Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Day

Today is not the 15th. Today is Easter Day and this year's Qing Ming Festival happens to fall on either today or yesterday (I'm not too sure).

In conjunction with Qing Ming Festival, my husband and I planned to visit Dylan's tomb this weekend. This time around, my husband wanted to plant real flowers in front of our son's tomb because he thinks fresh cut flowers get dry after few days and I am against the idea of putting a vase full of plastic flowers to decorate his tomb. Plastic flowers are indeed long-lasting but they look pretty weird when placed in the cemetery.

Yesterday afternoon we dropped by a plant nursery near our house and consulted the owner on the type of flower plant that doesn't require special care, can last long and loves sunshine. He recommended a kind of flowering plant with lots of tiny flowers. I don't know what it is called because the conversation my husband had with him was in Mandarin. In the end, my husband chose the one with lots tiny of yellow/orange flowers.

After today's church, we went home and enjoyed a rainy afternoon. About 4pm, the rain had stopped and the three of us drove to the cemetery where Dylan rests. When we reached there, my husband parked his car next to Dylan's tomb (next to his tomb is an empty land). We got down and left Naomi inside the car with windows opened so she could see us.

My husband and I stood in front of Dylan's tomb for few seconds before we discussed where he'd plant the flowers. Actually, while standing, I just stared at Dylan's headstone, reading his name for a long time. I didn't know what to pray for him. Not sure if he still needs it either since he is all covered in Heaven.

Soon, my husband took his gardening scoop and began digging a hole in the ground. Meanwhile, Naomi wanted to come out of the car and see Daddy did his 'gardening' thing. Naomi who still doesn't understand the whole situation was giggling and very happy. She probably thought Mommy and Daddy brought her for some outdoor outing after the rain stopped. She squatted next to my husband and plucked all the yellow flowers from the plant and the plant for Dylan was literally flowerless by the time my husband planted it.

Qing Ming 2015.

When my husband was done with planting, Naomi started running around the cemetery and wanted to touch the stuff that I didn't want her to touch in a place like cemetery so I forcefully put her back to the car. Both of us waited in the car while my husband cleaned Dylan's tomb with some water and wet wipes.

Before we left, my husband took some pictures of Dylan's tomb with the new plant. I thought one of the pictures he took earlier today was beautifully taken (see below). It speaks thousand words for me. It also looks so timely with Easter Day that we are celebrating today.

Happy Easter, beloved son!

Happy Easter, son! I know you are very happy in Heaven but please don't eat too much chocolate eggs up there. Chocolates are not good for your teeth (if you have any by now).

Mom and Dad still keep you in our hearts.



  1. Happy easter for your family. Your son maybe play with my daughter since my daughter gone to heaven too in Jan 25, 2015. May they all happy up there with Jesus. *hiks

    1. Sorry to hear your loss. Yes, they maybe friends now :) Happy Easter too.


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