Monday, June 20, 2016

My Life with Two Kids

It's been almost 4 weeks since Baby #3 entered our lives. I planned to blog a lot of things about my life with Baby #3 around. However, catching up with my much needed sleep during the day is my top priority after tending Baby #3 at the moment hence the procrastination on jotting down all the thoughts in my head into writing and the lack of updates on this blog.

#tbt: 21 days old baby.

After Baby #3 and I were discharged from the hospital, basically I took the role as the main care taker of Baby #3. My husband acted as my confinement nanny for a week then my Mom took over this responsibility for the next two weeks. I am, however, still predominantly the one who takes care of Baby #3 every day since his day 1 at home.

At present, my daily routines with Baby #3 revolves around nursing the baby about every two hours day and night, acting as a human pacifier, burping the baby, wiping poo poo and changing nappy several times in a day, bathing a newborn who despises bath time once a day (I bathed him myself since we got home yo!), rocking a fussy baby and helping him to fall asleep. Oh yeah, in between, I also try to feed myself three heavy meals a day, catch up with sleep when the baby naps, take a shower and do the usual house chores like washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming the floor, etc.

When my parents were here, my Mom and Dad helped me care baby #3 when needed so I could sleep or nap more and didn't have to do much house chores either. Now that they have gone back to Indonesia, it's mostly just me and baby #3 during the day. My husband has resumed work as normal while Naomi is normally in day care on weekdays. As Naomi is on MC now, she stays at MIL's house during the day because I am honestly not in the position to take care of one toddler and a newborn all by myself just yet.

Happening much?

Of late, I feel like I am so old already. I get tired and easily irritated over small things. This time around, the sleep deprivation from caring a newborn round the clock is so real and really depressing at times. Eight hours of sleep is now a thing from the past. Just when I am about to drift off to sleep for the 5th time at night, my tiny human alarm rings at max volume because he is hungry or his diaper is wet.

My challenge at the moment is that Naomi has been suffering from nagging cough for weeks and she has a runny nose too. She has skipped school for almost two weeks and when Naomi is not feeling well, she throws a lot of tantrums and turns herself into a very demanding toddler. Given this situation, Baby #3 and I have to sleep in the guest room at night so he doesn't catch the virus from his sister. This also means that I have to work the graveyard shift totally alone tending a baby who loves to party in the wee hours. Usually, my husband would help me if I could not peel myself from bed to attend our crying baby at an ungodly hour. Yet, lately I try my best not to wake my husband in the wee hours on weekdays because he has to wake up early for work and he also experiences broken sleep when Naomi is not feeling well. Technically, both of us are sleep deprived but I guess my case is more severe.

25 days old fatty in Muar.

Talking about sleeping in different room.. Seemingly it didn't really work in preventing the virus spread between the siblings because Baby #3 has officially contracted Naomi's virus as of last Saturday night. I brought him to see Paediatrician this afternoon because he is so pitiful and cries a lot. Due to his runny nose and cough, he wakes up almost every hour or less (and so do I), his breathing is so loud and noisy and he is practically not a happy baby since he fell sick. Baby #3 is not even one month old yet but he was already nebulized at the clinic today.

While I thought that Naomi is much better and finally ready for school again, she had trouble sleeping last night. She woke up almost every hour, whining and almost crying while mumbling "Ouch, ouch, ouch". She tossed and turned a lot when sleeping but when I asked her which part of her body is painful or whether she wanted to go to the loo to pass urine, she kept quiet. This morning I learned that she had fever.. and she must have had body aches hence the sleep problem and relentless "Ouch, ouch, ouch" saying.

My conclusion is the stress of having sick kids is so overwhelming. The whole experience is really draining me and this period really attests the notion that Mommy's job is 24/7 with VERY LITTLE rests even though the husband is around. There are days when I am at my wit's end dealing with my ill young children. For God's sake, nothing is more torturing than having one child just falls asleep and the other one wakes up and each of them alternately keeps you awake every frigging hour at night - and this can happen for few nights in a row! I am just praying that I stay sane and don't fall sick too because I cannot afford to lose my mind nor fall sick right now. #truestory

Get well soon, kiddos. I can't wait to see you both happy and healthy again. Your Mommy here desperately needs a much deserved sleep... 3 or 4 hours undisturbed sleep is already good enough for me now. Not joking.

P/S: Drafting this not-so-long post took me 3 days. I hope I can find more time to update my blog more regularly in the near future. 

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