Sunday, April 24, 2016

Things My Kid Says #2

Today is Sunday.

I woke up later than Naomi this morning because I struggled with indigestion and piles problems the whole night and only got back to sleep soundly again at around 7am something, after my husband left home for his solo cycling session.

My girl's aware that she doesn't have to go to school today. After my husband woke me up, he said to his daughter, "Naomi, let's go (out to have breakfast)!). Naomi quickly got up from her bed, dashed to get a dress, took a leak in the toilet then changed her pyjamas into a dress in no time - without us asking her to do so. If only she could be this efficient and routinely do all these without drama or dilly-dallying on weekdays, my Mon-Fri mornings would have been less hectic.

I just finished brushing my teeth when Naomi was all set to go out. She then opened my wardrobe and kept on asking me to take one dress to change. She knew that we were going out so that's why she was rushing me to get ready fast.

I obliged my daughter's request and took my favourite striped dress out of my wardrobe.

My today's #OOTD.

After I put my dress on, this happened.

👧: (Pointing at me) ZEBRA!

💁: What? Hahaha.
👧: Papa, look! Zebra!
👨: ROFL. Mommy looks like Zebra, huh?

Thanks, ah.

On our way to find our breakfast, I asked Naomi again.
💁: Naomi, does Mommy really look like Zebra now?
👧: (pointing at my dress) See... Zebra!
💁: Okay... #geddit

My hilarious toddler.

At 3yo7mo, Naomi indeed knows most of the animal names in the animal kingdom but it really didn't cross my mind that she would associate a person wearing clothes (in certain fabric pattern) to look alike an animal she recognizes. I guess, the next time she sees a woman wearing some leopard print shirt or pants, she'd shout "Mommy, look! Leopard! (or maybe tiger as she currently refers the big cat family as tiger)".

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