Saturday, February 28, 2015

First Day in the Nursery

Few days ago, my husband called the child care centre or nursery (Taska) near our house that we've checked before and queried whether they have any slot available for Naomi. They said yes and she can start right away in March. However, based on their first meeting with Naomi few weeks ago, one of the teachers suspected that Naomi looks a bit hyperactive. As such, they would like to have their principal to observe Naomi for a day (full day) in their nursery to see if Naomi can adapt well in their nursery and the teachers can handle her. I asked the teacher if one single day would be sufficient for them to observe Naomi and see if she fits their center, considering that it'd be Naomi first day and everything is brand new for her. The teacher told me that a day is enough for their principal to observe Naomi. Well, then. No choice for us, right? (I understand that Naomi is a very active and strong-headed kiddo but to be honest, as her parent, I was perplexed and somewhat offended when someone who barely knew Naomi labelled her as a hyperactive toddler. Nevertheless, if she really does have this issue, I do want it to be addressed asap.)

27 February 2015: Naomi's first day at the nursery.

Anyway, my husband and I agreed to let the nursery observe Naomi for a day at their place. Yesterday, the last working day of February, marked Naomi's first day staying in a child care centre.

At about 8am yesterday, my husband and I drove Naomi, who just woke up, to the day care center. She was the first kid to arrive in the center yesterday morning. After we're briefly introduced to the centre's principal, Naomi was asked to sit on one of their colourful dining chairs and given her breakfast - banana cake slices or honey star cereal (sans milk). Naomi asked for the cereal.

In the beginning, Naomi was very clingy to her Dad and kept holding on my husband's leg. She refused to sit down. At this point, I predicted that we'd surely have to encounter a tearful drama episode when we left Naomi in the nursery.

Few minutes later, two little boys came in and joined Naomi for breakfast. Another boy came in and he was crying when his mother was about to leave him at the center. Naomi kept on looking at the crying boy curiously while popping some cereals into her mouth. My husband and I took this opportunity to sneak our way out of the nursery and leave Naomi there.

Naomi and her first lollipop.

At home, I kept my phone by my side, all the time. I made sure I didn't silent it like I often do. I was worried if the center would somehow call me and ask me to come over because Naomi's crying murder or something.

That call, thankfully, never came.

2y5m: Naomi plays music with a spoon at the nursery.

I drove to the center at around 5.15pm to pick Naomi up and hear the principal's feedback and decision on taking Naomi in her child care center. I was gladly surprised to hear that all the teachers including the principal gave pretty good comments on Naomi's behaviour yesterday. Naomi didn't cry at all in the nursery, ate her food well (in fact, I was told that my child ate 3-4 small bowls of macaroni for lunch), played well with the other kids (which meant no problem with her social skill), didn't use much of her pacifier (as she noticed the other kids didn't use pacifier), said few words (ball - ball, 什么来的 plus a couple more words I can't remember), didn't throw tantrums, showed very excited expression when the teacher let her see a cricket he caught some time ago, wore shoes by herself, drank water from the cup and understood the teachers' commands.

Stylo milo picnic in pyjamas. 

However, one of the teachers said that Naomi still had problem in sharing stuff with other kids, refused to brush her teeth and couldn't take her nap very well in the nursery. She didn't want to sleep on her allocated bed and only fell asleep for a while when she finally got super duper tired. She made one of the teachers carry/hold her to sleep. I was also informed that Naomi got incredibly excited and turned her very hyper mode on when she joined the nursery's Friday morning outdoor activity and picnic in the garden. The principal reckoned that Naomi sometimes becomes very hyper perhaps because she's very lonely (no peer kids) and often keeps herself busy alone at home so every time she sees places with lots of people or kids, she releases her major excitements this way.

Happy Naomi and the cricket. What's with your hair, gal?

To conclude, Naomi got accepted in this nursery and will start attending the nursery full-time (8am - 6pm) beginning next Monday! I am so relieved and happy. I look forward to see my child grow, learn new things, make new friends, develop her speech and most importantly, have fun in the nursery. I really hope everything goes well for her! By the way, some of the teachers did warn me that Naomi might cry when we drop her to the nursery next Monday because by now she already knows what to expect when we arrive to the nursery.

That's all for the updates for now. I'm off to reviewing and filling a bunch of child care centre registration forms for Naomi now!

P/S: The above lollipop was not a reward and got nothing to do with Naomi being accepted to the nursery. Someone gave her a mini Chup-a-Chup when Naomi threw great tantrums at the supermarket last night. It's Naomi's very first lollipop and she didn't even know how to eat one before this because in the past 2.5 years, my husband and I were very strict in indulging Naomi on sweets. Darn! I hope Naomi won't be asking for lollipops and we don't need to pacify her with sweets every-time we bring her to the mall or supermarkets. I'm not too happy with her lollipop experience last night.

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