Thursday, April 16, 2015

Teething Round Two

Whenever Naomi has interrupted sleeps at night, I do too. If Naomi wakes up cranky in the morning because she is unable to sleep well means I get cranky too due to lack of sleep.

Naomi, who is soon going to turn 2y7mo, had broken and miserable sleep last night. Needless to say, so did I. Although Naomi still wakes up during wee hours on some nights, I felt that her sleeping pattern last night was just very different. Naomi couldn't fall back to sleep past midnight, kept waking me up and asked me to comfort or caress her for no reason. She just tossed and turned in bed until the break of dawn. I was so sleepy and couldn't find out why she was doing this to me, not her Dad. With one eye still closed, I touched her forehead and feet few times but she had no fever. I forced myself to get out of my bed and made her some warm milk because I thought maybe hungry pangs hit her or something. Not long after drinking her milk, she woke up again and again until my alarm rang.

My minion in mid April.

This morning, I sent Naomi to the nursery a tad late. Usually Naomi is already at the nursery around 8am or 8.30am but she arrived there at 9am something as I assumed she was still very sleepy due to her broken sleep last night and tried to make her sleep longer this morning (but failed!). Before sending her to nursery, I sensed that Naomi was a bit warm so I gave her a little bit of paracetamol to reduce her fever and soothe whatever pain she was experiencing that I couldn't figure out.

Naomi was a bit irritable and sad when I brought her to the nursery but she didn't cry. Her teacher said her fever was 37.8 degree and mentioned that she would closely monitor her today. When her teacher checked Naomi's mouth with mini torchlight, we found out that Naomi is teething her molar! I don't know how many molars she is teething now but I saw one for sure. Seriously, I thought I am done with teething... And apparently teething more pearly whites could have been the culprit behind Naomi's sudden fever, broken sleeps and loose stools that she had in the past few days! 

Moving on, at 10am something today, Naomi's teacher called me to come over and comfort Naomi because she was sobbing non-stop. When I reached to the nursery, I found sluggish Naomi was being carried by one of her teachers and they told us to bring her rest at home today as her fever has shot to 39 degree.

God... I never thought that toddlers would experience teething again but they do. An internet source says that between your children's first and third birthdays, eight molars will be breaking through toddlers' gums! In addition, teething big molars is said to be more painful than teething little incisors.

I cannot imagine how painful this teething round two going to be for Naomi and me in the coming days or weeks. Paracetamol, cold compress and teething gel, here I come.

Mommies with toddlers, buckle up! Eight molars on the way, they say.


  1. Eight molars at the same time! Poor Naomi. Get well soon!

    Luke has 4 more molars to go. And his sleeping pattern has changed for the past 2 weeks, not sure if he's teething those 4 molars or not. :'(

    1. I am not sure if it's 8 molars at the same time or not.. I actually don't know how many she is teething now, I saw one this morning and it's already so painful on her.


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