Friday, April 15, 2016

Marrying A Malaysian: How to Get the Extension of Visit Pass (Part 3)

My long-term visit pass and multiple entry visa in Malaysia as a spouse of Malaysian citizen are expiring in early June this year. As Baby #3's EDD is also around that time, my husband and I decided to extend my visit pass earlier. We paid a visit to the Immigration Office to settle this yesterday as the last thing I want to do when in labour is applying visa extension in the Immigration Office please.

I actually applied for another 3 years for my visa but my application was rejected and I only got 1 year visa this time around because my passport is expiring in mid 2018. I have to get a new passport first before applying longer visa extension (more than 1 year visa) next year.

The process of extending the long-term visit visa is still pretty much the same as how we did this 3-5 years ago. However, there is now one more step that we need to go through to get the whole paperwork done.


1. Application for Extension of Visit Pass Form (Permohonan Lanjutan Pas Lawatan)
Important information that we need to know to fill in this form include applicant's personal details, passport details, address in Malaysia, current visa's expiry date and requested numbers of years for the visa extension.

2. Surat Akuan Perkahwinan Form
To complete the Surat Akuan form, other than filling in the information in the paper, we need to get a stamp and signature of a local Commissioner of Oaths (Peguam Bela dan Peguam Cara)

Also, we are required to have a name and contact details of one Malaysian who is willing to act as the applicant's guarantor (he/she can be our Malaysian spouse's family member). We need to state the number of our children and their details in the form as well. My husband and I included Dylan's details too in the form because we thought he is legally counted as one of our children since he had his death certificate issued. However, the Commissioner of Oaths stated otherwise and told us to just include our live child or children in the form.

Required documents for Commissioner of Oath's verification: The filled Surat Akuan form, applicant's passport and Malaysian spouse' IC, applicant and spouse's passport photos.
Required working days: Almost immediate
Fee: RM 10 cash 
Result: Authorization stamp and signature from Commissioner of Oaths in the Surat Akuan form

3. Cabutan untuk Daftar Perkahwinan (Marriage Register Extract)

This is a new step that did not exist the last time we applied for my visa extension three years ago. This certificate is basically used as a proof or verification document that the applicant is still married to his or her Malaysian spouse. We are required to fill a form from an office in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN ) to get this document. JPN in Seremban is located in the same building as the Immigration office so it's quite convenient and easy for us to get this document from them.

To apply or get the Cabutan, we must fill a form that requires information on our marriage details such as the marriage date, location and marriage certificate serial numbers.

Required working days: Almost immediate
Fee: RM 50 cash 
Result: Original document of Cabutan untuk Daftar Perkahwinan (Marriage Register Extract)

4. Permohonan Untuk Visa Form

This form requires information on the applicant's personal details. Quite easy and straightforward to be filled.


Required forms and document to submit: see above
Other required accompanying documents to submit: 
  • Original and copy of applicant's passport (front page and current visa)
  • Original and copy of Malaysian spouse's IC
  • Marriage certificate
  • Copy of children's birth certificates, if any
  • One (1) applicant passport photo, to be pasted in Surat Akuan
  • One (1) Malaysian spouse's passport photo, to be pasted in Surat Akuan
Required working days: Less than one (1) day
Total Fee: RM 10 cash (the fee for Commissioner for Oaths), RM 50 for the Marriage Register Extract, RM 90 cash (the yearly fee for extending the visit pass) and RM 15 (the yearly fee of multiple entry visa). If you manage to get 3 years' visa, then you need 3 x RM 105 cash ready for the cashier.
Result: (1) year of social visit pass and multiple-entry visa in Malaysia

In conclusion, after we have all the above-mentioned forms completed and supporting documents ready, we can submit them to the officer in the Immigration Office. Both applicant and Malaysian spouse must be present to submit the paperwork. Also, unlike the previous time, now we don't have to wait for another one working day to get the visa extension sticker in our passport. The immigration office will issue us the new visa sticker on the same day of the visa extension application. My husband and I arrived to the immigration office at around 9am and we got our stuff done by 12.30pm.

As this year is my 6th year staying in Malaysia under Spouse Visa, I plan to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) here this year. I already got the forms to apply PR from the Immigration Office yesterday but can only submit the forms and other required documents after I have officially passed my 6th year stay in Malaysia this June. I will blog about my journey in applying PR here when the time comes.

** Please note that this information is based on my personal experience and subject to change in accordance with any amendments to the rules and regulations from the Malaysian Immigration Department.


  1. Hello... tengkyu buat infonya. Mau tanya nih, utk Cabutan Dftr Perkahwinan apakah bisa minta formnya dr JPN semua cab JPN?Thanks :)

    1. Iya. Formnya ambil di JPN. Seingat saya cuma 1 form kok yang perlu diisi buat cabutan.

    2. ROM ku di Bentong, Pahang tapi wkt urus LTSVP di Kntr Imigrasi di Jln Duta, KL (disana ada JPN nya juga sih), jd gak perlu jauh2 ke Bentong kan ya minta formnya hehehe... tengkyu n salam kenal :D

  2. hi Christine...
    Setelah apply LTSVP yg ke 3 buat 1 Year..should expire in 2017
    kamu apply PR bln DEC 2016
    Selama apply PR..dan tunggu approval.. Kamu perlu extend lagi LTSVP apa ga?
    Thanks banget ya

    1. tetep apply seperti biasanya sampai dapat PR.

  3. Hi Christine... If LTVSP kamu expire bln June... Tp kamu renew earlier di bln april...
    New LTVSP kamu expire bulan june 2017?

    Thank u... Banyak ya


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