Sunday, May 24, 2015

First Teacher's Day Celebration

Teacher's Day in Malaysia is celebrated annually on May 16th.

I didn't know that.

Last Thursday evening when I picked Naomi up from her school, one of her teachers told me that the school would be celebrating Teacher's Day on the next day (last Friday). The teachers encouraged parents to bathe the kids and dress them in a nice outfit for the celebration. She then mentioned that Teacher's Day gifts were optional. The moment I heard about 'giving the gift' part, my head started thinking "Oh, for Teacher's Day, the kids must present gifts to teachers ah?" I didn't know this because my friends and I never gave any appreciation gifts to our teachers during our schooling days in Indonesia. At most, we solemnly and wholeheartedly sang Teacher's Hymn (Hymne Guru) during Teacher's Day. #cultureshock

Anyway, when I got back home that evening, I began googling Teacher's Day gifts ideas frantically. I also read articles on gifts idea for teachers and what they usually appreciate most. In summary, the articles said that teachers tend to appreciate gifts that have personal touch from their students like personalized hand-made cards or something. That night, I asked my husband to bring me to the nearby supermarket as I wanted to check if I could find anything nice for Naomi's teachers.

I browsed and browsed the crafts and stationery sections of the shop. I almost bought some DIY crafts for the teacher but I cancelled this idea because by the time we left the shop, it was going to be late night and I surely won't have the concentration and energy to make 5 crafts.

In the end, I just bought some cute notepads for Naomi's teachers and wrote something nice on the notepads. I don't know how Naomi's teachers would appreciate these very humble and simple gifts from us.

I also left another hand-written notes inside the notepads for each teacher.

The next day, I found out that some parents actually prepared some nice gifts for the teachers and wrapped them in nice wrapping papers. Some even bought a cake for the celebration and brought over some pies and big boxes full off customized cupcakes for the teachers and kids. Wah piang! I wish I knew better. For a moment, I felt that my prepared gifts were too minuscule for the teachers and I should have bought something bigger and nicer for them. But I guess Naomi's teachers are not that calculative and I am quite certain that they value whatever they got on that happy day.

A very pink mermaid with a very bright blue balloon during the celebration.

I promise I will prepare something better for next year's celebration!

Naomi presenting her gifts to her teachers.
 All the teachers looked so happy that day.

By the way, I didn't show the gifts to Naomi until the next morning when I sent her to her school because I didn't want my little miss curious tear or make ugly scribbles on the notepads.

Last but not least, deep inside, I actually enjoyed preparing gifts or stuffs for celebrations that are organized by Naomi's school. I really consider this as one of the perks of being a Mom!

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