Monday, November 23, 2015

The First Three Months

The first few weeks after we discovered that we are expecting another baby were coloured with anxiety, gagging, gulping hormones tablets, resting, watching my diet and taking injections.

Week 5

Since I had another mild spotting bout a week after my Gynae confirmed my pregnancy, she asked me to bed rest for at least 2 weeks, regularly consume both progesterone and estrogen tablets as well as take progesterone jabs. Initially, the progesterone shot was given to me on weekly basis but then I was asked to take the jab once every 3 days, which moving on was administered by my selected neighbourhood doctor so I didn't have to queue in the hospital just for the jab.

The progesterone shot given to me was an oil-based depot injection that's harder to be placed into a syringe thus the need to use a bigger needle when administering it. Every time my Gynae had to administer the progesterone jab on my buttock, I always shouted "Ouch!" very loudly because it was really painful. The jab left a bruise at the injection site and it was very sore for the next 3-4 days. Taking the progesterone injection once every 3 days means after the bruise on my right buttock recovered, there would be another bruise on my left buttock. In summary, my buttocks were very painful (alternately) for about 2 weeks because of the after-effect of the progesterone jabs.

Week 6

While I thought that I didn't have to take any more injections, because my Gynae said she would not be giving me any more progesterone jabs during my Week 6's antenatal check-up, she took another type of injection out from her cabinet. She explained that she was going to administer this injection in the fat area of my body like my stomach or thigh. After looking at my non-fatty thighs, she decided to prick the needle on my stomach. Further, she asked me to take this injection once every fortnight by myself. I quickly told her I didn't have enough guts to do the injection myself so she taught my husband how to administer the injection on my stomach. Jesus... It was even more painful to be pricked in the stomach. Good thing is that, the after-pain of this injection lasted for a minute or so, not days.

Baby #3 at 6 weeks.

Curious, I asked my Gynae what injection this was, why I must take it since I never took any sort of injections before and whether it's really necessary to take so many injections now. She then educated me that this injection was important to maintain my baby's strong heartbeat. We had found the baby's heart beat at Week 6 and she wanted that heart beat to increase by Week 8. She just didn't want the heart beat to go down and eventually be gone completely. She also highlighted that so far, this medicine has 0 failures in maintaining pregnancy on women with 'history'. Hearing this, both my husband and I agreed to take the injections at home for the coming week. Did I mention that one pre-filled syringe for one time use of this injection cost about RM50?

Two days later, my husband was due to administer the injection on my stomach for the first time. I was very nervous I could not sleep the night before. When my husband wanted to prick the needle on my stomach, I chickened out. After a while, my husband gave up trying because I moved a lot and overreacted. As my husband got upset, I tried to administer the injection myself but really... It was so impossible to do. It felt like attempting to commit a suicide by inserting a sharp element on our own stomach by force. After I realized that I really could not do it, I persuaded my significant other to help me again. He agreed to do that as long as I spared him the pre-injection drama.

So yeah... every time my husband had to administer the injection on my stomach, surely you would hear me scream "Wah so painful. So painful. Why is this so painful?" in dual languages.

I was very happy when my husband administered the last shot of the injection after succumbing to needles pain for more than 1 week.

Finally.. Freedom!

Week 8

A couple days later, I was due for my 8 week's antenatal visit and we heard the baby's heart beat for the second time. The heart beat had increased to my Gynae's expectation and all of us were very relieved. Just before we ended this visit, my Gynae advised us to continue the same injection for another week. WHAATTTT! She convinced me, "It's for the best. Please take the injections again if it's not too much trouble to you." 

Baby #3 at 8 weeks.

When I picked the injections up from the hospital's dispensary, the pharmacist gave me 6 syringes of injection for 6 days. 6 : 6 = 1, this meant my husband now had to give me the injection daily instead of once every 2 days now. Talk about prickly torture. By this time, I thought I was numb to the look and feel of needles already; but truth be told, I still dread needles the same.

Week 9

Fortunately, by week 9, my Gynae announced that I could stop taking any more injections and hormones tablets for now. She prescribed pre-natal multivitamins for me to take for the next 3 weeks and scheduled me for sugar test and other blood works on my next visit to the hospital. With this, I had stopped seeing my Gynae on weekly or 10 days' basis.

Week 10-12

Week 10 onwards was quite okay. Nothing particular to report here actually. I hope the upcoming tri-semesters will be all smooth sailing and needle-free.

Baby bump at 11 weeks pregnant.

Finally, here are some of my pregnancy symptoms that I experienced during my first tri-semester:

I had been sleeping a lot. I just got tired very fast and felt incredibly lethargic on some days. When I had to bed rest, I tried to improve my cooking skills by a notch by watching AFC or Food Network few hours a day. It's all about efficiency, yes?

I suddenly loved reading Romantic-Comedy fictions as well. I have not read these kinds of reading material for years now. As of today, I had completed reading 3 novels of more than 450 pages long. I suppose Baby #3 likes reading? In my defence, any type of reading, fictions included, is good to enrich my vocabulary so I submitted to this indulgence now; although honestly, reading can be quite costly as popular novels don't come cheap. Hallelujah for Popular's platinum membership card. Extra discount for every book purchased! #thriftyauntie

Also, there was few times when I could not stand the smell of my husband's body wash and I forced him to change his body wash fragrance. I gagged every time he sat next to me when he just finished showering. *Gulp!* Luckily, he granted my weird request. Next, lately I really could not stand the pungent smell of chopped garlic that most Chinese restaurants here serve as a condiment on the table. The strange thing is I have no problem with chopping garlic at home when I cook.

On top of this, I experienced unbelievable food aversion in these three months. I was craving for food that I seldom ate during my pre-pregnancy life. For instance, before I was expecting a baby, I loathed Peanut Butter (PB) to the max. I just could not comprehend why some people like eating PB. It's always my husband who buys PB in the supermarket and he could actually finish the whole jar of PB alone over few months. He always said PB is so yummy bla bla bla. How come PB is yummy and he could eat that with almost anything? PB with fried egg? That's gibberish. Nutella is the one that is yummy. But look who is talking now? I had been eating PB on bread for few weeks now and had not touched Nutella at all since I got pregnant again. Ironic, isn't it?

Other things that I have been eating a lot in the past few months are Nasi Lemak, Hakka Noodle and Bananas. Normally, I could not finish the whole packet of Nasi Lemak on my own, unless it Old Town's. Moreover, I didn't really fancy eating bananas. Guess what? These days, I eat Nasi Lemak for breakfasts at least one or twice a week and have been eating bananas like a monkey too. Wait... Is it because the baby I am carrying now is going to be born in the Year of Monkey, hence the banana binging?

I hope the next few months fly by! I am generally more relaxed now as compared the first few days or weeks when I found out that I was carrying a baby again.


  1. Hi Christine. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
    Take care, and best wishes. :)

    1. Hi Cassandra,

      Many thanks for the best wishes :)

  2. Congratulations! My hubby found your blog and let me to read. I had a preterm baby in August 2012(29 weeks) and now I have progesterone on a weekly basic till delivery to prevent cervix shorten.

    1. Thank you! Hope all goes well with your current pregnancy as well.

  3. Hi Christine, congratulations on your rainbow baby.

    May I know the name of the drug which your gynae have you inject after week 5 (help with baby's heart beat)?

    I share the same "history" as you do, my daughter was born sleeping at 39w just 7 weeks ago. The cause for her demise is still inconclusive. I'll be seeing a high-risk gynae to discuss our future plans and I would like to ask him about this injection you had.

    Thank you in advance.


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