Monday, November 23, 2015

Expecting Rainbow

Some of you have known. Some of you have no clue. Some of you have guessed but kept quiet... on something that I have kept hush hush until to date.

Err... I have been baking another bun in the oven in the past few months... But it's different kind of bun. Not the kind that we pop into our mouth and swallow. =)

My husband and I are currently expecting another baby and we are beyond thrilled to be blessed with another pregnancy. Both of us are very much looking forward to upgrade Naomi's current status to Big Sister and welcome our Rainbow Baby into our family next year.

I have been TTC-ing for almost a year in order to hit the jackpot for the third time. TTC journey post pregnancy loss that I went through was long and emotionally draining. I have tried Clomid, fertility charting, TCM and OPK strips to get pregnant but haven't gone as far as using basal temperature method, doing IUI or proper fertility program with a specialist.

Simply put, I guess God has finally answered my prayers. We managed to conceive baby #3 naturally.

Heya, Rainbow.


Just to give you a big picture on TTC-ing before I go further: If you (re: women) have been actively TTC-ing for quite a while, after few months you do get very familiar with the so called fertility calendar and charting. Time crawls during the two-week waits and it's common for some women to start peeing on the pregnancy sticks few days before their period is due just to see if there was any luck. Some women refuse to test earlier but it is possible to get positive lines a couple days before your period is due. The HCG will be there and show if you really fall pregnant.

How did I find out that I was expecting another bubba again?

Few months ago, I wanted to see if I would get two lines on pregnancy test kit at around 11 dpo. I thought that I saw a super duper faint second line on the cheap pregnancy test kit that I used that morning. Since the second line was barely visible, I kept mum about this and couldn't wait for tomorrow morning to arrive to test again. On the next morning, I tested again using a slightly more expensive pregnancy test kit and voila! Two lines. One clear and one faint. I took another pregnancy kit, dipped it in my urine and the two lines indeed appeared again. I nervously told my parents and husband about this later that day but they hesitated to celebrate the good news as yet because it was simply too early to say anything.

On the day before my period was due, I made an appointment to see a Gynae in a private hospital to confirm my pregnancy. My parents were going to back to Indonesia too that day and my husband and I had to send them to the airport in late morning. As such, I could only see the gynae in the afternoon.

After we went out for breakfast, we came home first to get my parents luggages. As I was about to pass urine before we left home for the airport, I saw few drops of fresh blood on my panty liner and oh my, my heart instantly sank looking at that.

I panicked, quickly called my husband over and showed him the blood tainted panty liner to him. He looked at it, gave me a flat look and mumbled "Period.". Not long after that (pants and fresh panty liner on, of course!), I hastily searched for my Mom who was packing her stuff in her room. I told her what happened and she also had a quick look at the bloody panty liner that was on my hand and gave the same remark as my husband's, "It's period lah. You were too rushing."

I then peed on the stick again to make sure that there was still second line but after waiting for few minutes, there was only one line. God. I freaked out and hastily called my Gynae's nurse. I told her what happened and the nurse who picked up the phone commented, "I think you are no longer pregnant. Do you still want to see the Gynae later or not?" I answered, "YES!". I wanted to see the Gynae despite I was pregnant or not because if I was not, I would like to start consulting with her about my issues in conceiving a baby.

My head couldn't shake the thoughts of the bleeding that I had but I still secretly harboured hope on the potential pregnancy as I sent my parents to the airport. By right, if I was really bleeding, I should not be walking around in the airport and just bed rest at home instead. But then again, was I really pregnant? On that note, I decided to follow my husband sending my parents to KLIA because I will only see my parents again next year.

When my parents were having lunch in the airport, I told them that I felt so uneasy about the bleeding earlier in the morning. They asked me to quickly go back to Seremban to see the doctor for a peace of mind. Usually, I would still be in the airport until they are in the line for immigration check but I had to leave them earlier in the airport that day because I was simply too troubled with the whole thing.

About an hour later, we managed to see the Gynae in the hospital. I frantically told her what had happened. She was surprisingly very calm and asked me if this is my first pregnancy. I briefly filled her in with my medical history: This is my 3rd pregnancy, I delivered a stillborn last year and had been trying to conceive another baby for a long time. With that information, she asked me to lie down on the examination bed for a scan. She probed me down there to check on my uterus. As we were waiting for her findings, I kept looking at the ceiling without moving a muscle and my husband just stood still behind the Gynae while staring at the monitor that showed grainy image of my uterus.

At last, this Gynae opened her mouth, "Erm... I still see something here (re: in my uterus) and the uterus lining is thickening. Thickened uterus lining is a sign of pregnancy so you might still be pregnant. Why not you come see me again next week to see how the pregnancy progresses?" After that, she walked toward a cabinet, took a syringe and a depot injection out then informed me, "I am going to give you a jab. This should stop the bleeding. The jab is going to be a little bit painful." She administered a progesterone jab on my buttock and true enough, the jab was very painful because the needle was quite big and thick. I emitted a loud "Ouch!" as the needle went deep into my flesh. Furthermore, she also reassured that nowadays a couple taking one year to conceive a baby is considered fast already, unless if the woman is still very young like 23 years old or something.

After the scan, the three of us sat down and the Gynae explained to me that the bleeding I experienced was likely an implantation bleeding and it's actually quite common. Implantation bleeding is a light bleeding that happens when the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. Some women do have implantation bleeding sometime around the time when her period was supposed to be due. I have certainly heard of implantation bleeding before but never had this before with my two previous pregnancies. Regarding the negative pregnancy test result that I got after the bleeding, it happened because I tested not using first morning urine and the kit was not sensitive enough to pick up HCG in diluted urine during early pregnancy. Before the Gynae released us, she asked me to take Duphaston for a week until I saw her again for the next scan.

As I walked off the Gynae's consultation room, I sent a quick SMS to my Dad, "Doc said I could still be pregnant". He was still waiting for his plane to board and replied my SMS with a note to take care of myself and this pregnancy since it's still very early and so on.

By the way, after I reached home, I took a quick look again at the pregnancy kit that I thought gave me a single line in the afternoon. Turned out, it actually produced very faint second line which I didn't notice when I was super frantic after I had the bleeding.

So.. That's the story of finding out, yet again, the most anticipated two lines on pee sticks and that the stork is once more going to give us another baby.


I will write about how I sailed through the first-trisemester in separate blog post. Meanwhile, as per the tradition, I have started writing my 3rd pregnancy journal which I update regularly here.


  1. I had implantation bleeding for my pregnancy. It was a few days before my expected period. Light bleeding with slight cramps. Could easily be mistaken for early period.

    1. Yeah.. It's quite common but pretty scary too.


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