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Lavenders in Cameron Highlands

In early July, I had the chance to go to Cameron Highlands again (for the third time) with my husband's family. Our itinerary for our Cameron Highlands' trip last month was pretty much the same with the previous ones - checking out Pasar Malam, morning market, tea plantation, strawberry farms, bee farms and so on. This said, I had been to these places at least twice by now.

If you ask me the highlights of my visit to Cameron Highlands this year, I'd say the moments when I finally checked out the Lavenders farms, took photos with pretty Lavenders in the background, smelled the light aroma of real Lavenders and ate Lavender Ice Cream.

From what I know, there are two places you can go to if you want to see or take photos with Lavenders in Cameron Highlands. I've been to both places so here's a bit of information on both places.

Ohai, Lavenders!

1. Cameron Lavender

On our last day in Cameron Highlands, just before we left this famous tourist spot in Malaysia, I told my husband that I wanted to see Lavenders. I once saw my friend posted some pictures of her with Lavenders when she went to Cameron Highlands a while back so I really wanted to see some Lavenders the next time I go to this place.

My husband didn't mind.

Lavender beds in Cameron Lavender.

My husband didn't know that there are now Lavender farms in Cameron Highlands because the last time we came here, we didn't think there was any. When we googled Cameron Highlands + Lavender, the first thing that came out in the search engine was this place called Cameron Lavender, which according to its website is the latest tourist spot addition to Cameron Highlands.

This place houses other colourful flowers too.

After my husband communicated my intent with my in-laws, we headed to this place. When we reached to this place and MIL realized that we needed to pay RM 6 per pax to enter, she didn't want to join us and volunteered to take care of Naomi in the car while my husband and I checked this place out alone.

Me with the love locks.

My first impression when I stepped into this place was "Welcome to the very purple world." Almost everything, except the flowers other than Lavenders, in this place has purple tone in it.

Lavender close-ups.

If I recall correctly, the first flower beds that visitors greet when they enter this place would be Lavenders. I was so happy when I finally could be so close to Lavenders! I always thought that Lavenders are some kind of flowers that you can only encounter in Western countries or Japan so they are very special.. but hey, they are now available in Malaysia too (actually Genting also has).

Purple house.

Since it was only my husband and I who were exploring this place while the rests of the family members waited for us in the car (the entrance fee basically turned them off), my husband and I just circled this place real quickly. At the same time, we tried to take some photos with the cute and dainty (mostly purple) props scattered in the whole garden as mementos.

The purple car my husband refused to take picture with.

My husband and I stopped by the purple gift shop somewhere inside this place which sold mainly Lavender based products as well but we didn't buy anything. Ain't got time for shopping.

Hey kitty.. kitty..

I also noticed that there was another beautiful garden uphill within the premise but we skipped checking that garden because we didn't want to make our in-laws wait for us in the car too long.

So yeah.. our visit to Cameron Lavender was very brief but no regret going to this place. In fact, I wish we had more time to slowly explore this place because we sort of wasted our RM 6 entrance fee by rushing the visit that day. But nevermind lah..

Cameron Lavender
Address: Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, 39100 Pahang, Malaysia
Phone: +605 4961 208
Opening hours: Daily (9am-6pm on Mon-Thu and 9am-7pm on Fri-Sun)
Entrance fee: RM 6/adult, RM 4/kid

2. Green View Garden

The last spot we visited before we headed home was Green View Garden. I didn't know this place also hosts Lavenders. And the best part is.. you don't have to pay to enter this place so we all got off the car and went inside the garden.

Getting lost in the Lavender farm.

Green View Garden is actually another flower nursery and strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands but somehow we were not after their strawberries when we were there. We were more attracted to their Lavender farm. In addition, it also has a cafe that serves delectable strawberry desserts but too bad, we didn't try any.

RM 5 fine for every strawberry plucked! Don't play play.

Naomi and her cousins were so happy running around in the garden and seriously, just like Cameron Lavender, this place is perfect for capturing your Kodak moments.


One of the tourist facilities that I really liked from this place is their colourful beach hut props that visitors often use as photo background. They are so appealing, aren't they?

The kids taking pictures with the colourful houses.

My husband asked me to pose and create human alphabets using the beach huts as the background but my attempt was a total flop. The pictures looked quite weird and didn't come out nice - I am so aunty already and undeniably not flexible. My pony-tailed hair and shirt-and-jeans outfit that day didn't complement my photo sessions either... LOL.

L O V E.

Since all family members were also checking out this place, we had quite a bit of time to thoroughly explore their House of Lavender, including their Lavender-inspired shop that sells various Lavender products and ice cream!

Bad hair day and pardon the eye bags too.

I am not an ice cream person but when I found out that the House of Lavender sold Lavender Ice cream, I was compelled to buy and eat one - even though the home-made ice cream was priced at RM 6.90 per cone. My husband hesitated because the ice cream was considerably expensive but I insisted and told him that it's a rare experience. Where else could we taste Lavender Ice Cream? The queue to get that ice cream that day was quite long... but worth it.

Yum yum!

The Lavender Ice Cream tasted refreshing and a bit tangy with mild Lavender aroma. Rest assured, you won't feel like eating Lavender lotion or mosquito repellent. So buy one if you never had one before.

After chasing around Naomi, taking pictures with the Lavenders here and there and eating the Lavender Ice Cream, I concluded my visit to this place and got in the car before saying adios to Cameron Highlands.

If I were to go to Cameron Highlands again, I guess I wouldn't mind coming to this place one more time just like going to BOH Tea Plantation or Big Strawberry Farm twice or three times.

Green View Garden
Address: 11 Taman Matahari Cerah, Kampung Raja, 39010, Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Phone: +60 5 4981 982
Operating hours: 9am - 6.30pm
Entrance fee: Free

I suppose Lavenders now have become the newest Cameron Highlands' icon that people actually produce and sell fridge magnets with Lavender designs for souvenirs in Cameron Highlands, on top of the usual strawberries, corns, sunflower or cactus designed magnets.

I am a fridge magnet buyer kind of tourist.

Last but not least, if you are planning to go to Cameron Highlands, make sure you include Lavender gardens visit in your itinerary.

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