Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Last Tri-Semester

How are you, world?

I have been on blogging hiatus, unintentionally, because I have been really swamped with a lot of stuff lately. Also, every time I have some spare time to blog or bake, nowadays I just prefer to lie down and chill in front of my TV watching Netflix. For months, I planned to bake something on weekend... but in reality, my oven and bread maker are obviously on sabbatical until further notice. Talk about laziness and lethargy level God.

Baby #3's latest picture, taken a couple weeks back.

Anyway, the so called "Honeymoon Period" a.k.a the second tri-semester of my pregnancy with Baby #3 is over now and we both are growing bigger together until the EDD. The second tri-semester went pretty okay I guess but not exactly without any bumps along the road. The biggest bump so far is my aggravated haemorrhoids problems. I don't know why but this time around, my haemorrhoids have given me a lot of issues and few emergency trips to the hospital simply because they've caused pretty bad rectal bleeding that I mistakenly thought a bleeding from my uterus as well as severe constipation that required medical intervention. Every time I do a long walk, say like groceries shopping, or if I get too tired from doing some activities that require me to stand up for some time, my haemorrhoids will show up and they become downright painful. Hence, no walk in the park for me for the time being.

Other pregnancy symptoms so far are pretty text book. I get shortness of breath, back ache, very frequent urination (I just gotta go almost all the time), sciatica and sometimes insomnia. My appetite is bigger than my husband's these days. I can eat like a construction worker and still feel hungry a couple hours after my meal time. I crave milk a lot so I have been gulping down gallons of milk like a baby. A lot of times, I feel like I am as big as a whale, although technically I still have not gained much as compared to my first pregnancy. In addition, lately, I move around very slowly like a sloth. I am just not that active any more although I want to. Good thing is that baby #3 is growing well, in fact quite heavy for the baby's current gestational age, so I am pretty relieved and happy with that.

Due to my previous record with Dylan, I am currently seeing my Gynae fortnightly. Usually biweekly antenatal visits to Gynae happen after 36 weeks but I am asked to do this earlier because both my Gynae and I want to be extra careful in monitoring Baby #3's condition and growth progress until the baby arrives.

In a bid to welcome the arrival of Baby #3, I have washed and ironed (by batches over a few weekends) a mountain of baby clothes, napkins, bed sheets and other newborn stuff for Baby #3, which mostly are the pre-loved ones from Naomi. I still haven't packed my hospital bag and my husband has not started cleaning the baby cot either... So these are our homework for the coming weeks.

That's a quick update of us now.. Will update again when I have more time to type and more energy to battle fatigue.

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