at the Big Red Strawberry Farm.

When we are at Cameron Highlands, we normally don't mind visiting the same tourists attractions twice or three times.

I love Lavender garden like that.

Some interesting tourist spots we patron regularly are places like the Strawberry Farm, Bee Farm and Lavender Farm.

Beautiful flowers for Kodak moments are plenty in Cameron Highlands.

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