Friday, August 5, 2016

Things My Kid Says #3

Naomi is turning 4 next month and she is indeed a very chatty and bubbly little girl. However, she is actually quite a temperamental and impatient kid too given that she is evidently a very structured and perfectionist Virgo child. I guess sooner or later my husband and I will need to start reading stuff like "Taming Perfectionism in Children" or "Helping Your Perfectionist Kid Find Balance".


Nowadays, Naomi can understand a lot of things including our instructions, sing a number of nursery songs, and loves to express her feelings through words more. Naomi has excellent memory and her vocabulary in three languages has definitely improved tremendously of late (sometimes she surprises us with her new lines!).

1. Bake the Cake

Last Sunday evening, I was baking some cupcakes in hurry. I was rushing in completing my bakes because it was almost dinner time and Brennan was crying. Sadly, Naomi who always gets very happy every time I bake didn't get the chance to be involved in my baking session last week because I just wanted to get the cake batter done ASAP and pop the cupcakes in the oven.

πŸ’: Naomi, you go play with Papa, please. Mommy is busy now.
πŸ‘§: No, I don't want.

By this time, she already dragged the dining table chair next to me so she could she what I was doing in the kitchen. She followed me wherever I went in the kitchen. When I ignored her, she started grabbing random things on the kitchen's counter-top and playing with the kitchen's cabinets' doors. She even put the cake batter that I accidentally dropped on the kitchen's counter-top into her mouth. Gah.

My kepo gal.

I was so engrossed placing some cake batter into the cupcake tins real quickly and didn't really bother Naomi who was chirping next to me.

All of sudden, she gazed at me and softly told me this.

πŸ‘§: I love you, Mommy.
πŸ’: *I froze, intently looked back at her and... was speechless*

Hashtag of the day: #heartmelt 

2. Harry or Heli?

My husband was on Harry Potter marathon for almost a week a couple weeks back. Naomi was obviously not interested with movies like this because she only loves watching cartoons. However, she was with us in the room, playing with her Lego and other toys, when we were watching Harry Potter 1 all the way to 7B.

One evening when she just came back from day care, she was playing with her Lego in the living room. I sat down with her to see what she was doing.

πŸ‘§: *Showing me her Lego bricks* Mommy, you see.
πŸ’: Yes? What is it?
πŸ‘§: He-li-po-te.
πŸ’: Huh? What?
πŸ‘§: He-li. Po-te.
πŸ’: What?? Why are you suddenly saying Harry Potter? There is no Harry Potter Lego here.
πŸ‘§: No, you see. He-li-po-te.
πŸ’: *Silent for few minutes while trying to think* Ahhhh... Helicopter, you mean. Yes, yes.. Helicopter!
πŸ‘§: He-li-ko-te. *pointing at the Helicopter building instructions paper*

Naomi indeed has a set of Lego bricks that she can turn into a small green helicopter. She was referring to that. Apparently.

3. Shut up, Baby!

Two nights ago, Naomi was chilling in our bed. She was watching Oggy and the Cockroaches before she slept.

Her brother happened to be so awake and cried loudly. My husband tried to console him but this little man was inconsolable. His cry went from loud to very loud within seconds and it's somewhat annoying.

Naomi the Big Sis.

Naomi turned her head to her baby brother, walked towards him and bent in front of Baby Brennan before she told him this:

πŸ‘§: STOP!

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»*stopped his crying fit, hyperventilated then stared at his big sister for a moment*

Done passing her very important message, Naomi walked away then continued watching her cartoons.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: WA WA WA WA... *carried on crying*

I suppose a kid as young as Naomi also knows the joy of watching her favorite cartoon peacefully, eh?

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