Friday, January 15, 2016

Things My Kid Says #1

Naomi is almost 3 years and 4 months old now and she is talking more and more each day. She is more exposed to Mandarin and English than Bahasa Indonesia or Melayu at home and in school. She can say one full sentence in English now but using the words she is familiar with.

15 January 2016: My little chatterbox.

Here are some funny talks we had with our version of Chibi Maruko-chan that I remember. Mostly, it's to teach her to say something.

1. I love you.

It was one night when I taught her how to say I love you to her Dad when she was playing lego with her father.

💁: Naomi, say: 'I love you, Papa'.
👧: How are you?
💁: No. I.. love.. you..
👧: How are you.
💁: Say I...
👧: I...
💁: Love...
👧: You!!!
💁: Love...
👧: You!
💁: ..... #whiteflag

2. Hello and bye

Because I know she can say Hello and Bye already.

💁: Naomi, say: 'Hello!'.
👧: Byeee...!
💁: Hello. Not bye.
👧: Haro...

3. Helmet

I was telling her that the red thing covering her lego racer's head is called helmet.

💁: Naomi, say 'Helmet'.
👧: Heimei.
💁: Hel - met...
👧: Heimei.

4. Pineapples

While I was about to drive her to the school this morning, she saw the CNY decorations hanging on the car porch's ceiling that my husband put on yesterday.

👧: Ooh.. Mami.. 👆!
💁: Huh?
👧: Corn!!
💁: No.. Not corn. Pine-apple.
👧: Pain-apul.. Hehe.
💁: Pine.. Apple.
👧: Pain-apul..

5. Rock-Paper-Scissors

Her Dad taught her how to play and say Rock-Paper-Scissors in Mandarin few weeks ago. One night before she slept, she recited this to us.

👧: Papa.. papa... ✌✌
👨: Shi tou jian dao bu! (read: rock, scissors, paper)
👧: Ba bei bi ba bu!! ✌ ✌ ✌
👨: 乱乱讲话。。 再来! (read: talk nonsense. say it again) 😒

6. Sharks

Ever since she watched Pink Fong's Baby Shark song and memorized the lyrics, she has been singing the song non-stop and refers all the big fish like sharks, whales, dolphins as Shak Tu Tu.

TV: 🐬 🐳 🐋
👧: Mami, mami! Shak tu tu... Shak tu tu!

Baby Shark song goes something like this: "Baby Shark tu tu tu tu tu, baby shark tu tu tu tu tu.." and then eventually the catchy lyric repeats until Grandma Shark.

7. Napkins

Naomi is free from her pacifier but still looks for her napkin(s) at home to comfort her, especially when she just had tantrums or is about to sleep. Her teacher has started to make her stop of using napkin in the school and daycare and she can do that just fine during day time there.. However, at home and when we are in the car or out and about, she still carries her napkin everywhere.

👧: Mami, mei bu.. mei bu.. chou-chou (read: smelly).
💁: Niao-bu (read: napkin).
👧: Mei-bu.. Mmmm.. *sniff*
💁: Chou-chou. Give it to me. Mami wash.
👧: No. I don't want.

Ahh.. How I had waited this moment for so long. To hear her say something meaningful and long enough in our language. Haha. #latetalker #thingsmykidsays


  1. I was looking for some Asian food recipes for my mum's birthday and stumbled onto your blog. What a lovely family!!! Your Naomi is a little darling, so cute and beautiful.

    Regards from Germany :-)


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