Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mischievous or Smart?

Naomi has been nurturing on-and-off fever since last Sunday and basically skipping school this week (except yesterday morning). I brought her to see her paediatrician twice this week and this morning, her doctor diagnosed Naomi with tonsillitis. Sigh. Poor girl... These few days, she has lost her appetite, even for milk, and her snores when she sleeps are worse than her Dad's in the past couple of nights. I actually had to migrate to the other room in the wee hours last night because I am a light sleeper (the slightest noise wakes me) and I really could not get some shut-eye when the room was filled with loud snore orchestra. Snores are not beautiful music to my ears.

Oh yeah, Naomi sees her paediatrician way too often already this year and this morning I realized that all the staff in the clinic such as the registration counter, doctor assistant and dispensary staff, recognize Naomi by name already.

#notproud 😓

Not so happy because she's not feeling too well.

Yesterday evening, I felt that Naomi was a bit warm. I understood from my husband that MIL did not give Naomi any medicines since 11.30am so I thought of administering the fever medicine to Naomi before her fever got worse. While Naomi was in our car porch, roaming around, as her Dad was chatting with our next-door neighbour, I asked her to take her fever medicine via the oral syringe. She refused! How unusual because since Naomi went to school, she'd normally take all the medicines quite easily whenever we ask her to. I tried to make her take her medicine one more time but my attempt failed miserably. Naomi angrily screamed and marched inside the house.

"Never mind then... Let's ask Naomi to take her medicine a bit later.", I thought after I witnessed Naomi's angry behaviours earlier. I placed the oral syringe that contained her fever syrup and the syrup bottle on the dining table and continued my unfinished chores in the kitchen.

When I was busy preparing Naomi's boiled sweet corns, I saw Naomi went to the toilet next to the kitchen and opened the toilet's sink tap. "Hmm, Naomi must be washing her hands now", I naively believed. Just to make sure that everything was okay, a minute later I went to check on Naomi in the toilet.

My Gawd! I couldn't believe my eyes. Naomi was pressing or rather, had pressed, all of the syrup inside the syringe out and now all the syrup was in the sink. All gone...

I shrieked then Naomi ran out of the toilet.

Sweet and naughty combo.

This little girl.. So mischievous! She is barely 3 y/o but is capable of plotting something already. She can think of how to get rid of the thing that she doesn't want to be around and actually carried that plan out. If only she was not ill yesterday, I would have scolded her real good for throwing her medicine away like this.


Breathed in, breathed out. I calmed down and let what Naomi just did go.

Moving on, I continued doing my stuff in the kitchen and noticed that Naomi went to the toilet again, standing at the same spot in front of the sink.

Now what?

I came closer to the sink to see what she's up to and OMGWTHBBQ, Naomi had poured the whole content of her fever syrup bottle she took from the dining table - all down to the sink. Not satisfied with getting rid of the medicine in the oral syringe, apparently Naomi wanted to clear the source as well so Mommy couldn't make her take fever medicine she hates any more. I really can imagine Naomi's evil laughs (HAHAHAHAHA!) she always copies from cartoon movies when she did the above.

Hmph!! This girl... I don't know how to comment on her deeds involving her fever medicine yesterday. Luckily, I still have another bottle of her fever syrup at home, otherwise, we'd have to go out and buy a new one!


Please get well real soon, my cutie pie! Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see you happy and healthy again.

Almost forgot, today is our 5th anniversary as husband and wife!

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