Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sweet Corns O' Mine

About three or four months ago, my husband's friend who was into agriculture gave him few sweet corn seeds for us to plant when he learnt that my husband loves to grow vegetables in our back yard.

Naomi watering the corn plants.

Fast forward three or maybe four months later, our sweet corn plants have grown tall and high (I wish I could use these two words to describe our corn plants here) and produced sweet corns too.

I told you they are so mini.

Were we happy? Of course. We were very happy when few weeks ago, we noticed that the corn plants had actually grown tassels that meant the plants had grown to full maturity and were going to bear sweet corns soon.

Sweet corns as small or smaller than adult's hand palms.

One question though, why are the corn plants we grow so short?

The plants actually grew tassels and produced sweet corns when their height was probably around Naomi's height. How abnormal this is especially since I know that corn plants can grow as tall as or even taller than me. In times like this, I blame the soil quality in our backyard especially since we water the plants and my husband fertilize them regularly. I am convinced that the soil is not suitable for growing plants.

Corn screaming to be picked.

True enough, the corns that our plants produced, given the plants' size, are also mini (and cute I must add). Yesterday evening, I told my husband that we could actually harvest some of the corns in our back yard already because I read from the internet that when corns' silk turns brown but the husks are still green, they are ready to be harvested.

Naomi harvesting corns for the first time.

In the end, after briefly checking all the corn plants we picked four sweet corns that were ready to be harvested. Naomi had fun harvesting the (baby but not so baby) corns and it was actually our first time in harvesting corns too - so it was quite exciting experience.

Naomi fighting over the corn with me.

Soon after we were done with harvesting the corns, I decided to boil two of the mini sweet corns for Naomi since she was so eager to eat them raw already.

Good to know that the corns are indeed very sweet, despite its size.

Want some?

When I showed the above picture of me boiling the dwarf corns, my Mom commented that I was wasting my LPG for boiling only two mini corns. LOL. What to do? My husband wanted to keep the other two corns for his mother so I couldn't boil all of our harvests yesterday.

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