Thursday, October 29, 2015

Afraid of Balloons

A couple days ago, I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed and bumped into a picture of my old friend holding pretty balloons in a party with the accompanying hash-tag #balloonphobia. I quickly commented on that photo "You too, afraid of balloons? I thought I was the only one who is weird." He said yes.

I hate balloons.

So yeah, people. Yours truly has a balloon phobia. 

While people in general accept fear of heights, flying, blood or insects as normal, one's fear of balloons is often considered as a laughable or irrational subject matter. At least, my husband laughed at me and thought I was silly when he found out that I am afraid of balloons and tend to avoid places that have a lot balloons. I am certain that more people will label me as mental after they discover this particular phobia of mine. Nonetheless, I am not too bothered with that as I am really afraid of balloons and appreciate if you don't put me in a position where I have to deal with insane amount of balloons, ok. Thanks in advance. Haha.

What are the symptoms of balloon phobia?

Take these for examples. I get really stressed when people distribute balloons in the malls especially when I am with Naomi because obviously she would ask for one. I hate it when I have to wander around the mall with kids, or my kid, holding a balloon. Also, I experience heart palpitations when I think of balloons, let alone if there is a balloon in my car. If Naomi happens to hold a balloon she received from a promoter in the mall, I usually sneakily leave it somewhere before we get on the car. Once, I secretly kept Naomi's balloon in the store room until it deflated on its own because I didn't want to see Naomi play with it at home. *Poor Naomi*

Next, before we held Naomi's 3rd birthday party, I contemplated for weeks whether I should come clean and tell Naomi's teacher if he could make Naomi's birthday party balloon-less because I have a balloon phobia. I thought that move would be selfish because Naomi loves balloons just like other kids thus I kept quiet. As such, I pretended that nothing happened when more than 15 kids ran around with long colourful balloons during the party (dang, many balloons eventually popped too!). Deep inside, I was dying, man. 

Naomi's recent birthday party was in a room virtually full of balloons.

Whenever possible, I really don't want to go to places that feature tons of balloons -- Now I wonder how I survived my wedding reception in Malaysia as our stage decoration was made of tons of white and pink balloons and children went gaga with the balloons on stage. I must have been out of my mind to endure that semi balloon-themed wedding party then.

Further, I could not stand the sound of people or kids squeezing or rubbing inflated balloons - as if it's going to burst in front of my face any time soon and give me heart attack. Deflated balloons are harmless to me but I do feel very anxious and agitated the moment I see someone starts inflating balloons or throwing balloons in the air too. In summary, I fear the sight, thought and feel of balloons. And the feeling when I am exposed to balloon(s) can go from simply uneasy all the way to immense stress. 

Is this normal? 

I don't know. Maybe yes. Maybe no. However, I reckon there are some people who share the same morbid sentiments of any sort of balloons as me.

I did some internet reading about fears of balloons and apparently there is a scientific term for it. Balloon phobia is also known as Globophobia and Oprah Winfrey is one of the sufferers.

When did it start? 

No idea.. It surely is not an overnight thing and I don't know why it happens to me.

How to overcome this?

Not sure. My husband heard that a therapy can actually fix one's phobia but I don't think I need one lah. Just let this be... As long as no one hands me or asks me to be anywhere near balloons, I will be fine.

Anyway, I am sharing this topic because I realized that I have a friend who has the same phobia and feel like writing about people who actually don't fancy balloons - at all.

Now that I have come out of the closet with my confession on my embarrassing phobia, do you also have any uncommon phobia to share too?

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