Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two Weeks Plus in the Nursery

It's mid of March and this means my little girl has been going to nursery for more than 2 weeks already.

Play school, yes please!

Day 3: Rolling the big ball and small ball.

Naomi is doing great in the nursery and I am proud of my not-so-little-any-more baby. Naomi doesn't cry when we drop her in the nursery in the morning (except for day 2 and 3 - but that's all). In fact, she's VERY HAPPY every time we reach the nursery in the morning. She immediately joins the other kids playing or just plays around once we enter the nursery. One of Naomi's funny friends sometimes greets "Morning, Omi!" when she arrives to the nursery. (I can't stop myself from bursting with laughter when I hear this because we sometimes call Naomi "Nao" but never "Omi"). Naomi, being not a chatterbox, gives this cute little chap nothing but cold response in return to his sweet greets. Actually, Naomi doesn't respond to this boy because she cannot reply him yet lah. Also, once Naomi goes inside the nursery, Mom or Dad naturally becomes invisible to her. No point saying lines like "Bye, Naomi." "Don't cry." "Be a good girl." "See you later. Mom and Dad gotta work now." to Naomi after we send her to the nursery because she simply doesn't bother whether we're still there or gone home, really.

Day 5: Heavy vs. Light.

In her first week in the nursery, Naomi had problem napping. For the first 3 days in a row, Naomi came home so sleepy and exhausted because she was not able to nap at all in the nursery. Moving on, she's able to nap in the nursery but slept downstairs (on the floor covered with the foam mats). If I recall correctly, Naomi only began to nap with the other kids in the room upstairs in her second week in the nursery.

Nature walk.

Naomi is still adapting to the nursery's daily activities but I think she is doing a good job in keeping up with the nursery's timetable. Naomi is now able to join the collective activities with the other kids in the nursery. However, depending on the activities, sometimes she still refuses to join some of them.

Colour me red. 
No wonder she asked for her colouring book and coloured pencils on some nights.

In addition, I still get occasional feedbacks from her teacher that Naomi is hyperactive and can't pay attention well. I reckon Naomi turns hyper when the teachers organize outdoor activities for the toddlers.

Gotta love the snails! Yuck!

Thus far, Naomi can eat the food that the nursery provides except for their bread breakfast. Don't know why. From her daily log, Naomi often skips her breakfast prepared by her teachers so I prepare a bottle of milk every morning for Naomi to drink in the nursery.

Day 10: Mixing colours.

As expected and feared, Naomi came home with a bit cough and runny nose on Wednesday night last week. I started giving her some flu and cough medicines that night but they didn't really work wonders. Naomi was not feeling terribly well at the nursery on Thursday and when I picked her up in the evening I was told that her fever was 38.2 degree. My husband and I took Naomi to see a doctor that very night. Alas, as per her teachers' advice, Naomi had to take a day off from nursery on Friday.

Funny kids and the tortoise.

My husband and I spent our last weekend nurturing a very clingy fussy toddler. Our precious Saturday and Sunday turned to be a vomit saga because Naomi decided to choke herself and unleash the Kraken every time we made her drink her medicines. We didn't know whether we should cry, scream and punch the wall or what when this happened. But one thing for sure was that we still had to clean the vomit-inducing puke all over the floor and hand-wash her vomit-smeared clothes before throwing them to the washing machine. No kidding, I gagged a lot over the weekend - more than I did when I was pregnant.

Day 12: Learning shapes.

Anyhow, Naomi was better and I sent her to play school half-day yesterday. Naomi is still coughing as of today but I hope her teacher can make her drink the syrup and teach Naomi to take her medicines without drama because my husband and I already wave our giant white flags whenever Naomi gets sick and she needs to take medicines.

O the virus spread at school or nursery... and it happened only on Naomi's second week there. I can now really feel what my parents had to go through when my siblings and I were just small kids and one or all of us fell sick together.

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