Monday, March 28, 2016

Introducing HERMISO.COM for Shopping Household Goods Online

For busy Mommy with very active toddler (or demanding baby), well in my case, I am very pregnant too at the moment, trudging through a crowded supermarket or shopping mall on a weekend to get my weekly groceries or replenish other household good supply for my house is not quite a compelling idea any more.

But lo and behold.

Thanks to technology, shopping has now been made easy (Hallelujah!) and we can have our our dry groceries or other bulky household products delivered right to our doorstep with some simple clicks.

This said, I would like to introduce you to, a leading Malaysia's online shopping store which offers a wide variety of local household products (non-perishables) and other unique selection of Japanese products. Kiss good-bye to long queue in supermarket's cashier counter, traffic jams and heavy load of shopping bags... plus a very angry toddler screaming and rolling on the floor as the parents refuse to get him/her yet another toy, Kinder Surprise Egg or Chup-a-Chup. The latter is based on real life experience by the way. Mine to be precise.

Moving on, to start your happy shopping experience with, all you need to do first is of course, go to their website

Forget about walking down a long aisle to find a certain product in a huge supermarket. You can simply search the goodies that you would like to buy from the categories that systematically lists.

The awesome #auntiness inside me always ensures that I buy baby or kids necessities every time I do grocery shopping. As such, I buy all the things I need for Naomi and baby #3 from the BABY AND TOYS Category in this site. To ease your shopping experience, you can also find the specific products you are searching for from the narrowed-down categories too.

Ah yes.. when I shop, I normally set a certain budget before splurging on purchases. If I do online shopping, I tend to sort all the products shown in the website by the price range so it's easier for me to find products that meet my budget.

Next, once you have selected the products that you would like to get, just add them to the cart.

When you have filled your shopping cart with all the stuff that you need, just check out like what you usually do when you do online shopping elsewhere. If you are new customer, create an account first to finish your shopping with

Finally, complete your purchase by keying in some personal details of yours (that can be retrieved on your next purchases).

And my friend, one or two clicks later...

You are done shopping! Just sit back and relax. The delivery guy will ring your house's bell and hand you your purchases within 1-3 working days.

Within 2 working days, my goodies from arrived safe and sound in a neat packaging like below.

My parcel is home!

Now, I don't have to go out to supermarket and lug heavy bags containing few kilograms of formula milk for Naomi and myself for the coming weeks. Thanks,!

My loots from

At the moment, delivers nationwide including Sabah and Sarawak. Additionally, it offers free delivery with purchase of RM99 and above (for Peninsular Malaysia region)!

Raise your hand if you think shopping groceries online like this is convenient, time-saving and great for sticking to your budget too, especially if you are very busy or don't drive a car for whatever reason.

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