Tuesday, September 8, 2015

31st Birthday in Pictures

September is a happier month for me because both my daughter and I are September girls.

Yesterday I turned 31. Officially in early thirties, I am now.

Happy birthday to me.

I always had the impression that if your birthday falls on Monday, somehow that'd be a real bummer. Although, my 31st birthday fell on Monday, I had a pretty memorable birthday celebration mainly because my husband put some efforts in celebrating my birthday and I received so many heartfelt birthday wishes in my social media accounts and messaging platforms from family and friends who live in different parts of the world. Usually, my husband is never too bothered with celebrating birthdays, especially his or mine. As such, for him to spare his time and celebrate my birthday with Naomi yesterday was indeed a nice gesture.

I had my normal quick and gloomy Monday breakfast at home yesterday (Like some of you, I experience Monday blues every single week, unless Monday is a Public Holiday. Haha.). No birthday breakfast. Just bread and milk. The bread was a bit bleh, if I may add.

Then, my husband invited me to eat out for lunch. Initially he planned to bring me to a nice cafe for lunch and a slice of cake. However, since I wanted to share my birthday cake with Naomi and she was at school yesterday afternoon, we rain checked this plan and started hunting for Malay food for lunch. We found a restaurant that seemed to sell Malay food we had never been to before but turned out, the restaurant sold Nasi Padang instead of Malay food. The food was good, just very very hot and spicy.

Birthday lunch - Tasted a little like home.

Moving on, we had a dinner out as planned and decided to go to a garden cafe in Nilai that serves Malay and Western cuisines. We visited this restaurant twice or thrice when we were still dating so last night's birthday dinner was literally at a nostalgic restaurant.

Came back to the restaurant as parents.

The food was just okay, not superbly fantastic, and kind of overpriced. I guess we paid more for the restaurant's ambience than the food itself.

My Shepherd's Pie. My husband liked this more than I did.

Talking about food, last night my husband informed the waiter that he wanted to change his chicken chop's vegetable salad side dish with potato salad. Thanks to language barrier, apparently the waiter crossed the chicken chop from the order list and replaced it with a bowl of potato salad instead.

Salad no 1.

Alas, two bowls of salad, worth RM 9 ++ each, landed to our table together with the food I ordered, Chicken Shepherd's Pie.

Salad no 2, which was way better than Salad no 1.

When my husband asked why we were given two bowls of salad, the waiter reassured that the potato salad was part of the Chicken Chop. We naively assumed that the accompanying salad serving for the Chicken Chop was very generous so we ate both salads.

The pie and I.

Realizing that there must have been a mistake since the chicken chop that my husband ordered never came to our table, he contemplated whether he should re-order his dinner of preference once more or just buy something else on our way back home later on. My husband was obviously a bit turned off with this mistake but since we had driven all the way from Seremban to Nilai for dinner, why should we go home half full? Minutes later, my husband called for the chicken chop again and because of this, our dinner took longer than usual.

Husband's chicken chop.

As expected, we had to pay for the chicken chop, pie, both types of salad and drinks. We had to bear the cost of the extra salad error due to miscommunication but we let it slide since it was my birthday and the salads had already gone to our tummies.

It was nearly 10pm when we reached Seremban. I was kind of tired and already full but my husband insisted to go for a cake. It's my birthday after all and a birthday is not complete without a birthday cake. In the end, we arrived to one of Secret Recipe's outlets near our house and bought a slice of chocolate cake to officiate me turning the big 3 and 1.

A slice of birthday cake for supper.

When I asked Naomi to choose a cake from the display, she actually wanted to get the Fruit Cake. But we didn't grant her wish as we thought that Fruit Cake is quite a typical cake that we can get in any bakery here at much cheaper price. My husband ignored Naomi's request and went with a Banana Chocolate Cake instead.

Grateful for a birthday with my cute Naomi.

Naomi was so angry and gave us attitude when my husband fed me, the birthday lady, the first bite of the cake as I was holding Naomi. Naomi was so crossed because Daddy didn't feed her cake and fed Mommy instead. Early jealousy suspected? This is what happens when there are two Virgo ladies in the house, I guess.

That's how I spent my Monday birthday yesterday. Not bad, not bad.

Anyhow, this year's birthday was certainly better than last year's. My 30th birthday was very sad and coloured with bucket of tears. This time around last year, I just lost my little Dylan and to cheer me up, my husband brought me to a Karaoke session for two to celebrate my birthday. Being an adult woman who's not so cool, barely listens to radio and not blessed with decent singing voice, I was not updated with the latest hit songs. Hence, I mostly chose and sang boy band's melancholic oldies like Westlife's or Backstreet Boys' broken heart themed songs for the Karaoke session. So 2000, I know. As a result, I ended up sobbing whenever a sad song was sung or played in the Karaoke room because at that time, my head was still full of Dylan. What a tearful 30th birthday.

Finally, for my birthday wishes this year... I wish for happiness, contentment and health for myself and my family. As for myself, on top of the above, I also keep an extra wish. I still very much wish for my Rainbow to come.

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