Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Naomi Comic Issue #10: Naomi and the White Rabbit

As part of our CNY break, we went to Tanjung Sepat again on Monday and had the opportunity to go to Kuan Wellness Ecopark for the second time.

We planned to have a look at their bird nest shop this time around but Naomi was not cooperative and was very angry when she saw her cousins were eating lollipops and she was not (She had phlegmy coughs hence the sweets absence). As such, my husband and I brought her over to the mini zoo, just opposite the shop, at this Ecopark to kill the time while waiting the others to finish shopping.

This time around, Naomi scared no more when we asked her to feed the rabbits. In fact, she went gaga over feeding the rabbits to the point that she forced the rabbits to eat the carrot sticks even though they have not finished eating the ones in their mouths. There was a couple of times too when she innocently asked for more carrot sticks from other kids as she ran out of hers. An older boy was so kind to Naomi and gave Naomi one carrot stick from his bag but in return, I gave him another carrot stick.

Here's a short comic to depict the above scenario.

Issue #10: (Motherly) Naomi making the white rabbit to eat more carrot. 
Can you tell it screamed "Help me?!"

Naomi had so much fun at this zoo, especially when she had the chance to feed the fawn, rabbits and fish. Not sure if the rabbits feared her after the feeding session although Naomi seemed to fond them so much. She loved petting the rabbits which to be honest, looked pretty dirty.

If you had ever watched the animated television series called Masha and the Bear, Naomi is probably the real-life version of Masha. Adventurous and mischievous (at times) little girl.

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