Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big Baby is Almost 3

Naomi is turning 3 next month! How time passes so quickly like a passing cloud.

People say that once kids turn 3 years old, their cuteness or baby look is depreciating! I hope this is not entirely true.

My cute baby is now a pretty little lady.

I plan to make a small birthday celebration for Naomi at her school/day-care next month so she can celebrate her big happy day at her "second home" together with the people she loves other than her family, namely her teachers and friends. This year, I try to accommodate the theme of her mini birthday party in accordance to her obsession right now. I also hope that Naomi doesn't fall sick on her birthday and our regular bakery can pull my idea into the cake. Birthday cake is always the centre of birthday celebration so it is very important.

Once I read about a Mommy who does yearly interview with her daughter on the kid's birthday. Birthday interview is actually a great idea to capture memories and see how the child's interests and milestones change as she grows up.

Inspired by this Momblogger's birthday interview, I want to do a similar birthday interview to journal Naomi's developments and current interests thus far but my problem is Naomi just started talking few words and can't string a sentence yet. As such, she can't possibly answer all my interview questions. This said, I will just write down the interview questions (and modify some as I deem fit to Naomi's age now) and answer them based on Naomi's current milestones and interests.

1. How old are you today? 34 months and 1 day old.

2. What is your favourite colour? Not sure yet. I can say all the colours but can only match some of the colours to their names correctly for the time being.

3. What is your favourite food? Creamy pasta, all sort of vegetables and noodles.

4. What are your favourite desserts? Butter-cream cake and yoghurt.

She loves butter cream!

5. What is your favourite fruit? Strawberry.

Strawberries are expensive, Mama says. But I don't care.

6. What are your favourite toys now? Play-Doh and cooking set. 

7. What are your favourite TV shows? Donald Duck and Chip & Dale (for now).

8. What is your favourite animal? Dinosaur. Oh, dogs too.

9. Where are your favourite places to hang out? Arcades and parks.

10. What are your favourite songs now? Pull the Carrot (拔萝卜) and Rain Rain Go Away.

Rain, go away!

11. What do you like to wear? Matching pyjamas.

12. What makes you happy? New toys and water play.

13. What makes you sad? The moments when my parents take Ah Gong's iPad and smartphone away from me.

14. What are you good at? Making a mess?

The messy mess.

15. What makes you laugh? Daddy and funny cartoons.

So funny.

16. What are you afraid of? The sound of thunders.

17. Who is your best friend? Maybe Dorothy (Mommy here is not sure about this one, ok? Dorothy is the one who loves to Hi-5 Naomi every now and then.. so likely Naomi's BFF is Dorothy.)

18. What do you love about school? The fun activities, play times, singing and friends.

Introducing my Shanghai Doll.

19. What are your favourite activities other than playing? Sleeping and transforming myself into a couch potato.

20. What are your worst habits? So many that I better list them in bullet points for clarity as follows:
  • Sucking my pacifier almost all the time, especially at home. I can do without pacifier and napkin at school tho'.
  • Randomly placing my pacifier and napkin when I don't need them then frantically and furiously look for them when I want them.
  • Running around like a hyper kid when my parents bring me out to the supermarket, mall, park and other fun places.
  • Riding one and each of the joy rides I can find in the mall or hypermarket before I agree to join Mommy for groceries shopping.
  • Putting all the toys I want to the shopping trolley without thinking of the price.
  • Wanting to eat the unpaid strawberries in the supermarket trolley before Mommy or Daddy could find any place to wash them.
  • Peeing on my pants when I am angry.
  • Crying buckets and throwing tantrums when I don't get what I want. Never mind the location.
  • Not bothering to clean up my toys after playing. But sometimes, I do clean my toy mess when I have the mood.
  • Sleeping horizontally so Mom and Dad don't get much bed space and wake up with body aches the next morning.
  • Sleeping with all my toys-of-the-night. They eat the bed space but I want to sleep with them
  • Peeling my fingers and toes' hard skin and nails until they look quite ugly despite my parents' and teachers' scoldings and warnings.
  • Eating my booger silently. Usually Mom and Dad will shriek then scream, "No No, No No!"
  • And many more.

The above pretty much depicts Naomi's current interests. As for her latest achievements, my girl's vocabulary has now grown larger as opposed to few months back. Naomi can now communicate to us what she wants and what she doesn't want. She can sing few nursery songs and count 1-10 in English, Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu and Mandarin with our guidance. In addition, Naomi is now able to identify, recognize and say some objects he is familiar with out loud. She loves to show her affection to us and that's why I consider her as a little heart-breaker. Further, Naomi can eat her food by herself, go to toilet, undress and dress without our assistance. Nevertheless, Naomi still wants to co-sleep with us and is very attached to her pacifier and napkin. What else, ah?

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