Thursday, November 12, 2015

Naomi Comic Issue #9: The Sausage Buns Lover

It's been a little over a year that I created Naomi's comic. Now that I just relentlessly took pictures of her in the car before we hit the road earlier, I thought of turning these pictures into comic strips' materials.

I made some Tuna Buns and a couple of Mini Sausage Buns this afternoon. I purposely made the Sausage Buns for Naomi because I worried Naomi wouldn't like the fishy tuna taste. I brought a Sausage Bun when I picked her up from day care this evening and let her munch it on our way home.

Here's to show you how happy my 3y2m little girl was with her mini sausage bun. Although, in the end, she wiped out the sesame seeds and sausage, leaving the empty bun for me - as usual.

 Issue #9: Part 1.

 Issue #9: Part 2.

For today's buns, I used the Mini Sausage Buns recipe that I posted few months back. For the Tuna Buns, I used the same bun recipe but simply changed the filling with some light tuna and mayonnaise.

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