Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Round Up

Another year is coming to an end.

Looking back, 2015 is indeed a complicated year for me. I pretty much spent the first half of the year grieving or at least, trying to fix my thoughts and organize my life. However, for the rest of the year, I was trying to remain hopeful, normal and positive, especially since there were many (exciting) things going on in my daily life.

Anyway, I had no time to sit down and think of my New Year's Resolution as yet but here's the summary of what happened this year:

1. Naomi in the play school

At 2.5 years old, my husband and I decided to send Naomi to play school in March. It was more of our attempt to get her speaks because she was a late talker. We never regret sending Naomi to school early because she learns a lot from her school and simply flourishes since we sent her to the play school.

Happy girl in school.

She began to speak more and her vocabularies have grown larger every day, was potty trained few months into school/daycare and now is free from pacifier which comforted her for about 3 years. The only drawback that we find a bit awful and painful to deal with is seeing her getting sick almost every month from a legion of funky viruses she contracted in her school/day care like HFMD, Bronchitis, fever, cough, cold and so on almost once a month. Ever since Naomi entered school, Naomi sees paediatrician typically on monthly basis and had to be nebulized twice this year. Naomi had never been treated with a nebulizer in all her life before school/daycare.

My China Doll in school.

On the other hand, I had found new friends from Naomi's school. I got to know some of her friends' mothers and befriended them. I have also attended several events in her school this year, which were quite fun and novel to me.

2. First bread maker

I had been wanting to own a bread maker for eons and was so happy when my husband gave me a bread maker as my early birthday present.

This was not possible to achieve without the machine.

Now I can't really imagine my life without a bread maker in the kitchen.

3. Cuti-cuti Malaysia

We went to Penang with friends earlier this year. We even had complimentary stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang thanks to this friend of ours! Sadly, I've lost a folder of our pictures in Penang and still have no idea how I could lose those precious pictures. It pains me every time I see and think of the empty folder in my laptop and hard disk now.

Naomi and friends just touched down in Penang.

It was quite a trip to remember in Penang because Naomi developed a high fever after a swim in the hotel's majestic swimming pool and water play. We spent our days in Penang feeling mostly frustrated and tired because our toddler was so fussy and cried a lot when she had the high fever.

We also went to Cameron Highlands for the third time with family this year. This time around, I got to see, touch and smell real lavenders for the first time.

Cameron Highland with the girls.

I will consider going to cold places with Naomi in the near future after we learnt that Naomi hated to wear jacket even in a chilly place. We struggled a lot to make her wear her jacket when we were in Cameron Highlands especially at night.

4. Mom's birthday and home town

In view of the soaring air ticket price to go to Indonesia, we have virtually cut down the number of our visit to my home town from twice a year to just once a year. This year, we managed to go home just in time to celebrate my Mom's birthday - an important day that I have missed celebrating for years.

Happy birthday, Mom!

I also met my new nephew in Indonesia earlier this year.

5. Teaching the kids

Naomi's school had this parent involvement program where students' parents were encouraged to teach an activity to the kids. I took part and taught one area I know best to the children - making dog cookies.

Teaching the kids how to make dog cookies.

6. Hospitalized

Sometime in July, I was down with high fever for longer than usual. Later on, I was diagnosed with viral fever and developed UTI which warranted a hospice stay for a couple of days. It marked my first time being hospitalized due to illness.


Thanks to my fever, we wasted our Hari Raya long weekend holiday and spent it in the hospital.

7. 31st Birthday

I turned 31 this year and my husband did a mini birthday celebration for me, attended by the three of us. As usual, as he put efforts to make me happy on my birthday but I fail to reciprocate the bare minimum for his birthday.

Mommy is getting old, Naomi.

8. 4th Wedding Anniversary

We are technically husband and wife since 2010 but owing to Chinese belief on auspicious date and all, we only got to celebrate our wedding a year later. My husband gave me a huge 9 white roses for our wedding anniversary this year - quite surprising that he is a romantic guy after all.

Finally.. A bouquet for me.

Naomi was the happiest girl to receive the flowers, apparently.

Because girls love flowers.

And we celebrated our wedding anniversary without tagging Naomi along at the same Korean restaurant in town, two years in a row.

Yum, yum.

9. Naomi's 3rd birthday with friends

This year was Naomi's first time celebrating her birthday with her friends. We flew my parents from Indonesia so they could share the joy of this small dinosaur themed birthday party with Naomi's little friends. Too bad, due to the torrential rain just before the party started, my husband's parents were not able to join us.

Cute birthday ever.

10. Singapore with parents

When my parents were in Malaysia, we drove them to Singapore for sightseeing. We went to Gardens by The Bay and River Safari. It was my parents's second time in Singapore.

Hello again, Singapore.

If only Naomi was not too challenging and playful to handle when we went for holiday, we could have seen more parts of Singapore.

11. The Marriage Course

Our church members initiated and organized Marriage Course for 7 Sundays sometime in September until end of October. My husband and I were fortunate to take part at this inspiring and enlightening course where both of us learnt how improve the quality of our marriage life especially since we never attended any pre-marriage course before. One of the course's takeaway that we remember vividly and try to put into practice until to date is to have our weekly marriage time.

Sad when it ended.

Ah yes, we were also the lucky winners of two buffet dinner vouchers at the hotel during the lucky draw done at the course's finale.

12. Dylan's headstone

What a relief to finally have our angel son's headstone replaced, one of the least things we could do as his parents. Fixing his headstone had been in our to-do-list for a long time and my husband and I were just so happy when we could give our little Dylan's a sturdier headstone to commemorate our son who was called Home too soon.

Rest in Paradise, love.

A couple of typos on the final product but I choose to close one eye on them.

13. Pregnant with Rainbow Baby

God heard my prayers and finally replaced my heart aches and tears with joy. We were ecstatic to find out that we are expecting our Rainbow baby next year. The pregnancy so far progresses well although I have to see my gynae more often than usual. However, I am not complaining - all these sacrifices will be all worth the efforts and we always love to see Baby #3 via the ultrasound scan. We hope and can't cease praying for having a healthy baby in our arms next year.

Baby #3.

My cryptic baby was cryptic. Baby #3 refused to show his/her gender so pink or blue remains a mystery up to this very day.

14. Virgin trip to Medan

I wanted a short getaway before the year ends and chose to go to Medan a couple weeks ago, while visiting my brother. And of course, trying the local food as well.

A virgin trip to Medan.

15. The dullest Christmas ever

We set up our Christmas tree back in November but somehow I didn't feel much of the Christmas spirit this year. No Christmas cookies were baked, no Christmas party was planned nor attended. In fact, December is our ultimate sick month. Naomi had Bronchitis earlier this month then passed the virus to me and her Dad. By the time Naomi and I got better from Bronchitis, my husband contracted the persistent virus and to add the excitement, I was down with very bad flu days after I came back from Medan. I was pretty much quarantined at home during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day nurturing hideous flu with nose running like a tap.

Unwrapping her Christmas present on Christmas morning.

Nevertheless, I managed to drag myself to attend the short Christmas service on Christmas morning as I was slightly better that morning; then continued rolling in my bed with a box of tissue for the rest of the day. My husband and I also bought Christmas presents to Naomi. No fancy family pictures taken during this year's Christmas. So sad.. 4 days of long weekend were wasted.

I had to see gynae and general physician 5 times this month while Naomi had to see her doctors three times. Not sure whether I should blame the weather, virus in the air or our lousy immune system for all this misery. Erm.. Naomi is coughing and having a runny nose again since yesterday. Sigh.. How many times must we fall sick in just a month?

16. Home-made Gula Melaka Tang Yuan

Winter Solstice arrived late this year.

My husband made glutinous rice balls for me on Christmas Day - his first time doing so. For the next few days, I was craving glutinous rice balls again and made my husband dutifully made me some glutinous rice balls with palm sugar filling three times in a row as my craving had changed direction to China. He is now a pro at making glutinous rice balls and can certainly open a glutinous rice ball stall soon. LOL.

BTW, we hope the Year End long weekend will treat us better.

Belated Merry Christmas every one and may 2016 be a smashing year to all of us. 
Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to write a new wonderful chapter! 


  1. Maybe you might want to consider feeding Naomi some antibiotics so that her body will be more resistant to virus!

    1. Yeah.. Doc finally gave her a dose of antibiotics last week..


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