Friday, August 28, 2015

Product Review: Cheekaaboo Children Swimwear

Naomi loooooves swimming and playing water. Every time she realizes that we're bringing her out for a swim, she'd smile so happily from ear to ear non-stop until we reach the pool or beach.

Like this.

Naomi's huge smiles and super happy expressions in the car otw to the pool.

However, I was mostly reluctant to let her swim in the swimming pool or beach. Why? Because after mere 10-15 minutes of dips in the water, Naomi usually shivered like mad and her lips turned purplish; and yet, she refused to leave the pool as she was still not satisfied playing with the water. Alas, whenever we let her had some fun splash in the pool or beach, she caught high fever accompanied by runny nose at night or the day after her swim. And what happened if she had fever? Nightmares for her and us, her parents, of course. Not to mention the doctor visits and melodrama tears and screams when taking her fever medicines.

Having said the above, my husband often mocked me that I was not a fun Mom because I tend to beg off from any invitation to go to the beach with friends or relatives. Again, it's not that I don't want to see my child happy. It's just that I don't want to risk her getting sick for days after taking a plunge in the pool for less than an hour.

Naomi and her previous swimwear that I am ditching now.

Nevertheless, I suspected that Naomi's one-piece sleeveless and backless swimwear (as depicted in the above photo) was probably the culprit behind her relentless fever attack post swimming. This type of (minimum clothing) swimwear obviously doesn't offer any wind chill protection when Naomi is soaked wet hence the shivers and cold during and after swimming.

During Hari Raya period this year, I joined an online contest held by Cheekaaboo, a shop that offers protective swimwears for kids. I was so eager to join the contest and actually win it because I was in a search of a swimwear that would keep Naomi warm in and out of pool and at the same time protects her from the harmful UV rays too. As such, I purposely selected a swimwear that has short sleeves and pants for Naomi. No more sleeveless or backless swimwear for now please. To cut the story short, I won the said contest and bagged myself a kid swimwear of my choice for Naomi. *happydance*

Naomi's first Chekaaboo.

Honestly, I was still a bit traumatized to bring Naomi to the swimming pool for a fun splish-splash activity because of the possibility of her getting fever after swimming. You never know, right? But last week, my husband insisted to bring Naomi to the swimming pool with us as he wanted to test Naomi's latest swimming suit from Cheekaaboo. I kind of hesitated with this idea but in the end agreed to let Naomi experience her Cheekaaboo for the first time in the swimming pool.

Here's some pictures of Naomi posing in her brand new cool and super protective swimwear from Cheekaaboo before we headed to the pool last week.

Looking so pro and cool, aye, mate?

I love the attractive and sleek design of this Cheekaaboo's swimwear. The swimwear is thick, equipped with insulating properties, yet so easy to put onto and snug fits Naomi's body. My husband said it has the same material as diving suit. I cannot comment on this one because I have never touched nor worn any diving suit before. Unlike the courageous Naomi, yours truly is so timid and afraid of diving or swimming in a pool deeper than 180cm.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Naomi's playing in the water while wearing her new chlorine-resistant swimsuit last week since I left my phone in the car. However, I can assure you that both my husband and I were more confident to let Naomi enjoy the pool for a tad longer than usual because she didn't shiver nor her lips turned purple even when she swam for almost an hour. In the past, after she swam for around 30 minutes, I'd quickly force her to get out of the pool then called her swimming for a day. Also, I can tell that Chekaaboo's swimwear is so comfortable that Naomi could just move or swim as actively as if she wore her old neon green Baywatch swimsuit.

Finally, the best part is.... No fever and flu after her swim last week! I believe Naomi escaped fever after her swimming session last week largely due to her new protective swimwear but*knock wood* I hope she will never have to deal with annoying and torturing fevers again after swimming with Mommy and Daddy in the near future.

Conclusion is I think Cheekaaboo's protective swimwears are worthy investments for your little ones if you plan to get them active in the water. They are certainly not your old ordinary swimsuits as they are carefully designed for baby's and children's needs. I would not mind buying another one for Naomi when she outgrows her current pink Cheekaaboo.

Some updates on September 4th, 2015

Naomi had a water play activity in her school this morning and I let her wear her Cheekaaboo for the second time. Here are some pictures of happy Naomi splish-splashing water in the school's inflatable pools. TGIF!

I am a mermaid!

When Naomi's teacher mentioned that the water play activity for the kids this morning would take about 1 hour's time, I didn't fret about this because Naomi has Cheekaaboo now. I trust her Cheekaaboo swimwear would protect her from cold.

Happy, happy!

No more wind chill. No more worry. Just play and have fun with the water, kid!

Shake it!

P/S: Naomi wears Cheekaaboo's swimwear size 4-6 years old now.

*This is not a sponsored post. Just a review from a happy and satisfied consumer.

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