Sunday, August 23, 2015

Making Paper Plate Dinosaurs

D for Dinosaur!

Dinosaurs are Naomi's current obsession. Whenever she sees dinosaurs, she gets very excited and keeps on saying out loud, "Dinosaur, dinosaur... Rawr!!" She doesn't know that dinosaurs are actually extinct and every time she sees animals that are large and look ferocious, say huge reptiles such as crocodiles, she will also label them as "Dinosaurs!".

Understanding that Naomi's puppy love now is Dinosaur, I thought of asking her to do some dinosaur crafts with me. After browsing so many dinosaurs craft ideas in the internet for inspiration, my pick finally fell to creating paper plate dinosaurs and Naomi and I realized this idea yesterday morning.

Naomi is able to use scissors and she loves cutting papers with scissors at school. However, since we don't have any plastic scissors suitable for kids at home; for this particular activity, I relieved Naomi from the cutting tasks. I cut all the materials before we started this activity then made Naomi do the assembling and pasting parts only to create the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur, rawrrrr!

The dinosaurs that we made yesterday were Brontosaurus, the long necked dinosaurs. Here's how I created the dinosaur crafts.

Naomi loves peeling sticker tapes and pasting them on objects now.

Paper Plate Dinosaurs


  • Paper plates, plain white ones would be better
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Colourful origami papers or small round stickers
  • Glue, optional
  • Big marker or plastic eyes
  • Pencil colours

Top one is my exhibit A. Bottom is created by Naomi.

Preparation tutorial:
  1. Cut the paper plate into half. Set one aside for the dinosaur's main body.
  2. Take the other half of the paper plate and draw dinosaur's head (with long neck), tail and two legs on it. Cut all of these parts. You can ask your kids to cut these parts if they are big enough to handle scissors.
  3. Place a small piece of double-sided tape in the bottom part of the dinosaur's neck, the upper/bigger part of the tail and upper parts of the legs.
  4. Draw some big circles on the origami papers to make the spots on the dinosaurs' body. Then paste the back of these circles with double-sided tape or you can ask your kids to use glue to paste the spots. You can also use small round stickers for the spots.
  5. Draw an eye and mouth on the dinosaur's head. You can also use the plastic eye and ask your child to place this in the dinosaur's head, if you have any.
Naomi refused to colour her dinosaurs yesterday.

How to play:
  1. Teach your toddler how to assemble the dinosaurs with the available parts.
  2. Ask him or her to peel the double sided tapes in order to assemble or attach the parts of the dinosaur to the body.
  3. Before pasting the body spots, you may ask your preschooler to colour the dinosaur with pencil colours.
  4. Ask your kid to place the dinosaur's spots by pasting the colourful round papers made from origami paper or round stickers.
  5. Voila! Paper plate dinosaur is now ready to be played.

The last dinosaur we made yesterday.

Naomi had fun and was so serious too when making this craft yesterday especially since she knew that we were making dinosaurs. 

P/S: You can also pack this craft in your toddler busy bag. If you intend to make this craft as part of your busy bag, you just need to have all the cut materials ready and the double-sided tapes already pasted on each body part then let your kids assemble the paper cuts into a dinosaur later on.

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