Saturday, October 3, 2015

Naomi's 3rd Birthday Celebration

Say hello to October!

My darling Naomi turned 3 two Sundays ago but since I was so crazy busy lately, I can only blog about it now.

As previously shared, we celebrated Naomi's 3rd birthday party in her play school/day care with her friends and teachers. I had also flown my parents from Indonesia to Malaysia so they got to celebrate Naomi's small birthday celebration this year. The party was planned to commence at around 4.30pm in view that if we held the party before 12, many (day care) kids would cry when the party was over and when they noticed us leaving the school in the afternoon. As such, Naomi's teacher suggested us to hold the party just before the kids go home in the evening. No biggie, I obliged.

For Naomi's birthday this year, I selected a cute dinosaur theme. Reason is Naomi was so into dinosaurs back in late August and early September when I was planning her mini birthday party. Back then, whenever she saw dinosaurs on TV or books, she'd smile, point at them and scream "Dinosaurs! Aaargh!". Whenever she saw crocodile or rhino, she'd claim them as "Dinosaurs!" too. When we went to toy shops, she was keen to bring some dinosaurs miniatures home too. I wonder why she was so obsessed with dinosaurs instead of Hello Kitty or Olaf. Are these two adorable characters way too mainstream for her liking?

As dinosaurs sounded so boyish to me and my girl's temporary heartthrob then happened to be dinosaurs, I thought of coming up with a birthday celebration that was in line with her current interest. In addition, I embedded a slight girly touch to the dinosaur theme so it was not looking so tomboy.

DIY party bags for the birthday party. 

We celebrated Naomi's birthday in her school a day after her actual birthday because our culture in Indonesia forbids celebrating one's birthday before his or her actual birthday dues. Since Naomi's birthday party was in late afternoon, my Mom and I decided to make extra chocolate snacks for the kids after our lunch. We spent some time making the chocolate balls's dough, rolling them into small balls and decorating them with rainbow chocolate rice and dinosaur labels.

Home made sweet treat for the birthday party.

Tick.. tock.. tick.. tock.. Finally... The time that we had been waiting for, Monday - 4.30pm, was about to come and we quickly put all the party goodies inside the car. However, just before my parents and I drove to Naomi's school to get her birthday stuff ready, glorious heavy rain dropped! What a timing. The sky was so dark and pouring hard, not to mention the strong wind too. MIL who planned to attend Naomi's party had to cancel her attendance because of this sudden torrential rain.

My parents and I arrived to Naomi's school at 4pm ++ and Naomi's teacher had decorated the school's multi-purpose area with some balloons. Some kids were already running around the area while playing with colourful balloons.

All decorations, except the name banner, were prepare by Naomi's teacher.

When we reached the school, Naomi was already dressed in her new birthday dress that my Mom bought in Surabaya. Not long after we arrived, my husband joined us too.

Greetings from the birthday girl!

Moving on, Naomi and her friends had a good peek on the dinosaur birthday cake that we had yet to take out from the box because we scared the kids would smear them before the party started. Unfortunately, Naomi's love on dinosaurs had considerably died down by the time her well-planned dinosaur birthday party came into realization. She was not as excited as I expected her to be when she saw her 2kg dinosaur cake. Nevertheless, I must admit that the bakery did excellent job in making the dinosaur cake, much better than what I had envisioned. Speaking of the low-level of excitement that Naomi expressed over her cake, did she have any idea how many days her father and I spent on Google, trying to find the perfect dinosaur design for her butter-cream birthday cake? #joyofparenting

Naomi's 3rd birthday cake.

Further, although all of us were ready to start the party, we could not start the party as yet because some of the Naomi's friends had not finished drinking their afternoon milk in the cups.

Waiting for the kids to drink their milk.

Some of the children really found it too laborious to gulp a cup of milk so it took almost forever waiting for them to finish the milk. Haha. Meanwhile, I don't know what happened but suddenly the kids were so engrossed playing with my husband. My husband casually asked one of Naomi's friends who was a chatterbox, "How old are you? (你几岁了?)" The boy answered him, "I sleep at 9pm. (我九点睡.)" My husband asked him the same question once more and he shared the exact same answer again. This boy was so hilarious. Full stop.

Naomi's friends attacked her Dad with balloons while waiting for the party to begin.

I didn't check the clock to see when we finally kicked off Naomi's birthday party, but the party began with some photo sessions with the birthday girl and her simple dessert table. Naomi was very uncooperative during her birthday party I nearly lost my patience.

It's either my Dad or Naomi who didn't look at the camera.

Naomi literally refused to stay still and look at the camera, transformed herself into Queen Greedy and forced me to open the birthday party bags that were meant to be distributed to her friends. Basically during the photo sessions, all Naomi cared about was the snacks inside the party bag that she already tore and put in her mouth.

Alas, the family picture.

After the photo sessions with family and Naomi's friends and teachers, all of us heartily sang the birthday song to the birthday girl.

When the birthday song was sung.

This year, Naomi demonstrated more confidence and appreciation when she heard her friends and teachers sang the birthday song out loud. She was not shy at all. In fact, she also tried to sing along the song with them. They were all so cute.

Naomi, blow the candles!

After singing the birthday song and blowing the birthday candles, each child in the room was given a chocolate ball and a slice of the birthday cake.

Distributing the chocolate balls to the kids.

I think the kids were still full from their afternoon milk or maybe they didn't like cake or what... but almost half of Naomi's three-tiered fruit birthday cake ended up in the garbage bin. So much food wastage... Lesson learnt, maybe next time, we don't need to invest on a huge cake for the birthday celebration with a bunch of toddlers. Also, giving a smaller slice of cake to the little friends will probably make more sense. We don't intend to be stingy about the cake here, it's just that it was really a pity witnessing the cakes went straight to the garbage bin while most of them were hardly eaten.

The cheeky Naomi.

For the last procession before Naomi's birthday party ended, the birthday girl was supposed to pass the party bag to each of her friends before they went home. As expected, considering that the birthday girl was notably so greedy and stingy, she was totally against the concept of giving her friends their party bags. I believe she thought Mommy painstakingly prepared a giant box full of DIY party bags just for her.

Anyway, after Naomi's teachers distributed all the party bags to Naomi's friends, Naomi's birthday party was concluded. Minutes later we packed our things and went home. With this... Naomi's big day of the year was over.

(BTW, Naomi's teacher reported that Naomi distributed her party bags to some of her friends who missed the party on the next day just fine. Somehow our presence during her party made her behave differently and acted so spoiled that evening).

At home, my Mom complained to me because she didn't get to take picture with the birthday girl alone as Naomi was always distracted and moved a lot during the party. I then made Naomi take some pictures with Grandma since Grandma was so eager to take pictures with Naomi dressed in the beautiful dress she bought all the way from Surabaya.. but again, this attempt failed miserably. Naomi just was not in the mood of photo taking at all that day.

Told ya.

Last but not least, belated happiest birthday to you, Naomi, the child who stole my heart. May you grow as a healthy, beautiful, kind, clever and happy little girl. Mommy wishes you nothing but the best, love.


  1. Beautiful cake and gift bags! Happy belated birthday to Naomi! My son is turning 3 soon and the theme for his birthday will also be dinosaurs ! 😄

    1. Thank you! Enjoy the birthday party planning :) Hope all goes well.

  2. Christane we are also planning to celebrate my son birthday with same theme , not able to get items can you Please help me getting the items with the same theme, can can reach me at 0126732354


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