Friday, June 12, 2015

Potty Training

I thought when Naomi turned 2 years old something, like 2y3mo or 2y6mo, I could finally say goodbye to disposable diapers.

But could I? No, Not really.

 My little critter ain't a baby no more.

Actually I did try potty training Naomi for few times months ago - because, age wise, I thought she was ready. However, Naomi always refused going to the loo once every hour and every time I brought her to the toilet, she didn't want to take her pants off. She hated sitting on the plastic potty seat and back then, she couldn't even utter proper words to indicate poop or pee. When I made Naomi to go to the toilet to sit on the toilet seat, she cried, screamed, kicked and pulled my hair. There were just too much struggles for her toilet training efforts at that point. Naomi also left many scratches on my face just because Mommy wanted to make her go to the toilet. She made me feel that she was Wolverine and I was the villain who totally deserved relentless scratches here and there. After few tries, I gave up being her ultimate scratching target and concluded that she was not ready for toilet training as yet.

Looking so mature here.

Naomi is almost 2y9mo now and admittedly, she is still very much on her diapers. Every month, I still have to spend money buying two big packs of disposable diapers for her.

Last month, I nudged Naomi's principal if the school could start potty training Naomi now as I noticed that Naomi can now say "xuxu" (baby language for 'pee' here) when her diaper was too full/heavy, she pooped on her diaper or her pants were wet which made her uncomfortable. Her teachers said they can start toilet training Naomi in June but we would have to start small. Baby steps first.

June was finally here and beginning of this month, Naomi has started her potty training journey once more, with the help of her teachers at school. However, Naomi is kind of doing it 'part-time' now. Thus far, what the teachers have been doing is letting Naomi off her diapers from the afternoon until evening only. Slowly, they will work towards not giving her diapers any more from morning until evening or until when it's time to go home. I will then have to closely follow up this practice at home and try not to let my child wear diapers throughout the night as well - that's probably when Naomi can understand the urge/feeling to go, inform us that she needs to go to the loo and actually do her business there.

Our challenges for the time being are that Naomi is still not able to feel the urge to go to the loo and only says "xuxu" after she peed on her pants. Every time her teachers ask her whether she wants to go "xuxu", she nods her head. However, when one of her teachers brings her to the toilet, she often doesn't pee at all and decides to pee somewhere else minutes later, when she is already not in the loo.

Her happy face.

In addition, at home, the toilet training process is harder because Naomi often doesn't want to listen to me, blatantly refuses to give me any response whenever I ask her if she wants to pee and struggles a lot when I try to bring her to the toilet every hour.

Yesterday, Naomi managed to be a diaper free toddler for about 8 hours from afternoon until 8pm (what a record!). Between 6pm-8pm yesterday, she peed three times without informing me or her Dad. She peed in the living room, in the garden and in front of the fridge that I just cleaned. She only said "xuxu" when she felt her pants and floor were wet and with that, I had to change her underwear three times within 2 hours' time. By 8pm, I didn't want to mop her urine on the floor any more and called her potty training a day. I let her wear her diaper again.

Toilet training is so tiring, frustrating at times and needs a lot of patience, man! Parents just have to be realistic that potty training is a challenging ordeal and does take time.

Anyway, this time around, I have more confidence in potty training Naomi - maybe because her teachers are also devoting their time to potty train her. In this regard, I sort of get some supports in this matter and am actually less nervous with the whole training process.

I am not sure how long Naomi will take to make her full transition from diaper to underpants but I heard potty training may easily take months? Anyhow, potty training is an inevitable rite of passage for parents and the child - so let's just do it, when the kid is ready. Sooner or later, Naomi will have to let go her diapers anyway.

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